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    By building a dipole model for lightning, differential equations regarding horizontal electric field Er, vertical electric field Ez and tangential magnetic field Bφof any field point in lightning space are derived.
    This paper has investigated into the relation between the apparent viscosity and temperature, analyzed usual viscosity-temperature formula, discussed viscosity-temperature relation at zero and given electric field, and compared ERF viscosity to intensity of electric field at different temperatures.
    本文对ERF的表观粘度与温度的关系进行了研究. 从推导粘温关系的微分表达式入手,对常用的粘温公式进行了分析,对ERF在零电场和给定电场下的粘温关系进行了讨论,并用一种ERF的粘度在不同的温度下与电场强度的关系曲线来加以对照。
    parameter form of the hyperbola fitted to capillary pressure laboratory data, obtain capillary pressure curves analytical function, differential and integral expression by least*. squares solution. It can fit the capillary pressure curves throughout the range of data, and obtain accurate the inlet saturation for centrifuge*.
    用三参数双曲线方程拟合离心毛管压力实验数据 ,采用最小二乘法求解 ,获得毛管压力曲线解析表达式及其积分表达式和微分表达式 ,可拟合各类毛管压力曲线整个数据范围 ,便于曲线微分、积分、,准确计算岩心的入口饱和度 ,光滑实验数据、进行曲线外推求阈压
    The simple deductions on differential and defference experssions of the interval's constancy
    Firstly,a simple and practical representing method of the tooth edge tangential vector is applied to replace the traditional differential formula,the simple solving technique of edge contact problem makes the geometric edge contact analysis of the complex curve surface realize.
    The research works are mainly concerned with the following aspects:Firstly, the differential expression of bilinear hysteretic is studied and a new differential expression is developed, then they are demonstrated.
    Random seismic responses of civil engineering structure arecalculated by employing stochastic vibration equations and moment equations methods of nonlinear structures established and stochastic equivalent linearization. In this procedure of calculation, differential expression of hysteretic characteristics and seismic excitation are taken into consideration.
    The main results, obtained in this dissertation, may be summarized as follows:1. In chapter 2, the differential property of the optimal value function with a non-compact set is studied. The expression of its lower-Hadamard directional derivative is obtained. And the expression of its subdifferential is developed in the case that the effective domain of the optimal value function is a non-empty convex set.
    The aim of this paper is to introduce a so-called rheologic model, somewhat conveniently for describing the behavior of rock deformation with time and to derive a differential expression of constitutive equation for such modles.
    It also introduces every kind of integral operator signs as well as the correlation between them and is then by kelvin's differential expression of constitutive equation for rheologic model as an example to describe the process of changing the differential expression into integral one. Finally, it explains the problem of the viscoelastic theorem depending upon the basic theory of the integral operator form usually used and the calculating method of the integral operator.
    In this note the differential expressions of divergence, curl, and gradient are derived based on one common model.
    In this paper calculation expressions of MTF differentiation to structure parameters r,d,n are derived,and that to eccentric error δ and partial figure △N are given. These expressions are very useful for calculating tolerances with optimization method and optical automatic design in which the performance target can be MTF.
    3. The differential expressions of both eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvectors have been showed, and the residuals after estimated eigenvalues have been showed too while the matrix is changed.
    In this paper, we discuss the problem of selfadjoint extensions of vector-valued differential operators in general case by extensively using the methods of [2~4], give the direct and complete description of domains of selfadjoint extensions of formally symmetric vector-valued differential operators, and perfect the results of [1].
    By remodeling the differential repre- sentation of bilinear hysteretic character a set of optimal estimators and conditional covariances are derived.
    In the first place, we describe the structure of the maximum operator domains under the assumption that the singularly formal selfadjoint differential expressions L_2 vector-function spaces attain maximum deficiency indices on middle deficiency indices. Then on this basis, the analytical description of the corresponding self adjoint extension domains is obtained.


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