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    CV and EIS tests show that two redox couples of Ni2+/Ni3+ and Co3+/Co4+ are observed in the potential range of 2.80~4.80 V, and charge transfer resistance of the cathode decreases as the charge cutoff voltage increased.
    循环伏安测试表明:在2.80~4.80V扫描范围内,该正极材料发生Ni2+/Ni3+,Co3+/Co4+两对电化学反应。 EIS测试表明:随着充电截止电压的增大,该正极材料的传荷电阻变小。
    The specific discharge capacity at the first 10 cycles can reach 170 mAh/g when the limited charge voltage is raised to 4.4 V.
    The simulation scheme of direct torque control based on a new stator flux observer with variable cutoff frequency is built in the Matlab6.5/Simulink,Its feasibility is verified by the simulation results.
    Design and analysis of current cut off protection circuit
    Anomalous Propagation of Gaussian Wave Packet Through the Cut-Off Waveguide
    The technology of dynamic power management based on energy consumption of scheduling and task deadline
    Research on the method and the theory of measuring permittivity of microwave ceramics by cutoff waveguide dielectric resonator
    Analysis on the place of neutral point for the pneumatic shut-off valve
    structure and electrochemistry of experimental cell with K2FeO4 as cathode active material prepared by three different methods: high temperature reaction ,hypochlorite oxidizing and electrolysis, was comparatively studied .
    The 75m, 10.5kV /1.5kA three-phase AC superconducting cable system has been connected in grid and has begun to supply power for Gansu Changtong Cable Science & Technology Co.
    iqmethod and the hysteresis-based current control strategy has been simulated, and analyze the inductor and the cut-off frequency which affect the performance of shunt active power filters.
    Besides, special PWM regulating chipsets and logic hardware elements are used to construct a 96VDC square-wave drive system, which adopts a wide-range input voltage switch power supply to provide power supply to the system, and brings negative off-current feedback into the brushless motor drive system, in this way the reliability of a high-power square-wave drive system can be improved, and the prototype system is steady with a 30A load current at most.
    The ferrite sample could be sintered under 900℃ without dopant, Its properties were as follow:pia:ot = 500'μi900℃= 900, quality factor ≥5. cutoff frequencies were about 10MHz.
    所获得不加助熔剂的 Ni—Zn—Cu烧结铁氧体具有低烧(≤900℃)、高性能的特点,主要磁性能指标如下:μi870℃=500,μ900℃=900,品质因数大于5,截止频率约10MHz。
    When the CNT content in the recombination electrode is 5% (mass percentage) and the cut off voltage for charging is 3 V, the specific discharge capacitance of CNT/AC recombinaton electrode is up to 43 F·g -1 , whereas that of AC electrode is only 33 F·g -1 . The self discharge rate of EDLC with recombination electrode is reduced by about 50%.
    当复合电极中CNT含量为 5 % (质量百分数 )时 ,充电截止电压为 3V的条件下 ,CNT/AC复合电极的放电容量达 43F/g ,而AC电极仅 3 3F/g ,复合电极组成的EDLC的自放电速率下降约 5 0 %。
    Barium ferrites with initial permeability μ1 >10. cut-off frequency >lGHz were obtained when it was sintered at 900℃ with 2wt% Bi2O3 in the Co-Ti substitution range 1. 20-1. 30.
    The samples exhibit relaxation type magnetic spectrum with the cut-off frequency below 100MHz.
    Rate of temperature increase 1.5~2 ℃·min-1 as a basis for charge cutoff is not fit for 80 Ah prismatic Ni-MH battery, so it needs to redecide the rate of temperature increase .
    Considering the performance of both dynamic and static response, the cutoff frequency should be 10—40 Hz.
    They showed relative stability and no side-reaction occurred when batteries cycled between 2 V and 3.8 V at 0.2 mA. The most discharge capacity is 85.02 mAh· g-1 calculated by PPy.
    The capacity could reach to 190 mAh/g when the cut off voltage increased to (4.60 V.)
    当截止电压升高到4.60 V时,容量可达190 mAh/g。


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