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    The AHP-Fuzzy Method of Comprehensively Evaluating the Condition of Flexible Pavement Distress
    The System Method of Evaluating Flexible Pavement Distress Condition and Decading Maintenance Strategics
    The AHP-Fuzzy method apply in the evaluation of concrete pavement distress
    The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation for cement concrete pavement fault station
    According to relevant pavement maintenance criterions, this paper proposes the riding quality index (RQI), pavement condition index (PCI), pavement structural sufficiency index (PSSI); and pavement quality index (PQI), which constitute the integral pavement evaluation system for urban roads.
    以往的路面管理系统的评价体系比较宽泛,没有针对城市道路专门提出相关的评价指标。 本文参照有关规范提出了基于检测数据的城市道路结构强度评价指标PSSI,行驶质量评价指标RQI和损坏状况评价指标PCI这三项分项评价指标为主和以PQI为综合指标的城市道路路面性能评价体系。
    Ageing/damage of irrigation works in the Yangtze Valley and their reform measures
    Evaluation and control of the mining damage under highway
    Researches on detecting the casing damages by engineering logging in Jiangsu oilfield
    Through surveying and analysis by synthesis of the environment of QingZang Highway and the damage condition of the highway's base course, this paper take experiments of the key performances of the ATSM, discusses the standards of control indexes of ATSM for base courses in perennially frozen zone.
    It is very difficult to study this kind interaction because earth pressure on piles by soil movement can't be evaluated, and assessment of pile behavior, destroy degree and residual bearing capacity are even impossible.
    The model theory of the performance evaluation from structural capability, spoiling condition, riding quality, safety performance and combined evaluation is studied.
    The article discussed all kinds of treatment measures relevant to damage of old cement concrete pavement on the base of investigation and evaluation detailed in order to improve the bearing capacity of old panel.
    The detailed presentation of a cement concrete road surface damage survey and assessment methods to determine the maintenance approach increases access to the shop floor design first-hand information;
    In our country, asphalt pavement with semi-rigid base course is the main type of high-grade highway, According to investigation and analysis of the highway damage condition, it can be found that the damage of dynamic loading is very serious and the study on pavement response to dynamic load has significant meaning.
    On the bases of analysis for motion regularity and damage condition, a method for taper machining of cross shaft journal is proposed to reduce journal damage .
    This paper presents the recent experiences in developing a performaceevaluation system for network level PMS in China, including the measurementsof roughness, distress, and surface deflection, as well as the methodology ofevaluating the riding quality, pavement condition, and structural capacity.
    Finally, the problem whether the pavement should be repaired through maintenance work or through reconstruction is discussed.
     After making an all-round investigation into casing damage in shallow formations of Lamadian, saertu & xingshugang reservoirs, this paper discusses the characteristics of shallow formations and analysis the factors causing casing damage in shallow formations with examples.
    As absolutely essential part of the pavement management system, the modelling of pavement performance is proposed to be represented by a combination pavement distress prediction,riding quality prediction and stru- ctural capacity prediction.


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