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has basically
    Over twenty year's reform, the institution system has basically set up such as property rights system, estate transaction system, finance system and land management system.
    Just after match,the count of WBC and its second LYMPH,GRAN obviously increases(P<0 001):After 3 hours' recovery,LymPH,MID,has basically recovered.
    恢复 3h,LYMPH、MID已基本恢复 ,而WBC仍高于运动前6 4 % ,GRAN却在继续上升 ,达赛前的 2 2倍 ;
    At present, the information networking management of our country's university reference room has basically been formed and the networking management of the second- class colleges or department's reference room has been initiated, which play a promoting role for further deepening the reform of the books materials management and the transformation of traditional modular management into the information networking management.
    After entering the new century,Jiangsu province has basically achieved the modernization of education in its southern areas.
    The paper introduces the optimized method of time delay system, has basically solved the optimized the control problem of single variable time delay system.
    It is shown that Special Maritime procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, 1999(Hereinafter referred to as the Maritime procedure Law) refers to the regulations of International Convention on Arrest of Ships 1999 pertaining to arrest of ship and consequently China has basically established the rules as to arrest of ship in concord with international convention in legislative and judicial aspects.
    It has basically matched with low speed sealing bearing bit, but it cannot avoid its fault.
    TLJ300 continuous extrusion machine which is researched and produced by Dalian Railway Institute is used to produce copper strip. Its technology has basically become mature.
    In order to solve the ageing problem, China has basically established an endowment insurance system with the basic endowment insurance as the foundation and the pension of enterprises and the deposits by individuals as the supplements.
    China has basically completed its transformation from the planning economy system to the market economy system.
    Currently, the procedure for checking death penalty in our country has basically established and functioned in practice.
    With the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, gold has basically realized demonetization in 1970’s, and its commodity function has been steadily enhancing.
    20 世纪70 年代,随着布雷顿森林体系的崩溃,黄金已基本非货币化,商品属性逐渐增强;
    Chinese petroleum industry has basically formed a research and development system, thanks to the collective work and effort of several generations, with part of the leading technology top the counterparts in the world.
    After more than 20 years economic restructuring, the socialist market economy system frame in our country has basically established, our country has strided in the new stage of constructing socialism modernization well-off society.
    By the May 4th new culture movement, the school science education system has basically formed.
    Although it has experienced the repeated difficulties in this period, after more than 50 years' development and transform, university's management has basically formed the more fixed management pattern and the operational mechanism.
    The respiratory system of the newborn, especially trachea and the lungs has basically developed.
    After nearly a centurys development, a “great” teacher educational system has basically been established in China.
    The results show crystal has basically finished during the second roller of DF-3 with the coaction of drawing-induction crystallization and thermal crystallization, and then the structural reconstruction is a thermomechanics equilibrium process with sinking of fiber and decrease of drawing-induction. It makes crytal stability stronger.
    Muscle quality of New Taihu goose has basically reached Taihu goose except for fat of breast muscle and mineral content of muscle.
    新太湖鹅的肉质 ,一般介于两亲本之间 ,但肌间脂肪和矿物质含量大于太湖鹅 ,多汁性和总养分已基本接近太湖鹅。


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