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    The anti-contamination ability of the dUTP/UDG system in fluorometric quantitative PCR
    Furthermore, its technological reproducibility and anti-contamination ability are better than those of GaAs(Cs, O2) photocathode.
    CT3-11 has the thermal stability and resistance to contamination.
    The property, lubricity, compatibility with drilling fluid, anti-pollution ability of HRH-101 are evaluated by experiment in lab and selected the amount of optimum addition.
    In field drilling, H2S and gypsum invasion were encountered, and contamined by such ions as HCO3- and CO32-, however, the pH value maintained at 12-13 after treatment and good drilling fluid performances were achieved.
    Results showed that PVDF membrane had stronger resistant pollution ability to orange juice filtrated by 150 sieve pore and centrifugalization than that by 80 sieve pore filtering.
    Problems of high viscosity with low shearing force, high viscosity with high shearing force and strong mud cake friction drag exist in wells of Quele-1 and Quele-4 where a high density (2. 15-2. 30 g/cm3) unsaturated salt water drilling fluid with high thermostability, pollution prevention and strong inhibition.
    Results indicate that the potassium silicate mud system has good properties on rheology, filtration and inhibition, and is better than the potassium chloride mud system at( the same dosage. Meanwhile, it has good thermal stability (120℃)) and anti-contaminative ability(5% NaCl, 0.7% CaSO_4).
    综合实验结果表明 ,该配方配制的硅酸钾钻井液体系具有优良的流变性、失水造壁性和抑制性 ,优于相同加量下的氯化钾钻井液体系。 同时 ,该体系还具有良好的热稳定性和抗污染能力 (5 %NaCl、0 .7%CaSO4) ,抗温能力强 (达 1 2 0℃ )。
    So, the ability of antipollution becomes the important performance of electrohydraulic servo valve.
    This paper introduces the designing of a moving coil electrohydraulic servo valve which improve the ability of antipollution.
    PVDF microfiltration membrane had stronger anti -pollution ability to pineapple juice than PS ultrafiltration membrane, the recovery rate of permeation flux of water reached 97.8% after cleaning.
    Experimental results show that the new type electrohydraulic servo valve has better and unparalleled dynamic and static performance of resisting pollution.
    The experimental results show that an ultrathin smooth monolayer,with a thickness of(1.20±0.01)nm,Ra of less than 0.2 nm and a water contact angle of 110.5°±0.1°,can be prepared on the magnetic head surface by controlling the reaction time and that this ultra-thin film considerably improves the hydrophobicity of the magnetic head surface.
    实验结果表明,控制反应时间可以在磁头表面制备超薄平整的FTE自组装膜,膜厚为(1.20±0.01)nm,表面粗糙度小于0.2 nm。 该层超薄膜使磁头对水的接触角增加到110.5°±0.1,°令磁头的疏水性能得到很大提高,进而较大幅度地提高了磁头表面的抗污染能力
    Experiment esult shows the capability resistance to pollution of the designed system is improved obviously,the controller can evidently shorten the self-study time of center tyre inflation/deflation system,the control precision and dependability of the system is enhanced.
    An Electro-hydraulic Unloader Valve with Super Contamination Resistibility
    The Tree of Heaven——One of the Tree Species with Strong Anti-pollution Capacity
    Direct-drive servo valve has come to be an important trend in fluid power transmission and control, in that it has advantages like compact structure, quick response, strong immunity to pollution, strong reliability, no leakage in pilot stage and no influence of supply pressure to performance.
    This paper supplyed a new way through changing pump抯 rotate speed to changeits output fluence, which could solve the defects in hydraulic pressure servo controlsystem, such as low efficiency, short life, poor ablity in resisting pollsution and lowefficiency in driving system.
    It was indicated that the blend system of PVDF/CA is compatible inpart, the hydrophilicity of PVDF was increased by blending with CA andthus the preformance of the membrane were improved.
    Lastly, the comparison of those PVDF hollow fibers membrane before and after modification has been studied by separately applied them to practically oil water (with confected concentration of 60mg/L) separation test, the decrease of water flux was measured, according to the results, grafted hollow fiber membrane showed better antipollution capability, it indicated that this method is practicable and effective.


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