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cardiac diseases
    The predictive value of heart ratevariability is independent of other noninvasive measures commonly used to predict prognosis of cardiac diseases, low left ventricular ejection fraction, and so on.
    Out of them, 7 patients(10.0%) were suspected as HCM according to the clinical symptoms, 29 patients (41.4%)were suspected as other cardiac diseases, 34 (48.3%) were diagnosed HCM due to other reasons.
    70例中 ,临床怀疑肥厚型心肌病 7例 (10 0 % ) ,怀疑其他心脏疾病 2 9例 (4 1 4 % ) ,因其他原因发现肥厚型心肌病 34例 (4 8 6 % )。
    Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal is important for physician to diagnose cardiac diseases.
    If the dynamic responsiveness hypothesis could be proved in myocardium cell it is not only the important supplement to nonlinear research on myocardium cell but provide a new idea on the mechanism of lower heart rate variability predicting cardiac diseases prognosis.
    Since the extent and severity of myocardium disorder and sickness could be quantified by the research of myocardium strain, diagnosis of cardiac diseases in clinic would be more visual, and up to scientific in theory.
    Object: Smoking is harmful to health and it can induce many cardiac diseases.
    1. BackgroudCongestive heart failure(CHF) is a high-death-rate syndrome caused by all kinds of cardiac diseases. It characterized as congestion in vein system , ischemia in artery system , hypoxia and ischemia in tissues and organs, while its hypostasis is the cardiac output can’t meet the needs of organism metabolism because of the decrease of myocardium contractility.
    Methods Clinical data of 16 IE cases, surgically treated from April 2000 to November 2004 were retrospectively analyzed. All cases were complicated with primary cardiac diseases, 9 of whom suffered from rheumatic heart disease and 7 of whom suffered from congenital heart disease. Before operation, antibiotic was given to all patients .
    Conclusion Combined internal medicine and surgical treatment improves the therapeutic effect of IE, which can produce better therapeutic effect when intractable heart failure and difficulty in controlling infection occur in the patients complicated with primary cardiac diseases.
    Ultrasound (US), including 2D and real-time 3D US, is one of the most important means for diagnosis of the cardiac diseases.
    First of all, examination and evaluation of cardiac functions were carried under rest condition of subjects for excluding definite cardiac diseases.
    Method:Eight cases underwent pulmonary perfusion SPECT,who were initially found having pulmonary hypertension by DE,in whom other primary cardiac diseases which might result in pulmonary hypertension were excluded simultanously,and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)was excluded clinically.
    Results:A series of ultrasonic features of pulmonary hypertension,not caused by primary cardiac diseases,were found.
    23 cases of thrombus formation in cardiac cavity werestudied. 9 were caused by extensive trauma in soft tissue, 13by various cardiac diseases. There was no significant difference between trauma and heart disease (p > 0. 05).
    Ventricular late potential(VLP) is an important parameter in diagnosis of cardiac diseases.
    It is influenced by several physiological and pathological factors and associated with several cardiac diseases.
    它受到许多生理和病理因素的影响 ,在许多心脏疾病中它表现出明显的特征。
    Methods Using psychology Test Scale HAMA, HAMD, SAS, and SDS, we tested and compared the patients suffering from anxiety depression with cardiac disease and those without cardiac diseases and then treated them with seletive serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).
    方法应用心理测试量表HAMA、HAMD、SAS、SDS ,对仁济医院心血管专科中有心脏疾病伴有焦虑抑郁症状 2 5例患者和单纯抑郁症伴焦虑 2 4例患者进行测试和比较 ,并用赛乐特 (SSRI)药物治疗。
    Objective To study the clinical application of mechanical ventilation in cardiac diseases.
    目的 探讨机械通气在心脏疾病中的应用价值。
    Methods Thirty cases with various cardiac diseases caused heart failure or fatal arrhythmia were treated with mechanical ventilation.
    方法 对16例因各种心脏疾病所致严重心力衰竭和14例致命性心律失常引起的心跳骤停患者采用机械通气治疗。
    The key to improve living limbs rate and cure rate is to diagnose early, treat properly, remove embolism as early as possible and cure essencial cardiac diseases actively.


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