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the known
    ECC is one of the known public crypto methods that provide the best strength-per-bit.
    椭圆曲线密码体制(Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem,ECC)是目前已知的所有公钥密码体制中能提供最高比特强度(strength-per-bit)的一种公钥加密体制。
    By now the known genes that mediating apoptosis are : CD95/Fas/APO-l, bcl-2, c-myc, p53, caspases, etc.
    At present the known MMR system includes mainly 6 kinds of gene, namelyhMLH1, hMSH2, hMSH3, hPMS1, hPMS2 and hMSH6. Should the MMR and gene function be inactivated (e.g. mutation of gene, methylation of promoter region), the mistake in the process of DNA replication would not be corrected, which may lead to the instability of micro satellite DNA repetitive sequence, manifesting as MSI and LOH.
    目前已知的MMR系统中土要包括6种基因,即hMLH1、hMSH2、hMSH3、hPMS1、hPMS2和hMSH6。 当MMR.
    In the known 81 species' ants in Xinjiang the Palaeoarctic species is 74 species, 91.35 % of the total number;
    A mutation specific polymerase chain reaction (msPCR) was established for amplifying HBV DNA with a mutation at nt551. Four sets of primer pairs, P551A-PPS, P551G-PPS, P551C-PPS and P551T-PPS, with the same sequences except for one base at 3' terminus were designed and synthesized according to the known HBV genome sequences and the popular HBV subtypes, adr and adw, in China.
    根据已知的48个HBV的基因组序列和中国主要的流行亚型(adr和adw),设计合成了3’末端(上游引物)不同的四套引物P551A-PPS、P551G-PPS、P551C-PPS和P551T-PPS。 在常规PCR的基础上,探索了扩增HBV基因组nt551位突变的特异性聚合酶链反应(msPCR)。
    Our method is based on first a point-wise and then a global Carleman-type estimates for an ultra-parabolic operator, which among other, yields a global unique continuation property for the solutions of a ultra-parabolic inequality, and also reproduces the known observability result for the heat equations.
    The standard design processes for the accessories of taper roller bearing are presented, based on the known parameters.
    The known serotypes can be classified into respiratory symptomatic serotypes such as Conn, Iowa97, JMK, Florida, Arkansas99 and nephritic symptomatic serotypes such as M41, Holte, Gray, Australia 'T'.
    The known serotypes can be classified into respiratory symptomatic serotypes such as Conn, Iowa97, JMK, Florida, Arkansas99 and nephritic symptomatic serotypes such as M41, Holte, Gray, Australia‘T’.
    The specific primers of F gene were firstly designed and synthesized, which based on the sequence of the known fusion protein gene of NDV. F gene of F_(48)E_9 and La Sota strains were cloned into the transposion vector pFastBac~(?)
    试验中首先根据已知的新城疫病毒融合蛋白(Fusion protein F)基因核苷酸序列,设计合成了F基因特异性引物。
    The other two diterpenoids were shown to be identical with the known enmenol (12) and epinodosinol(13).
    This article brings forth the variational perturbation method—the known variational function J=J(y,a) is expanded into a series of the small parameter a by using the regular perturbation method and then turned into the linear function to be solved.
    As starting material, the La72Si28 amorphous ribbons were prepared from melt by rapid quenching method. The new metastable phase appeared when the amorphous sample was treated at 250℃ for 30 minutes. This phase has a ortborhombic structure with lattice parameters α=9.12lA, b=6.821A and c=3.833A, and exhibits superconducting transition at T, =3.02 K which is higher than those of all the known La-Si phases.
    Based on the known fast Kalman-type algorithms (Fast Kalman and FAEST), this paper presents a new kind of algorithm, named "Fast Kalman+ DF Structure".
    本文在已知的Kalman型快速算法(Fast Kalman算法和FAEST算法)的基础上给出了一种新的算法——称为Fast Kalman+DF结构。
    By computer analyses, a PstI site was found within the known 5.8S rRNA sequence of the silkworm Attacus ricini.
    利用计算机分析已知的蓖麻蚕(Attacus ricini)5.8S rRNA顺序,发现其上有一个PstⅠ位点。
    When combined with the known phase transition theory of hadron,the correlation function, the lattice gauge theory and the superconductive theory,this phase transition in particle-structure is expounded.
    Based on the geological informa-tion from satellite image interpretation, integrated with the known metallo-genic regularity for Pb-Zn ore, the predition areas of metallogenic prospect of 3 class A, 2 class B and 13 class C have been delineated.
    The imaging formulas reduce to the known results when n2 = 0 ( n2 :the nonlinear coefficient) and under the geometrical optics approximation.
    This paper report the results of structure analysis of the known 102 gcnotoxic and 42 non-genotoxic carcinogens by CACE.
    One strain of Verticillium wilt V_B isolated from cotton in China was studied for comparing with the known American defoliating type strain T_9 and the non-defoliating type strains V_6 and V_(10)of cotton in China. The results showed that strain V_B had the virulent pathogenicity and could infect cotton and defoliate completely.
    通过对我国棉花黄萎病菌 V_B 与已知的美国落叶型黄萎病菌 T_9以及我国非落叶型黄萎病菌 V_6、V_10进行对照比较研究,所得结果表明,菌系 V_B 为强致病力,病株落叶成光杆,在6个抗感不同的棉花寄主上致病,平均病情指数达54.6;


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