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buckling load
    An Approximate Analysis for the Torsional Buckling Load of a Thin walled Box Column with Variable Section
    Numerical results are consistent with test results, so elastic flexural-torsional buckling load of arches can be analysed by SHELL63 or BEAM189 elements.
    The research results show that the use of partial double layers spherical reticulated shell can improve the stability of single layer one and promote the ultimate buckling load of its nodes.
    Energy method for buckling load of wall studs in cold-formed lower house
    The normalized computing method for the welding I-shape beam exerted by a buckling load
    Based on the relationship between the buckling load of a rigid column and the bracing stiffness, the critical stiffness requirement of the bracing for a single column was obtained.
    The relationship between the buckling load of the longitudinal frame and the stiffness of bracings and the formula for the critical stiffness requirement were put forward using the analytical method.
    A newoptimization criterion based on a modified dimensionless elastic buckling load isestablished to evaluate the efficiency of arches with web openings.
    The elastic buckling load of axially loaded compression steel pipes strengthened with FRP was presented in this paper by using energy approach.
    The general solution of displacements of static analysis is adopted to simulate the buckling displacements or possible displacements in vibration and relevant variational principles (displacement variational principle for buckling analysis) are adopted to form the stiffness matrix. The eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvectors of the stiffness matrix are the buckling load and corresponding buckling mode, or the frequencies and the corresponding vibration modes.
    At one time,the buckling analysis of structures with different rise-to-span were made,and discovered that buckling load and stability can be improved with high rise-to-span.
    Stress concentration at the edge of the hole results in the reduction of the shell buckling load and the ultimate load-carrying capacity, as the discontinuity of the opening leads to the local disturbing in the displacement field and stress field.
    and second, the structural critical buckling load has been improved greatly if CFRP strip bonded to the top and bottom flange or bonded to the top flange at the mid-span;
    In this article, the large deformation and the matrix of geometric rigidity is calculated. The whole stability of the boiler structure is analyzed by two types of buckling methods in the ANSYS, so as to get the Load-Displacement curve and the buckling load. By the two Buckle analyses of ANSYS software, the overall stability of the boiler for a qualitative analysis, the simulation of nonlinear load-displacement relationship curve and the structure buckling load were calculated.
    (5) The buckling load of pile in long-short-pile composite foundation has some difference to that in single uniform soil foundation because of the influence of the short-pile. When the coefficient of soil foundation under the short-pile is something big, the influence of the short-pile to the long-pile's buckling load is very weak, on the contrary, it is strong.
    (5) 组合桩复合地基中短桩改善地基土的效果对长桩的屈曲临界荷载的影响规律为:当短桩桩端以下的土质较好时,短桩改善地基土的作用对长桩的屈曲荷载影响不大,当短桩桩端以下的土质较差时,随着短桩改善地基土的深度和效果的提高,长桩的临界荷载有显著的提高。
    In this paper, the solution of lateral-torsional buckling load is based on an ideal elastc-plastic material: a typical cross-section adopted for the current specification TJ17-74 is used; the effect of residual stresses existing in welded I-section members with flame-cut flange plates is taken into account.
    26 steal bracket plates of different geometric shapes are tested and analysed by FEM. The result shows that the strength formula of bracket plate deduced by the "cantiliver-beam-method" is incorrect when a/b≤0.75.The formula for calculating the strength and buckling load are presented in this paper.
    本文通过对26个不同几何形状、不同边比的承托板的试验和有限元分析,表明按“悬臂梁”方法导出的承托板强度计算公式,在常用的边比范围(a/b≤0.75)是不正确的。 本文提出了承托板的强度和弹性屈曲荷载的计算公式。
    Employing the principle of virtual displacements, approximate formulas for the torsional buckling load of a thin walled box column with variable section are derived.
    It is revealed that, there is a threshold value of support stiffness, so that: (1) if the support stiffness is less than or equal to the threshold value,the buckling load of the strut will increase with the increase of support stiffness,and the bifurcation points and the corresponding postbuckling equilibrium paths are unstable for all but one small region starting from zero;


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