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is known
    F1=75.49% and F1=75.60% results are obtained on the development and test set respectively. So far as it is known, this is the best result based on single syntactic parser in literatures.
    Human leukocyte antigen(HLA) system is known as one of the most complex antigen system, which carries genetic information that approaches 1‰, and possesses polymorphisms.
    人类白细胞抗原(Human leukocyte antigen, HLA)系统是目前已知的最为复杂的抗原系统之一,它携有人类遗传信息约1‰,具有显著的多态性,该系统的一些基因也是参与某些疾病易感性的重要基因之一。
    y = Xβ + eWhere e is a n × 1 random error vector with E(e) = 0 and Cov(e) = σ2V,σ2 >0 is unknown parameter but V>0 is known matrix, β isunknown p - dimensional parameter.
    Chapter 5 discusses the utility set distributional efficient solution when the utility function is unknown and probability distribution is known.
    Accrding to the boundary conditions either H or ( H)/( n) is known.
    根据边界条件,每一节点中的H或( H/ n)有一个是已知的,解方程组可求出另一个。
    It is known that no restriction endonuclease cleavage site exists at 12 codon in N-ras gene and at 12 and 13 codon in K-ras gene.
    In this paper, a clear expression of the null distribution function of the likelihood ratio test statistics U that is considered by Hawkins (1977) is derived when σ2 is known. The numerical tables of the distribution funtion are given.
    The minimal L1 isotonic regression (ML1IR) of the mean of Laplace distribution is discussed in this paper when the variance is known and 0 is restricted by a partial order "? . The uniqueness and some properties of ML1IR are discussed and based on them an algorithm of computing ML1IR is given.
    This method holds provided that the donor is selectively excited and the concentration ratio of the acceptor and the donor is known.
    该方法适用于选择性地激发供体和受体与供体的浓度比已知的情况 ,因而适合基于绿色荧光蛋白 (GFP)供体 -受体对 .
    It is known that for any graph G with minimum degree δ,δ-1≤χ ′ c(G)≤δ.
    已知的结果是对于任意简单图 G,都有 δ- 1≤ χ′c( G)≤ δ,δ是 G的最小度 .
    are simply proved. In addition,the problem of parameter estimation are discussed,when the shape parameter α is known,the asymptotic effective estimation to the scale parameter λ is given as λ^=(nα-1)/∑ni=1X i,and the efficiency e n is provided by e n=1-2nα.
    同时 ,讨论了Gamma分布的参数估计问题 ,在形状参数α已知的条件下 ,给出尺度参数λ的一个渐近有效估计λ^ =(nα -1) / ∑ni=1xi,其效率en =1- 2nα .
    Rf4 on chromosome 7 is known as fertility restorer gene.
    已知的恢复基因 Rf4与该座位对应。
    Unsaturated soil is known as a unique sink for atmospheric CH4 in terrestrial ecosystem.
    Suppose the curve function structure is known,function parameters can then be identified on the measured system input and output data.
    本文首先利用辨识算法 ,在风轮功率曲线的函数形式假设已知的前提下 ,利用测量的输入输出数据 ,辨识出功率曲线函数的参数 .
    In this thesis, it was proved that the intensity of the return signal is the convolution of the intensity reflectivity of the object and the fringes intensity, as the fringes intensity is known, the information of the intensity reflectivity of the object could be sampled from the return signal.
    Objective: Ischemic preconditioning (IP) is known by now to be the most physiologically effective protection against myocardial ischemia , the mechanism of which is not thoroughly clear and becomes an important investigative question.
    目前冠心病的防治重点在于减少不可逆的心肌缺血损伤所造成的心肌梗死、猝死等急性事件的发生。 心肌缺血预适应(IP)现象是已知的心肌缺血时最强的生理性保护机制,且内在机理不完全明了,而成为研究的重点。
    Human brain is known as the most complicated material in the universe.
    It was verified in the case of p(G) < 11. It is known that there exist graphs on 14 vertices having the same path layer matrix.
    Data acquisition, analysis and processing are integrated in structural vibration measurement and analysis system including frequency spectrum, correlation and power spectrum analysis of time signals of testing positions. The total structural behavior is constructed and structural mode shapes, whose natural mode is known, are decomposed and monitored.
    D. P. Ausubel finds that learning contains the necessary connection of learning new knowledge and the known experience and that the most important element affecting students' learning is the content, which is known to students.


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