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process condition
    The best process condition are presented bellow,the weight ratio of graphite to vitriol,potassium permanganate and ferric trichloride is 1.0 to 3.0 to 0.8 to 0.2.The reaction temperature and time are 50℃ and 60 minute respectively. Macerating the low sulfur graphite by 3% canesugar Borate,drying it in Low temperature,expanding it in 950℃,making it pressboard in the pressure of 10MPa.
    其最佳工艺条件为石墨∶浓硫酸∶高锰酸钾∶三氯化铁的质量比为 1∶3 0∶0 8∶0 2 ,反应温度为 50℃ ,反应时间 6 0min ,蔗糖硼酸酯溶液浓度为 3% ,烘干温度低于 6 0℃ ,膨胀温度为 950℃ ,制品压制压力为 10MPa。
    In this paper, a kind of BP ANN was designed to study on the process condition of N(2) acetyl 9 [(2 acetoxylethoxyl)methyl]guanine preparation.
    本文将BP人工神经网络应用于对N (2 ) -乙酰基 - 9- [(2 -乙酰氧乙氧基 )甲基 ]鸟嘌呤的制备工艺条件研究 ,获得了较好的工艺参数与收率之间的映射关系。
    By studying the desalting process of salted lotus root,this paper makes a comparison of the influence of different ratios of water to lotus root and different desalting condition on the desalting speed and effect. Thus arrives at a conclusion:the satisfactory process condition of desalting in still water is to add 0.2%citric acid to the water,adopt a water-lotus root ration of 2∶1 and 40 minutes of desalting time,changing water once in the middle of the process.
    With starch as raw material, fully biodegradable high water absorbent material was prepared by means of inverse suspension polymerization under a series of process condition, including reaction time, stirring speed, reaction temperature and concentration of catalyst, crosslinking agent, starch and dispersant. The effect of preparation processes on water absorbency was revealed.
    以淀粉为原料 ,采用反相悬浮聚合方法 ,通过研究交联反应时反应时间、搅拌速度、反应温度以及催化剂质量分数、交联剂质量分数、淀粉质量分数和分散剂质量分数一系列工艺条件制备出可完全生物降解的高吸水材料 ,通过测定高吸水材料的吸水倍率揭示出制备工艺对可生物降解高吸水材料吸水倍率的影响规律。
    The cause for erosion of stopper of MgO-C under special process condition of CSP in Han Steel is analyzed and a few of improving measures offered based on the practical production experiences.
    The method of liquid liquid extraction to recover and reutilize perchlorate from carnallite residual liquor after preparation of potassium salt was adopted. The extraction system and technological process condition were determined. The recovery rate of perchlorate was 97.5%.
    文章采用液—液萃取法回收再利用制取钾盐后的光卤石残液中的高氯酸盐 ,并确定合适的萃取体系及最佳工艺条件 ,高氯酸盐的回收率为 97.5 % ,实验结果表明用高氯酸盐作为沉淀剂从光卤石中提取钾制取钾盐以及从其残液中回收高氯酸盐再利用的工艺经济合理 ,同时对环保具有一定的现实意义
    Transmittance(visible range)T = 70 -90%, resistivity p =1x 10-5Ω/ , square resistance R =150±50Ω/ . The mechanical strength of sample films were super than the national single film standard. The best process condition has found.
    膜层为多晶膜,可见光透过率为T=70-90%,电阻率p=1×10-5Ω·m,方电阻为 R =150±50±50Ω/ ,膜机械强度超过国标单层标准,找到实用最佳工艺条件
    Three refinery C_4 fractions were hydrogenated over NCG catalyst. Proper saturated reaction condition was selected after process condition investigation, and a catalyst life evaluation test of 1500h was proceeded.
    Cr\-2O\-3? MnO\-2? La\-2O\-3 in the varistor has been studied,it has been researched how the sintering process effects the density of SnO\-2based varistor,the effect of additive has been presented and the process condition has been explored;
    Which reveals that the osmotic effect ceramic tile of enviromental protection was produced,on the right process condition,And the osmotic coefficient is 3.2×10 -4 cm/s,the cross breaking strength is 18.4MPa,the compression strength is 19.7MPa.
