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layer upon layer
    Climax-Language Charisma of Advancing Semantic Meaning Layer upon Layer
    Andthe central authority and the MOE relegate the rights to local authorities and the educationaladministration departments, layer upon layer to execute the education policies and providepublic education service to local inhabitants.
    In the procedure of financial analyzing, decision tree method decomposes and anatomies factors that arise the risk and subdivides layer upon layer the synthesize estimate, which is blurry, macroscopically, multitudinous aspects related and difficult to grasp, until it becomes a content simplex, material, easy to evaluate sub-factors.
    决策树方法在对财务因素分析的过程中,把造成风险的因素分解剖析,将模糊的、宏观的、涉及方面众多的、难以把握的综合判断层层细分,直至成为内容单一的、具体的、容易评价的子因素。 把一个复杂风险因素的判断化解为众多的单一的子因素,分散信贷人员主观判断偏差造成的影响,以最大限度的保证贷款分类结果的一致性、准确性。
    This thesis tries to study Wang Fuzhi’s poetical Feeling-Situation theoˉry systematically in five parts with the methods of history to confirmaˉtion,point to scale,pushing layer upon layer,and base on uniflying hisˉtory and logic.
    In coat flake form aluminium powder basically is layer upon layer overlay, zinc powder did not distribute evenly in aluminium powder, glue knoted together between metal powder.
    As for picture, this article has made painstaking analysis layer upon layer from external phenomenon to human consciousness, including survey, memory, reading, comprehending, expression, inference and other activities.
    In the respect of the application of the complicated systematic scientific conclusions, the thesis carries out the analysis and contrast on the urban space in its entirety layer upon layer. On the basis of affirming the arrangement structure characteristics, the thesis puts forward the coexist view of various urban dimension space and discusses its construction deeply.
    The analysis is based on the decision-making analyses method. By disassembling the credit risk factors layer upon layer (up to the factor is the last), we can get a lot of factors that is quantitative and is easy to be understood.
    This paper introduces the technique route of explicating layer upon layer and spread separately, including the relative definition of venture capital, the evaluation for investment risks and investment value of venture enterprise and positive analysis.
    correlation of layer upon layer, work in the whole;
    From the credit rating, the credit risk measure to the credit risk optimizes, thewhole was integrity, layer upon layer progressives, and has keeped the data continuity. The diagnosis process has provided the reference to our country commercial banks to establish the internal credit rating system and the risk measure and control system.
    The article finally clearly refers the way and order that guardian should follow, and points out that the relatives、 the villagers' committee、 the residents' committee and the subordinate organization in civil administration department can be the supervisor for guardian, people' s court unifies the way of supervisor and carries out the way that restricted layer upon layer.
    Through the numerical simulation analysis of the irregular steel high-rise of ChineseWater Conservancy Museum, the thesis mainly covers the following topics: (1) How tochoose a proper structural system for the high-rise with a single-tower batholith, a cleartop, and a configuration which shrinks gradually layer upon layer, (2) How to control thetorsional vibration of the tube structure, (3) How to deal with the joints of the shrinkingalternate columns in the tower structure.
    本文对中国水利博物馆不规则高层钢结构工程进行了数值模拟分析,主要研究内容包括:(1)单塔大底盘、层层内收、顶部空旷高层建筑合理结构体系的选择; (2)筒体扭转振动的控制;
    By introducing and summarizing the performanceevaluation system, A new performance evaluation method was broughtforward on the basis of state-owned capital performance evaluationregulation in this paper which involved non-finance indicators of theBalanced Scorecard and analysis layer upon layer of the Du Pont system.
    Uses in the analysis from the surface to the spot, is thorough by the level, layer upon layer progressives principle.
    To layer upon layer established the damper the steel-frame construction to carry on the massive parameters analysis, by inspected the hysteretic dampers in steel-frame construction absorption of seismic response mitigation effect.
    In the steel-frame construction time the insulation establishment damper seismic response mitigation effect obviously is lower than the situation which layer upon layer establishes, its practical application significance is not big.
    At the same time also discovered installs the damper the layer achieve to 2/3 of total layer, can obtain with layer upon layer establishes the damper the situation basic close mitigation effect.
    This paper proceeds with the basic theory of the performance appraisal, on the base of the MBO, surrounds the company strategy target and decompose layer upon layer.
    本文从绩效评估的基础理论入手,在目标管理法的基础上,围绕企业的整体战略目标,并将其层层分解; 在具体工作分析的基础上,根据专家意见来设定工作绩效指标的权重;
    On the foundation of algorithm, we have taken massive optimized measures. These measures include tree's layer upon layer mining, the frequent item of set size limit and so on, which play the quite essential role in the serial algorithm efficiency.


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