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performance improvement
    Performance improvement in model reference adaptive control with the unknown high frequency gain
    Experimental results show that the performance is improved obviously when this algorithm is applied, especially for perlbmk, it has 14% performance improvement and crafty also has 3.2 % performance improvement.
    实验表明 ,SpecINT2 0 0 0在使用该算法后性能普遍提高 ,perlbmk的性能提高了 14 % ,而crafty也有 3 .2 %的性能提高 .
    Results showed that hardware cost for the instruction extension was 2.7%,and that performance improvement achieved was 31% and 23% respectively compared to MMX/SSE for inversed discrete cosine transform(IDCT) and 40% for motion compensation(MC) compared to MMX.
    Both data cache and instruction cache miss penalty is reduced significantly by the methodology presented in this paper at the same time, and total 11.6% processor performance improvement is achieved.
    Performance improvement of the micro-channel plate based detector for SMCAMS
    The simulation results show that the effect of MGO algorithm is great. Comparing MGO algorithms with other related algorithms,such as BT,FEF,FCEF and LA,there exist some extent of performance improvement in broadcast,scatter,gather and all-gather operation. Further,the performance improvement ratio is increased as more computers ad
    The research on the binary translation and the related optimization has signality not only for legacy code migration but also for the program performance improvement and other aspect.
    The research on binary translation and the related optimization, have significant meanings in many fields, such as legacy code migration, hardware design, program performance improvement, network application, and system security, so this research becomes popular in compiler technique field.
    However, contrast to the performance improvement of processor, the performance of memory improves very slowly, that causes the latency of memory access becomes the major bottleneck of the performance improvement for the modern computer systems.
    然而,与处理器性能提高的速度相比,内存设备工作效率提高的速度相当缓慢。 目前,内存访问的较长延时和较低带宽已经成为制约计算机系统性能提高的主要因素,因此,对控制内存设备的存储控制系统进行性能优化方面的研究是非常有意义的。
    Therefore, it is necessary to study the relevant key technologies in order to achieve the great performance improvement brought by MC-CDMA technology. Multiuser detection (MUD) technology is one of them.
    Binary translation is an important technique to resolve the problem of code migration. Theresearch on binary translation and the related optimization, have significant meanings in manyfields, such as legacy code migration, hardware design, program performance improvement,network application, and system security, so this research becomes popular in compiler techniquefield.
    Air is commonly used as the oxidizer in the cathode, but the partial pressure of oxygen at atmospheric pressure is about 0.021MPa with the other being mainly inert nitrogen and then lead the voltage loss. This is a main factor which limits the performance improvement of PEMFC.
    At present,existing Microwave generator in the lab is large volume and weight, which restricts MPT research and performance improvement.
    All problems discussed in this paper are sensitive and influential to the performance improvement,and important for developing further new multimedia information processing techno-logy.
    The process of network association and the reason of performance improvement are also given in detail by theoretic analysis.
    The mechanism of formation of boride was analyzed. Formation of compounds from Al, C and RE prevents the dislocation movement, and the strengthening effect of RE in grown boundary, dislocation and solid solution is the main reason of performance improvement for permeation layer.
    对硼化物的形成进行了分析 ,由于Al,C ,稀土等化合物的形成阻碍了位错的运动 ,稀土的晶界强化、位错强化和固溶强化是加入稀土后硼铝共渗层性能提高的主要原因。
    This paper introduces the development background of SOI CMOS,and reports the future trends of the technology for structure optimization and performance improvement.
    叙述了 SOI CMOS迅猛发展的原因及技术背景、 SOI CMOS的特征及其适应 L SI低功耗和高速化要求的特点。 并就 SOI CMOS在结构优化、性能提高等方面的发展态势作一论述。
    Queue scheduling and queue management are the most important functional parts in packet processing under integrated service, but much work has been paid to the performance improvement for scheduling recently while few has been done on per-flow queue management.
    In this paper, procedures to transform UNFT (Unsteady Natural Flow Typ e) into UCFT (Unsteady Cooperative Flow Type) in annual static diffusion cascade have been investigated together with the time-average performance improvement i n axial compressor with UCFT.


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