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    Constant coefficient multiplier is a very important part of 2D DCT/IDCT processor. This paper also presents a low power and constant coefficient multiplier with CSD coding and Wallace Tree addition algorithm.
    常系数乘法器是该处理器的一个重要部件,文中基于并行乘法器结构设计了一种新型的低功耗常系数乘法器,它采用了CSD编码、Wallace Tree乘法算法,结合采用了截断处理、变数校正的优化技术,使得2D DCT/IDCT处理器整体性能有较大提高
    The application of multimedia teaching live and demand broadcast system based on computer network(hereinafter referred to "live and demand broadcast system") is an important means to solve the lack of course teacher resources in school,to make full use of teaching resources,to improve teaching efficiency.
    According to wavelet coefficients energy distribution in different subbands,different thresholds are obtained in different subbands to improve reconstructed image quality significantly.
    The error concealment method for the H.264 video is proposed to improve the communication quality.
    为了在高误码环境下提高视频通信质量,提出一种改进的基于H. 264的误码隐藏技术。
    Compared with the fixed transmit rate mechanism,the enhancement reaches 28.4 %,and with the single parameter estimated mechanism,the enhancement reaches 22.2 %.
    FI value obtained is appropriate and ESI vertically and horizontally are averagely increased by about from 0.2 to 0.3.
    With the development of 3G networks, the performance of mobility management and quality of service in the networks are highly expected.
    Simulation results demonstrate that the throughput of this algorithm exceeds that of the previously published algorithms by 18% on benign traffic pattern, and by 10%~24% on adversarial traffic patterns.
    Therefore,the proposed parallel algorithm can be applied to speed the selection of the base point of the elliptic curve cryptography over GF(p),improving the speed of encryption and decryption of ECC.
    因此该算法可用于椭圆曲线密码(Elliptic Curve Cryptography,ECC)中基点的快速选取,从而提高ECC的加/解密速度。
    The results by computer simulation indicate that the performance of the systems can be improved by enlarging spread factor.
    A new method of creating RTL8305SB 2.5V power which can greatly improve the stability of RTL8305SB is given.
    提出了有实际应用价值的RTL8305SB 2.5V电源生成方法,在实际应用中大大提高了RTL8305SB的稳定性。
    Turbo coding and STBC-OFDM is cascaded to improve the performance and capacity of TD-SCDMA system.
    The test results verify that the authentication system can improve the performance of the security in PWLAN effectively.
    Experiments demonstrate that compared to JPEG2000,the edges of the compressed images obtained by our proposed algorithm are clearer,the peak signal-noise ratio is increased by 0.1 dB to 0.8 dB.
    实验结果表明,相对于JPEG2000,所提出的算法获得的压缩图像边缘更加清晰,峰值信噪比提高了0.1~0.8 dB.
    Results show that the pattern of the monopole becomes more convergent in the E plane and maintains its omni-directivity in the H plane and that the gain of the monopole is increased from 5.0 dB to 7.8 dB.
    测试结果表明,该覆层在对单极子E面方向图进行会聚的同时保持H面方向图的全向特性,可使单极子的增益由5.0 dB提高到7.8 dB.
    IPv6 has the advantages such as IP stretch,security improvement and mobile support,etc.
    Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) was applied to output of WFFT to recover processing gain (PG) lost from non-optimum input signals. And then FFT/WFFT-DWT was proposed to improve PG further.
    在WFFT输出端利用离散小波变换(discrete wavelet transform,DWT)可以改善雷达处理增益(processing gain,PG),推导了单边形式WFFT-DWT的处理增益公式,并利用FFT/WFFT-DWT进一步提高雷达处理增益。
    Since the heat noise of Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) imaging system and sea clutter severely affect the performance of automatic targets detection in SAR images,removing noise and homogenizing sea clutter in SAR images to improve performance of targets detection is a challenge for researchers.
    For improving the facticity and stability of the instantaneous frequencies in Hilbert-Huang transform(HHT),a signal pre-processing method was proposed.
    To improve the spectra quality and sensitivity of a long-period grating(LPG) in refractive-index(RI) sensing,an LPG pair with etched fiber cladding was proposed.


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