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    Respected Education——the New Choice by the 21st Century Educational Idea of the Mankind
    The principle of crimes and punishments stipulated by law as the most fundamental principle of the criminal law in modern countries is carried out and respected by the countries all over the world and even international community.
    罪刑法定原则作为现代国家刑法的最基本原则,被世界各国乃至国际社会所贯彻和尊重。 罪刑法定原则的内容包括:法无明文规定不为罪,法无明文规定不处罚,即法外无罪,法外无刑。
    With the development of times, individuality development becomes more and more respected by the society.
    Inclusive education advocates meeting each student's needs as for body and mind with individual difference respected.
    Subject and object category in philosophy is the theoretical basis of ideological and political education. In it ,the subjectivity is not only the subjectivity of educators,but also is of learners. The subjectivity should be respected,exploited and developed and construct the subjectivity pattern of ideological and political education.
    Peasants' Rights to Be Respected in Large -scal e Operation of Land
    Attaching Importance to "Respected Demand" in Encouraging Management
    The development of all cultures in the world can only be realized when the diversity of cultures is respected.
    The researcher emphasizes that whether teachers' personal differences can be respected or not may directly influence whether children's differences can be respected.
    To be specific, the norm positive analysis method approximately includes following several meanings: First, the law rule itself is respected and the existence of rule itself is thought to be the prerequisite which the analysis can be launched.
    具体地说,规范实证分析方法大致包括以下几点含义:第一,规范实证分析尊重法律规则本身,认为规则本身的存在是分析得以展开的前提条件。 通过法律的规则分析与词语疏理,以寻求规则与词语背后的意蕴。
    in the first place ,in-depth develop education on gaining ground law ,set right concept and consciousness , in other words ,constitution and law is supreme ,keystone of the rule of law lie in managing officer and power ,civil right has been should respected and ensured ,administrative action ought to follow procedure , administrative organ and staff should be people's public servant , right and responsibility is consistent, in the next place , starting with system , probing form adapt to administration by law .
    (1)深入开展普法教育,树立依法行政的正确观念和意识。 主要应树立:宪法和法律至上的观念,法治重在治官治权的观念,尊重并保障公民权利的观念,行政行为遵循程序的观念,行政机关及其工作人员的服务和公仆观念,权责相统一的观念。
    He also integrated this consciousness with publicity of humanist spirit. He not only paid attention to human's fate and respected the value of human existence, but also further expressed real humanity and explored the connotation of human culture.
    After the opening-up and reform, the civilian rights under the market economic conditions have been greatly respected and developed, gained the unprecedented position in the social lives, and therefore producing the premise and foundation of democracy and rule by law.
    When we respected the theory of the textbook's selection, we should also handled the relation of every kind of development ways that influence the textbook and continents.
    So to solve the problem of morality deficiency in fork loan depends on whether government can timely put attention and assistance to social inferior group on the premise that market law and legitimate rights and profits of both sides of debtor and creditor should been respected and protected.
    The paper analyzes and discusses Degas's exploration in color, figure and approaches of expression at his old age, and unfolds how Degas respected intuition, transformed his physiological crisis into a favorable artistic turn, inherited classicism and realism, transcended impressionism and touched on modernism, and how he became the great master of art unprecedented in the history of art.
    With regard to the government power, it should be restricted reasonable, as much as equally treated and the authority of its legal action also should be respected, which helps carry out the Run the Country By Law smoothly, is in the interest of the government power's effective elaboration and serving people, and helps guarantee the masses rights.
    The spirit encourage includes the safety demand, the demand of respected and the demand of realizing ego.
    respected and accepted the property rights of human capital, and realized a great theory innovation that the human capital as a productive factor participated in social distribution; strengthened the building of human resource ability; innovative ability is regarded as an important meaning of human capital.
    The reasons why they respected friends were mainly that friends could company them and they had got along well with each other.


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