    研究表明 :在合适的工艺条件下 ,可制得透水系数为 3.2× 10 -4cm/s,抗折强度为 18.4MPa,抗压强度为 19.7MPa的环保型渗水砖。
    Performance test of the catalyst showed that its activity was over 58% higher than CTV - IV catalyst in the current process condition when GHSV reached 3000 - 3500 h - 1 , and the reaction selectivity maintained over 94% , which could meet the demand of commercial application.
    The optimization of hydrorefining process condition after YPC-PTA plant modification are discussed,the main process parameters are determined,the reaction pressure is 7.0~7.25 MPa,the reaction temperature is 282~283 ℃,the compounding concentration is 27%~28%,the catalyst quantity is 10 500 ~11 000 kg.
    Some processing parameters such as temperature, time and water-rice bran rate was studied during the extraction of rice bran polysaccharides with hot water. And an orthogonal based on those parameters showed that the best extracting process condition was temperature 110℃, water-rice bran rate 20:1, time 5 hrs.
    采用热水浸提法提取米糠多糖,对影响提取米糠多糖的工艺参数如浸提温度、浸提时间、 料水比等进行单因素试验,并在此基础上设计正交试验,提出提取米糠多糖最佳工艺条 件:浸提温度110℃、料水比1:20、浸提时间5小时。
    Rate of fine product is more than 95%, selectivity exceeds 96% under the best process condition. Transition rate of the acetic acid approaches 100%.
    Result:It can increase the extraction rate of active principle and ensure curative effect with the SFE CO 2 extraction process on Rhubarb. The optimum SFE CO 2 process condition was A 2B 2C 2D 1,and the extraction process way was designed reasonable and has directive meaning to bigproduction.
    结果 :大黄采用超临界CO2 萃取工艺 ,可提高有效成分的提取率及保证疗效 ,超临界CO2 萃取最佳工艺条件为 :A2 B2 C2 D1 ,提取工艺路线设计合理 ,对大生产有指导意义。
    The process condition of synthesizing nano-meter lead zirconate titanate(PZT) powder by mechanochemistry was determined by studying the process of grinding PbO - ZrO2- TiO2. PZT powder of 10-30 nm can be obtained from the mixed oxides ground for 60 h by the given operating parameters of revolution velocity 250 r/min and rotation velocity 62, 5 r/min.
    通过研究PbO-ZrO2-TiO2机械力化学过程,探明了机械力化学法制备PZT纳米粉体的工艺条件。 在一定操作参数的条件下(公转转速250 r/min,自转转速为62.5 r/min)粉磨60 b,能够制备出10~30 nm PZT纳米粉体。
    The Al Er mother alloy was prepared by adding Er 2O 3 in the aluminum electrolyte system, and the process condition was studied.
    研究了在铝电解质体系中添加Er2 O3制备Al Er中间合金的工艺条件
    Through practice production, the optimum process condition is given, which can efficiently remove impurity on fiber and increase whiteness and content of cellulose.
    通过生产实践 ,给出胡麻粗纱煮漂工艺条件 ,能有效地去除纤维上的杂质 ,提高白度和纤维素含量
    The optimum process condition is gained through studying all kinds of factors in preparation of benzaldehyde by indirect electrooxidation.
    It was studied that influents of solution concentration, boiled time and hydrothermal time on the crystalline type and morphology of ZrO 2.The results indicated that well-dispersed and narrow distribution Y 2O 3-CeO 2-ZrO 2 powder with particle size 10-20 nm could be obtained with given process condition.
    研究了溶液的浓度、水浴时间、水热时间对ZrO2 粉体的晶型和形貌的影响。 结果表明在一定工艺条件下可制备平均粒径在 10 - 2 0nm ,粒度分布窄 ,分散性好的纳米稳定Y2 O3 CeO2 ZrO2 粉体。


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