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    It is important that a superconductor with a kind of orientation crystal must be obtained so that it has an available critical current density.
    It is shownthat the system has partial feasibility, reached practical level to parts micro-measurementwhich make up of simple elements such as point、line、circle ect.
    Natural language interface of database query doesn't need the user to write short messages in the fixed form.
    It is important that a superconductor with a kind of orientation crystal must be obtained so that it has an available critical current density because of the anisotropism of the YBCO crystal structure.
    This machine is easy to operate, the structure simple and the cost is low. After finishing the movement the debugging is to be extremely stable it can achieve the practical level and steps onto the market.
    The experimental results show that in the oral condition, the system gets a preferable performance.
    Although related research has vigorously expanded, a lot of work needs to do to achieve the practical level.
    ( 4 ) The stability of algorithm has been strengthened so that the program is more available.
    Unusual digital filter structures are used to reduce the computation rate to a practical level.
    Map and graphic Fire-Fighting C~3 system (MGFC~3S) is an advanced Fire-Fighting C~3 system controlled by a micro-computer system. (MGFC~3S) has been implemented in CHINA and actually put into practical use for the first time.
    The catalysts have been patented and utilized in on-board reformers of methanol-fueled vehicle on a practical level.
    The best lubrication isobtained in the case of DLC film adding lubricant; The friction coefflcient ardits pulse are less 0.14 and0.04.The electric-magnetic and read/write testsshow that 40nm DLC films can impart satisfactoryprotection to rigid disks。
    It’sexperimentally shown that the luminosity of this screen is about 60 times higher than that of CaWO4screen. The spatial resolutin is 51p/mm and the afterglow is 8μs. From the multiframing photograph,itcan be seen that there isn’t tailing phenomena of the first image in the second image,this transformscreen is practical in the high speed photography of middle ballistics.
    The powder as tempered has superior properties,approximating to a level of practical use.
    Considering the start of treatment between 2 weeks to 2 months after onset, none of medicine group showed any improvement of hearing, but of six cases in microwave group, 3 cases gained a hearing recovery in various degrees, among them 2 cases improved up to serviceable level.
    对发病后2周以上、2个月以内的患者,药物组中无1例听力有任何程度的恢复; 而在微波组的6例中,有3例听力有不同程度的恢复,其中有2例竟恢复到实用水平以内。
    Firstly, the seal imprint is divided into some partial regions and the local and global intrinsic features are extracted. Then, the final decision is made by BP neural network. The experimental results show that the proposed approach is excellent in adaptability and reliability, and can be put into practical use.
    The fertil-ization rate of three - hour - mating of 9 successive matings remained above 90%. Such exper-iment results are considered to be of practical significance.
    In the first part of 1990s, t he HRG has been up to be practical and s mall scale produced in Delco co.
    90 年代初,美国Delco 公司的HRG已达到实用水平并已小批量生产。
    Conclusion: Results show that the method had reached the practical level because its high sensitivity and specifty and also proved a new useful tool for the surveillance of filariasis in the late stage control.
    结论 :该DNA探针 /PCR系统的敏感性和特异性均达到实用水平 ,为丝虫病防治后期的监测增添了一新的有用工具
    TPS, limited by its amount of knowledge, is still away from a practical tool,particularly for the parsing of complex compounds.
    由于TPS在知识量上的局限性 ,对复杂化合物的析分还不可能达到实用水平


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