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    Methods The 50 patients of L4-5 or L5-S1 lumbar disc herniation was treated with minor-angle and curved-needle puncture means under the guidance of X-ray, interventional therapy after the accurate disc puncture.
    方法对50例明显低于髂嵴的腰4-5或腰5-骶1椎间盘突出症患者采取小角度弯曲针法穿刺椎间盘进行介入治疗。 透视下旋转血管机的C型臂,使射线方向与椎间隙平行,将皮肤穿刺点位于距离脊柱中线6~8cm处,常规消毒麻醉;
    Optimization of Disinfection Technology and Its Application in Water Treatment Plant
    Left femoral vein is intubated and given vecuronium0.02mg/100g and hep-arin 50U/100g.
    术野常规消毒后,取腹股沟切口,游离左股动、静脉。 左股静脉插管后给予维库澳胺0.02m岁1009)并全身肝素化(50U/loog)。
    1. Establishment of regeneration systemThe sterile young leaves of petunia were cultured on MS1(MSO containing 2.5mg/L ZT) to induce bud initiation directly. The regenerating frequency amounted 100%.
    Therabbits were injected 3% nembutal(1ml/kg)intraperitoneally. Secondly, cut L1-3 spinous process and neural scute to exposedura. Group A is laminectomy-only and no trauma.
    3%戊巴比妥钠(1ml/kg)腹腔注射麻醉,常规消毒铺巾,显露L1-3 棘突及椎板,切除棘突及椎板,显露硬膜。
    Lymph node surface was disinfected routinely, and 32P-colloid injection was injected with 5ml one-off injector.
    淋巴结表面皮肤常规消毒,用5ml 一次性注射器注入32P-胶体注射液。
    Afterthe surgical operation anaesthesia succeed, the normalregulations disinfect, in two side lineations of the rabbitspinal column each design two 2cm ×2cm size to create thewound, total 4 create the wounds.
    手术麻醉成功后,常规消毒,于兔脊柱两侧划线各设计2 个2cm×2cm 大小的创面,共4 个创面。
    sanitized by 0.1% HgCl_2 for 15 minutes,inoculated to the medium of MS supplemented with AC1.0 g/L,kept vigorous growth .
    然后采用常规消毒0.1%升汞处理15min,可以使污染率控制在6%; 接种到MS+1g/L活性炭培养基中,生长状况良好。
    taxirameum 8min, the effects as for 1%HgCl2 2min and 1.0%sodium hypochlorite 6min on sterilizing P. juniperinum.
    There was still a 2.78% positive rate after routine disinfection.
    Then transfered the callus into stress cultural base (MS + 2, 4 - D + NaCL1% + NaHCO3 0.5%)for 20 days treatment. Then transfered to differentiation base, 119 rice mate-rial(simply called D-rice)were got with adove mentioned method.
    2. 34% and1. 55% respectively. In different endoscopes, the contamination of gastrocopy and entercopy were most serious, then the laryngoscope, the total bacteria colong was 2824cfu/100cm2.408cfu/100cm2 and 148cfu/100cm2 respectively. After routine disinfection, the qualited rate of gastrocopy was 71%~77%.
    Mature shoots from grafted adult trees of longan were sterilized and cut into 0.5 cm shoot tips which were used as explants and inoculated onto basal media such as MS, N 6, 1/2MS and White supplemented with various mass concentrations of BA, IAA, and GA 3, in order to induce regeneration.
    选用嫁接成年树的龙眼成熟枝梢作为外植体 ,经常规消毒后 ,接种于附加不同质量浓度的激素 BA、IAA和 GA3 的 MS、N6、 1/ 2 MS、White等基本培养基上 ,诱导茎尖萌芽 .
    Methods After T tube was disinfected,size 9 "Y" needle was punctured into T tube,and 38% meglucamine diatrizoate was dripped slowly into it.
    方法 常规消毒T管 ,用 9号Y形穿刺针穿刺入T管 ,缓慢滴入 3 8%泛影葡胺以显影胆道。
    The CO2 laser with wave 10.6um, 0~30 w continuously adjustment and 1 5mm in diameter of spot was used to burn the lesion without suture after local anesthesia with lidocaine. The wounds healed after 1~2 weeks.
    术区常规消毒 ,2 %利多卡因注射液浸润或阻滞麻醉后使用国产CO2 激光机 ,波长 10 6μm ,功率 0~ 30W连续可调 ,光斑直径 1~ 5mm ,对肿瘤或增生组织进行烧灼治疗 ,术后创面不缝合 ,涂布消炎药物 ,1~ 2周创口愈合。
    Methods:Flling with hydrocylapatite cataplasm and coronal coverage were performed after disinfections in 68 cases coronal fractures.
    Methods To puncture and draw out cystic liquid after routine disinfection :2.5% iodine 0.2~2.0 ml was injeced depending on cyst size. Bigger cysts were injected with 0.1 ml Dexamethasone.
    方法 常规消毒 ,穿刺抽出囊液 ; 根据囊肿大小注射 2 .5 %碘酊 0 .1~ 1 .0ml,囊肿较大者可加 0 .1ml的地塞米松一起注射。
    The expenses of use of conventional disinfectants per month was 30767.4 Yuan RMB. It was estimated that the monthly expenses can reduce by 47%~71.8% after standardization of the use of disinfectants.
    每月常规消毒使用费用为 30 767. 4元,规范消毒剂使用后测算每月费用可降低 47% ~71. 8%。
    Methods 4 SD rats were anesthetized and disinfected,the hair of trunk were taken off by 8% natrium sulfide. Split thickness skin,0 4 mm thick,was obtained from rat's full thickness skin with a dermatome and dipped into 37℃ 1 mol/L NaCl solutions for 48 h to take off the epidermis,then the cells were disgested by 37℃ 0 25% trypsin and 0 1% EDTA solutions for 60, 70, 80, 90 minutes.
    方法 SD大鼠4只,分别麻醉后以 8%硫化钠溶液脱去躯干部皮毛,常规消毒铺巾,切取大鼠背部全层皮肤制成厚约 0 4mm的中厚皮, 1mol/LNaCl溶液 37℃浸泡 48h分离表真皮,以 0 25%胰蛋白酶+0 1%乙二酸二乙胺 (EDTA)溶液 37℃分别热消化 60、70、80、90min脱去细胞成分,并进行冷冻干燥处理。
    Mature shoots from adult trees of Zelkova schneideriana were sterilized and inoculated onto MS supplemented with various mass concentrations of BA、NAA and 2,4-D, in order to induce regeneration.


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