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    Two Practical Horizontal Displacement Surveying Methods and Their Precision Analysis
    And the absorption characteristics were simulated. Three-layer structure with the thickness of 1.66mm and the surface density of 4.685kg/m~2 was prepared and its microwave absorbing properties were measured by a net work analyzer from 2GHz to 18GHz.
    The performance of primary prototype is as follows: suppression beyond band 40 dB, 3dB band-width 650 MHz, insertion loss 1 dB, which is approaching the level of application.
    Results indicated in patients of microwave group, the total efficiency of hearing improvement was of 81 81%, in which a recovery of serviceable hearing was of 54 54%;
    The material with area density of 5.2 kg/m 2 achieved maximum absorbing value of -13.37 dB, and minimum value of -10 dB over the whole frequency range (8~18 GHz).
    该材料面密度小于 5 .2 kg/m2 。 在 8~ 18GHz波段最大反射衰减为 - 13.37d B,反射率小于 - 10 d B的频率带宽接近于雷达工作的全频带 ,达到了实用水平
    The test upon the numeral samples from ‘Car License Recognition System’ shows that the optimization algorithm is able to improve the recognition performance of synergetic neural network effectively, and make the recognition rate reach the level of real application (98.4%).
    对从“车牌识别系统”中采集得到的数字样本进行的测试表明 :优化算法能有效提高协同神经网络的识别性能 ,使识别率达到了较为实用的水平 (98.4% ) .
    The thermometer, which can be applied to practices, adopts chop amplification, environment temperature compensation, ΔΣ24bit ADC and multilayer optical drawtube.
    When Ma_0=0.7,α=-2°~8°,β=0°~2°, the total pressure recovery coefficient ranges from 0.920 to 0.952 and the circumferential total pressure distortion index ranges from 1.142% to 2.237%, which shows clearly that the performance of the submerged inlet is acceptable.
    An air-bone gap reduction of > 30 dB and > 15 dB was achieved in 17 ears ( 35% ) and in 35ears ( 71% ),respectively;
    there was an ABG reduction of < 15 dB in 5 ears ( 10% ),their AC thresholds,however,were less than 40 dB HL and were considered as improvement,for a total improvement rate of 81%.
    Postoperative hearing results showed an excellent ( ABG < 10 dB ) or a good ( ABG < 20 dB ) ABG closure in 10 ears ( 20% ) and 28 ears ( 57% ),respectively.
    如以ABG缩小到20dB以内为成功者是28耳(57%),另有4耳(8%)虽ABG略大于20dB,但AC已达40dBHL以内,两者相加为32耳(65%)。 术后AC小于40dBHL实用水平的总共31耳(63%)。
    (3) Aiming to reduce the number of the segments and shorten the treatment time for static IMRT (step-&-shoot), the technique of GA-based deliverable segment optimization (GADSO) is originated by the author.
    Inaddition, the paper has analyzed the testing result of recognition performancewhich shows that the recognition of proper names in this system has achieved ahigh level in application.
    论文给出了该系统专名识别性能的测试结果,并对结果进行了分析。 测试结果表明,该系统的专名识别能力达到了较高的实用水平
    The path programming of mobile robot is still on theoretic and experimental stage. There are few practical apply. It still needs much further research.
    Experimental results confirm that the proposed scheme might be feasible for practical applications.
    Above all, we carry out study of improving uniformity of period thickness spatial distribution, and develop correction mask for controlling period thickness. As a result, we improve uniformity from 4.5% to 2.0%, the error of period thickness on (130nm field is controlled within 0.18nm,and the reflectivity reach 35% at center wavelength 17.1nm.
    According to the analysis of questionnaire by the professionals, we clarified the priority of the best intelligent residence zone indicator.
    The experimental result shows stability, liability and compatibility of the system which has reached utilitarian level.
    In a word, the prototype instrument has good practicability.


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