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process condition
    In this article, mechanism of alkali modification is discussed. Based on trials, process condition of alkali treatment is settled as follows: NaOH 180 g/L, JFC 4%, Na 2SiO 3 0.4 % (owf), temperature 20℃, time 15 minutes, liquor ratio 1∶20. Then treated with softening agent under the condition of emulsified silicone oil 10 g/L, temperature 60℃ and time 1 hour, the hemp cloth has clear surface and smooth handle.
    讨论了大麻纤维碱改性作用机理 ,并试验确定了碱处理工艺条件为NaOH 180 g/L ,JFC 4%(owf) ,Na2 SiO3 0 .4% (owf) ,温度 2 0℃ ,时间 15min ,浴比 1∶2 0 ; 若再结合柔软剂整理 (乳化硅油 10 g/L ,60℃× 1h) ,可使织物表面更光洁、手感更滑爽
    The microhardness of the coatings can reach 670.3 HV. Suitable process condition ranges were optimized by orthogonal test as below:Na_2WO_4·2H_2O content 10~30 g/L, current density 10~15 A/dm~2, temperature 60~70 ℃,pH value 6~7。
    镀层显微硬度最高可达 6 70 .3HV。 通过正交试验得出适宜工艺条件范围为 :Na2 WO4·2H2 O 1 0~ 30g/L ,电流密度 1 0~1 5A/dm2 ,温度 6 0~ 70℃ ,pH值 6~ 7。
    The results show that JT-4/JT-1G hydrocatalyst composite possesses good activity of low temperature olefin and organic sulfur hydronating. After hydrocatalyst refining of dry gas, the volume percent of olefin is reduced from 4%-7% to less than 5%, organic sulfur is decreased from 300μg/g to less than 0.5μg/g, which can meet the demands of hydrogen producing process condition, and lower down the cost of catalyst.
    With the practical production, the suitable process condition is put forward, in which pH is around 9.4 and the concentration of flocculant is 2ppm.
    The selection of process condition of barium aluminate synthesized by caustic precipitation and Al(OH) 3 and the caustilization effect of barium aluminate are mainly discussed by the test research in this article.
    通过实验研究 ,探讨了苛化沉淀与Al(OH) 3合成铝酸钡的工艺条件选择及铝酸钡的苛化效果。
    Factor significance sequence is HF > pickling temperature > pickling time > HNO 3. The optimum process condition of pickling on the WK stainless steel sheet is HNO 3 12%, HF 2.5%, pickling temperature 65 ℃ and pickling time 35 s. Factor significance sequence is HF > HNO 3 > pickling temperature > pickling time.
    WK板材酸洗最佳工艺条件为 HNO3的质量分数 12 %、HF的质量分数 2 .5 %、酸洗温度 6 5℃、酸洗时间 35 s,因子显著性顺序为 HF的质量分数 >HNO3的质量分数 >酸洗温度 >酸洗时间。
    ( relative coefficients are 0.90?0.68?0.67,respectively). The optimal process condition of tea infusion is : reaction temperature:40℃,reaction time: 20min,pH value:5, enzymatic quantity: 1.0%. Using the above process,the new product with the soluble solid content of 2.64°Brix, tea polyphenol concentration of 5.99g/L and the turbidity degree:250NTU.
    通过SAS软件得到了关于茶汤品质的回归方程 (相关系数分别为 0. 90、0 . 6 8和 0 . 6 7) ,并得出茶汤的最优工艺条件为反应温度 :4 0℃ ,反应时间 :2 0min ,pH值 :5 ,加酶量 1 0 % ,此时 ,可溶性固形物含量 :2 . 6 4°Brix ,茶多酚含量 :5 . 99g/L ,浊度 :2 5 0NTU。
    The catalytic properties of Zn-P/HZSM-5 for aromatization of FCC gasoline were investigated on a small fixed bed reactor using 75-120 ℃ FCC gasoline as the feedstock. The influence of process condition and the feasibility for commercialization were discussed.
