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    The paper analyzed the application of Maslow's psychological needs theory into advertising language from three levels of needs, namely, physiological and safety needs, social and esteem needs and self fulfillment needs, and displayed its importance and strong emotional effects on advertising language practice.
    从生理需求、安全需求 (最低层次 ) ,社会需求、尊重需求 (较高层次 )和自我实现需求 (最高层次 ) 3个方面分析了马斯洛心理需求理论在广告语言中的实际运用 ,展示了该理论在广告语言运用中的重要性和强烈的情感效果。
    Happiness and peace in the daily life of people also depend on whether they absorb and esteem to nature;
    The ideal relationship between teachers and students should be democratic and equal, characterized by esteem and belief, understanding and cooperation.
    This also shows the most treasure and esteem to the new life.
    To acquire the genuine sustainable development, man must assimilate life culture essence from all kinds of ideology to construct individual life awareness and inspire people to pay attention to and esteem life so as to form healthy life awareness through constructing life culture, cultivating of viewpoint about life value and ethic, education of life emotion and will.
    人类要获得真正意义上的可持续发展,必须从各种思想中汲取生命文化的精华,构建个体的生命意识; 通过生命文化建设、生命价值伦理观的培育、生命情感与意志教育,激励人们注重生命、尊重生命,形成健康的生命意识。
    The second,democracy doesn't mean that the majority can overwhelm the minority but means that the majority esteem and protect the minority.
    and the process of the love and marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth's is an integration of "Love Needs" and "Esteem Needs".
    With the realistic problem of low participating consciousness among students in morality education,this thesis is to indicate that it is quite important to establish these concepts as students fundamentality in educato,explicit purpose in educaton,students centre in ducation,students' personality esteem,and qualified teaching contents,so as to develop much more education measures,perfect the morality education environment,improve the participating consciousness among sutednts ans finally achieve the top efficiency in morality education.
    Second, democracy is not that majority overwhelm minority, but is that majority esteem and protect minority.
    Re cently there appears an evaluating method called“archive bag”, which displays the esteem to individual character development, but it has some problems such as formal unity and indefinite evaluating aim etc.
    近年来 ,出现了尊重个体个性发展的“档案袋”评价方法 ,但在实践中存在形式统一、评价目的不明确等问题。
    The value basis of socialistic constitutionalism and democracy is the collectivism,which fully esteem individual value.
    Presently there is no international standard on the genetically modified food but most countries adopt the GM Identification System to esteem the right-to -know and right-to-choose of the people.
    The basic content of it is composed of four parts: first, to esteem the objective law of the existence and development of material world;
    The level of progressive rate depends on the esteem and exaltation of freedom,right and capability to meet with the social welfare functions from non-welfare doctrine.
    从非福利主义的社会福利函数看 ,累进程度取决于社会对个人自由、权利和能力方面的尊重和提升程度。
    The paper expounded Pattern and characteristic of impeling mechanism money objective esteem participation jobtraining and promotinin business management exploring and flexinbly applying multinple impelling mechanism to explore human resources potential and promote business development.
    we must esteem the characteristics and the natural law of culture development in construction methods and carry out comrade-like discussion and contest;
    The scale contained 8 sub-scales (or named 8 kinds of sources of pressures): pressure of family, pressure of contradiction, pressure of salary and load, pressure of value and esteem, pressure of human relation, pressure of economic load, pressure of rights and interests and pressure of town adaptation.
    CONCLUSION: The highest pressures of the farmer-workers are pressure of their rights and interests, economic burden, with working salary and load, followed by pressure of town adaptation, value and esteem, human relation, contradiction and family.
    Distinctive from the songs of other countries,the Songs chanted by the people of Zheng are mainly from Zheng Feng in Zuo Zhuan,which reveals the esteem of the Zheng people for their culture.
    It also embodies the esteem of individual end-result,the confirmation of their value,as well as the conclusion for their quality in the whole life.


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