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    4. To edify and infect students with the unique musical, imagist and emotional beauties of Chinese, and to enlighten and influence students' normal and aesthetic values.
    Investigation and analysis of current physical exercises of students infected by chronic hepatitis virus
    As far as purposes are concerned, AMSECT is to realize the unity of the true,the good and the beautiful of English teaching,to foster the students' integrate personality.
    expressing the cooperative attitude, establishing an intimate teacher-student relationship, and being optimistic and humorous.
    4.建立密切的师生关系; 5.要有乐观和幽默的态度,并用这种态度去感染学生
    Reform and development in education require middle shool ' s Chinese language teachers must possess the quality that can keep touch with the developing society. Teachers influence subtely and cultivate cearectly, with their owen personality as modals, the students ' personality.
    In a word, paying more attention to humanities in reading teaching ,affecting students and making them sublimated are teachers’ duties。
    In English teaching teachers are supposed to change teaching conceptions, cultivate and motivate students' learning motivation, establish harmonious and equal relationship between teachers and students, create favorable language environment, develop good learning mental qualities , apply proper body languages and exert great influences upon students by teachers' personality charm with the purpose of all-round development of students.
    To be qualified educators, teachers should have profound knowledge and skillful teaching technique as well as good ethics.
    The infected group were treated twice per year for 3 years.
    Sensibility education is one of the important psychological factors in teaching activities. We should utilize the functions of sensibility signals, influence students with emo-tion, and exert the functions of emotion to the greatest extent to teach well.
    The paper discussed three kinds of paths on how to improve teaching effect of MAO Ze dong thoughts conspectus course, that is, attracting the students with theory charm , leader's charm, teachers' personality charm.
    论述了提高“毛泽东思想课”教学效果的三种途径 ,即 :用理论的魅力吸引学生 ; 用领袖的魅力感染学生 ;
    We can start with the following several aspects when teahing Introduction to MAO Ze - dong Though , the integration of theory and practice, affecting students with the personal glamour of the leader and various teaching methods
    讲授《毛泽东思想概论》,可以从以下几方面着眼:理论和实际相结合; 用领袖个人魅力感染学生;
    This paper analyses learners' feelings amel puts forward some ways of stinulating students' emotions so that the teaching quality can be improved.
    本文从分析习得者情感的角度出发 ,提出了一些激发感染学生情感的方法 ,从而提高我们的教学质量
    under the circumstance of socialist market economy, the moral education must advance with time, and the quality should be improved so as to foster students' humane spirits, and influence students with teacher's personality, creating the new situation of moral education continually.
    The education in national music aims at not only the dissemination and development of splendid national culture,but also the cultivation of students'patriotism and the enrichment of their affections.
    This paper points out the main and important means, such as recognizing the position and function of mathematics, influencing the students by mathematic attraction, and working out questions intentionly, etc.
    Therefore, teachers should behave emotionally in different situations by using certain approaches and strategies in a proficient way to stimulate students' emotion in reading class.
    teaching,teachers shall build up right students on and affect them with good personality charm and infect them with actively and full emotion in favor of establishing democracy,equality,cooperate,harmonious relationship of teachers and students. It is demanded for teachers to train a group of persons with ability with innovative spirit and ability for fitting demands of developing persons with ability in the new era.
    promote them with advanced foreign science and culture; fulfill their lives with variety of campus activities; educate them with the effective natural science, so as to promote and cultivate college students' national spirit.
    The teacher must strengthen his aesthetic cultivation and move his students with his aesthetic quality and affect his students with his passionate language and elegant behavior and make a favorable studying circumstance for them.


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