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open porosity
    (2) The resin-carbon matrixes porous C/C composites with high temperature treatment (HTT) have well-distributed pores, and is most beneficial to liquid silicon infiltration. The open porosity and density of C/C-SiC composites is 1% and 2.25 g· cm~(-3) respectively.
    (2) 在不同基体炭的C/C多孔体中,以高温热处理态树脂炭为基体的C/C多孔体最利于液Si的渗入,可制各开孔率仅为1%、密度为2.25 g·cm~(-3)的复合材料。
    In this research, two new method were firstly put forward to fabricate PLA/β -TCP and PLA/ β -TCP/Collagen scaffolds with high open porosity by supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO_2).
    The innovation point of this article is firstly adopting the two methods of SC-CO_2 RCI and SC-CO_2 fibre bonding with collagen fiber network to prepare higer open porosity scaffolds.
    (2) The open porosity of the PLA/β-TCP/Collagen scaffolds fabricated by SC-CO_2 fibre bonding can achieve 82.81% which is 25% higher than the PLA/β-TCP scaffolds;
    (2) SC-CO_2纤维粘接法制备的PLA/β-TCP/Collagen支架材料的开孔率可达82.81%,比没加胶原的PLA/β-TCP支架高出近25%; 孔径在200-500μm之间,孔洞之间出现重要的“隧道”结构;
    The parameters for producing porous tungsten products with relative density in a range of 78-81% and open porosity over 95% are outlined as follows; relative density of compacts-60-65%, sintering temperature 2100-2250℃ and sintering time-4-8 hours.
    Elements and surface morphology of carbon fibers are analyzed and the interlaminar shear stress(ILSS) , density and open porosity of polymer matrix composite ( PMC ) , carbonized 2D-C/C and densified 2D-C/C are tested.
    分析了炭布处理前后炭纤维的元素及表面形貌; 测试了炭布处理前后树脂基复合材料(PMC)、炭化后2D-C/C及致密后2D-C/C的层剪强度、密度、开孔率等;
    ILSS in treated carbon cloth PMC is decreased and carbonized 2D-C/C composites show characteristics of lower density, higher open porosity and smaller shrinkage of its matrix during carbonization, which leads to low thermal stress and less delamination of 2D-C/C composites.
    However,when the density of the C/C/SiC composite is lower and open porosity is higher,the effect is similar with C/C composite due to no formation of a continual layer of dense SiO_2 on the specimen surface.
    但当所制备的材料密度较低(1.81 g/cm3)、开孔率较高(7.1%)时,由于其无法形成连续SiO2保护膜,氧化从纤维与基体界面开始,表现出与C/C材料相类似的氧化过程。
    The results show that the best sintering process for SiC preform is 1100℃,8h in vacuum,by which the open porosity is 99.6% and the preform strength reaches 0.57MPa.
    结果表明:经1 100℃真空烧结8 h的SiC预成形坯开孔率可以达到99.6%,抗压强度为0.57 MPa;
    Fabrication and Characterization of the Tissue Engineering Scaffolds with High Open Porosity by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
    Both of the schemes are expected to ulteriorly solve the problem that the scaffold has too low open porosity by the SC-CO_2 traditional introduction one time (TIOT).
    The results showed:(1) The scaffolds made by RCI were found to have about 10% higher open porosity than that by TIOT method.
    (1) SC-CO_2反复循环萃取法制备的PLA/β-TCP复合多孔支架材料的开孔率可以比传统的一次性升压法高出10%左右;
    After CVD to a density of 0.86? g/cm 3, the integral felt C/C composite is densified by furan resin impregnation process. The variations of density, open porosity and mechanical properties of the C/C material with the resin impregnation cycles are studied.
    研究了密度为 0 .86g cm3的整体毡C C坯体 (CVD致密后 )随着浸渍致密次数的增加 ,C C复合材料的密度、开孔率、压缩强度和弯曲强度的变化规律。
    The sample possess 70% porosity,above 95% open porosity,was produced by choosing appropriate pre-heat temperature and technical parameters,its pores are homogeneous distribution,three-dimensionally interconnected,with 100~300μm size mainly.
    通过选择合适的预热温度及各种工艺参数 ,得到了孔隙度达 70 % ,开孔率 95 %以上 ,孔径 10 0~ 30 0 μm为主 ,孔洞均匀分布 ,三维相互连通的样品。
    The density and open porosity as well as compressive strength distribution of large-size integral felt reinforced C/C composites made by the combination compact process by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and resin impregnation/curing/carbonization is investigated. Some possible factors that have caused this phenomenon during the process of densification are analysed. Furthermore,the main effects and effect derived from this kind of distribution of density on the composites are discussed.
    The second HTT of the C/C preforms results in carbon with open porosity, which is favorable for molten silicon infiltration, leading to a C/C-SiC composite with high density and low porosity, but the mechanical properties decrease while the fracture mode is unchanged.
    C/C多孔体的最终高温热处理可打开孔隙,有利于液S i的渗入,制备出密度较高(>2.0 g.cm-3)、开孔率较小(<4%)的复合材料,但导致其力学性能下降,基本上不影响其断裂方式。
    The effect of sintering process on open porosity and strength of SiC preform was researched,and the thermo-physical characteristics of final composites were also evaluated.
    The open porosity,the shapes of different proportion of PLA/TCP and the mechanical capability had been investigated.
    The results showed below:the scaffolds made by this new method have 10% higher open porosity than those made by old one,and the diameter of the pores is between 200~300μm; there are several types of micro interspace in the pores and they are good for osteoblast's growing;
    The effects of the slurry loading and particle size of the stainless steel powder in the precursor on the open porosity and bending strength of stainless steel foams(SSFs) with 3-D open cells networks structure were investigated.


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