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    The influence of the enhancing trend of three levels upon our country: Macroscopic level: our country has the duty to obey the international labor standard.
    CS-ACELP is a new speoch coding algorithm for 8kbps coding,which was ap-proved as a standard by SG 15 in ITU-T.
    China has approved 18 kinds of irradiated agricultural products and foods and six national hygiene standards on six classes of irradiated foods.
    中国已批准了 18 种辐照农产品和食品及 6 类辐照食品的卫生标准。
    Recently, ITU has confirmed MCNS as the international standards.
    Checking and accepting of planning is the basic link that urban planning administrative responsibile institution go on supervising to construction project which was confirmed already.
    SPC Exchange Models Approved for Connection to PSTN by MPT
    in U.S.A, had been approved by FDA to treat the diseases of RA, IBD and AS.
    In this study, preS2/PreC and HBV regulatory element, an enhancer gene, was inserted into HBV recombinant plasmids, the immunity of DNA vaccine is improved by the activation of the expression of purpose protein. The vector is surely safe because it is engaged in HIV DNA vaccine which is now studied in clinical trial permitted by FDA.
    There are three biological agents approved by American FDA, which are Etanercept, Inflixima and Adalimumab. The latter two are monoclonal antibody.
    The FDA of the U.S.A. ratified the clinical application of MRS in 1995. Recently myocardial ischemia has become a focus of intensive investigation for those engaging in this field of research.
    1995年美国FDA(Food and Drug Administration)已批准MRS的临床应用。
    The human endostatin compose 184 amino acids. And its molecular weight is about 18. 5KD.
    Shenzhen Development Bank was always the only one listed bank until 1999. From then on Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank of China and China Merchant Bank have gone to the public in sequence, which induced the banking business's vehement response.
    国内各股份制银行相继筹划上市事宜 , 已批准上市的银行有华夏银行,正在筹备上市的有兴业银行、交通银行、中信实业银行、广东发展银行、中国光大银行; 四大国有商业银行也不约而同地提出上市目标。
    To shorten the developing time, authorized drugs were often chosen as model medicine when developing a new TDDS.
    In order to rational drug use, post-marketing assessment must be implemented in large population based on clinical medicine, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, pharmaeconomics, and drug policy.
    Up to February of 2004, the Ministry of Education had authorized the launching of distance education as the pilot units in 68 higher universities and institutions with the registered learners totaling over 200 million (see the Website of the Ministry of Education).
    Chitosan is nontoxic and safe, and has been approved to be food stabilizer.
    Abstract: Four ISO standards concerning diamond core drilling equipment have been approved
    已批准的金刚石岩心钻探设备国际标准(ISO)有4种,重点介绍ISO3551《金刚石岩心钻探设备 A系列》。
    It was approved to be reported in 1994.
    Approval has been recently granted for utilizing Grade 100 concrete in Hong Kong.
    最近,香港已批准使用100 MPa 混凝土。


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