    以75~120℃的FCC汽油馏分为原料,在连续固定床反应器上考察了Zn P/HZSM 5催化剂的芳构化反应性能,探讨了工艺条件对芳构化反应的影响以及工业化的可行性。
    As a result, the optimum process condition of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid treatment on ramie fabric was as follows: temperature 120, pressure 25 MPa, time 40 min, dosage of auxiliary 0.1%.
    The influence of baking temperature, dosage of both resin and polyurethane to strength and levelness of the fabric were experimented. Based on trials, the process condition of wash and wear finish are as follows: dosage of resin F-ECO 40 g/L, polyurethane 50 g/L, liquor retention 70 %, curing at 110 for 40 s, and baking at 135 for 2~3 min.
    The process condition about producing low-elastic yarn of 11dtex/72f DTY on SDS900A type textured machine is introduced.
    介绍了SCRAGG SDS900A型加弹机生产111dtex/72 f涤纶低弹丝的工艺条件
    The optimum process condition of using absorption column method to decolor juice was: 1.33×104 Pa vacuum and 36 cm resin height.
    采用吸附柱法对果汁进行脱色的最佳工艺条件为真空度1.33×104 Pa;
    It was studied that process condition of separating L-citrulline from the root of Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim by HD-8 cation exchange resin.
    The optimal process condition are as follows: φ(formaldehyde)10~20 mL/L,ρ(complexant) 50~70 g/L,temperature of 15~35 ℃,pH value of 12.5 ~13.X-ray diffraction analysis of composite powder of SiC-Cu after alkaline electroless copper plating and heat treatment at a temperature of 1 050 ℃ show Cu、SiC and Cu_2O existing in the deposit and Cu presenting a crystal state.
    得出了最佳的工艺条件:φ(甲醛)10~20 mL/L,ρ(络合剂)50~70 g/L,温度15~35℃,pH 12.5~13。 碱性化学镀铜后的S iC-Cu复合粉体及其于1 050℃热处理后的X-射线衍射分析表明,镀层中含Cu、S iC和Cu2O,且Cu呈结晶态;
    This paper inquired into the best process condition for the synthesis of 4-hydroxy-alpha,alpha,4-trimethyl-cyclohexanemethanol with citronellal by zinc chloride.
    The effect factors in the process of preparing nanometer cerium dioxide by microwave were explored individually,and the orthogonal method was adopted to confirm the optimum process condition. The optimum process conditions include the reaction volume of PEG is 9 mL,the washing volume of PEG is 7 mL,the volume of absolute alcohol is 10 mL,the microwave constant pressure is 0.14 MPa,microwave power is 232 W,and the microwave radiation time is 6 minutes.
    对微波制备纳米CeO2工艺中的影响因素进行了考察,并且作了正交优化设计实验,得到最佳制备工艺条件:PEG的反应体积为9 mL,PEG的洗涤体积为7 mL,无水乙醇的体积为10mL,微波恒压为0.14 MPa,微波功率为232 W,微波辐射时间为6 min。
    The orthogonal design experiment have proved that the best process condition are as the following: PCl_3:CH_3COOH:H_2O=1:2:3.5(mol),under the 40℃,the dripping time of the phosphorus trichloride is 40 min,the reflux time is 2 h,the yield of HEDP is 84.14%.
    The result showed that the process condition was the content of catalyst:0.5%~1%,polymerization time:10 h,the content of amino acid:0.5%~1%.
    结果表明:熔融聚合的最佳工艺条件为,催化剂是实验室制备,用量为0.5% ̄1%、聚合时间为10h、氨基酸含量为0.5% ̄1%;
    The better process condition was obtained that react 4 h at 40℃,the mole ratio of DNT to(NH_4)_2S is 1.2∶1.The yield reaches 75% and the purity is more than 98%.
    实验所得工艺条件:反应温度40℃,反应时间4 h,二硝基甲苯∶硫化铵(摩尔比)=1.2∶1。 纯度达到98%以上(GC分析),收率最高为75%。
    Results showed that those factors made different effects. On the basis of available data, optimized process condition was confirmed: Hot press time of 7 min, hot temperature of 190 ℃, PS proportion of 35%, and the amount of 3%, were a better combination when board density was 0.6 g·cm~ -3 or 0.65 g·cm~ -3 ,the resulted composite meet the requirement of national standard.


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