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respect students
    How to Respect Students
    3, persist in the education ethics that respect students, concern about and cherish them.
    Respect Students'Essence Status,Innovate the Teaching Method of "Philosophy Theorem of Marxism
    尊重学生主体地位 创新“马哲”课教学模式
    It is a necessitous task to set up an educational evaluation system whose goal is to cultivate students' quality with harmonious. Learning evaluation is an important aspect of the educational evaluation. It is demanded that we should respect students, attach importance to individual differences, embody subject status and encourage initiative development.
    (2)Teaching is suit to students' development levels and respect students.
    城市女生的8个因子分别为:①教学适合学生发展水平与责任感因子; ②尊重学生与友好交往因子;
    3.In practical work, it is the most important for the class culture construction to believe students, respect students, encourage students and fully activate their potentials.
    On the view of middle school teaching practice, this thesis poses four proposals: First, respect students' self-understanding;
    Teachers should not only take care of and respect students, but also should do this equally.
    The new curriculum sense makes a point of basic ability exaltation, information attainments cultivation, creative and open thought development, emphasize valuable and moral education, respect students' experience, develop students' personality.
    3. Respect students' subjectivity and their own opinions, allow students understand the textbook multi-dimension;
    The standard of Chinese curriculum in the daytime obligatory education in 2001, instructing: respect students unique reflections and experiences, Let students have their perceptions.
    Teacher is not only choose content of courses rationally, know the skill of giving lessons , but also understand students, respect students, give play to the positive role in teaching of emotion , fully excavate students' latent energy, train students and let them become study outstanding , healthy personality successors .
    I analysis and their roots of thinking and typical manifest proceeding from "growing education" thought, with "all forstudents, highly respect students, depending on students in all-round way" etc basic objects, and advocates practical reform of teaching and views the students as the teaching subject, giving them the study active rights and letting them enjoy the active interesting in learning and taste of master's charm in teaching intercourse and dialogue.
    Second, during the teaching process, we should fully respect students, exert their creation, respect their individual difference and adopt individual teaching method that it can adjust to them.
    No matter whole world educational development trend, or quality-oriented education that China is pursue in an all-round ways, It is emphasized more and more to pay attention to student's subject status in the whole educational course, to respect students' individual difference, to safeguard students' individual character dignity, to develop students' individual characters.
    (2) The Class activities must emphasize the knowledge and experience which have been attained by students, and teaching should be respect students' particular sensing and comprehension.
    In order to respect students' cognitive ability, this author suggests decomposing knowledge and reducing difficulties.
    The Subject-Reform Program for the Primary Education clearly notes: "In the teaching process, teachers are supposed to respect students' personalities, pay close attention to their individual differences, meet the students' demands, create the educational surroundings which make them participate actively, fire students with learning enthusiasm and develop their abilities to master and use knowledge."
    (1) build up "regard people as root " education idea, respect students, care for students, give them love instruction, educate them with affection.
    The cultivation in Chinese course reform in senior high school is aimed to respect students' man function fully, which are also in accordence with the purpose of Chinese course reform in senior middle school.


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