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    Reform in the Teaching of Engineering Mathematics
    Abandoning Spiritual Filth, Promoting Scientific Rationalization
    摒弃精神污垢 弘扬科学理性
    In favor of attainment-oriented teaching against test-oriented teaching for the course of College English
    Getting into the True Part by Abandoning the Showy Style——On the Trends and Deficiencies of Urban Landscape Planning and Design
    The Analysis of Sticking to Scientific Concept of Development in Discarding Vulgar Concept of Development
    Many countries choose the Stratagem of the Sustainable Development, and give up the former "Denial Economic Increase" or "Unlimited Increasing".
    This design uses the solution of FPGA and PCI CORE instead of regular cPCI interface chip.
    1.摒弃常规cPCI接口芯片,采用FPGA+PCI CORE的方案:
    IPv6 had been declared to be the next vision of Internet protocol in 1994. It inherited most of the advantages of IPv4 and abandoned its defects.
    The design of this component eradicates the defects of B/S architecture and focuses on the efficiency and safety issues.
    So we spurn general TCP/IP protocol stacks and renewably design the special TCP/IP protocol stack stringent according to relevant RFC documents.
    In order to reply to this challenge, it has sprung up one furious government-reform movement in the western world, which has cast away the traditional control-style government model and created the service-style government mode instead.
    This research combs our province's city level party newspaper development arteries slightly foundation firstly, analyzes its development condition, providing the foundation background to the question discovery and the reply.
    Based on these technologies, traditional study methods with intention to self-regard were discarded and a Multi-Agent collision avoidance decision system with goal to attain mutual benefits and reduce the collision danger of the whole situation was developed. That is Multi-Agent Decision Support System for Ship Collision Avoidance (SCA-MADSS). With SCA-MADSS, we hope to find a new approach to resolve ship automation collision avoidance.
    因此,我们摒弃传统的以利己为目的的决策系统开发思想,提出以互利和缓解整体碰撞危险局面为目标的多Agent避碰决策系统,即船舶避碰多Agent决策支持系统,简称SCA-MADSS(Multi-Agent Decision Support System for Ship Collision Avoidance),并希望以此寻求到一种解决船舶自动避碰问题的新途径。
    By applying core idea of VE-project function analysis, team wisdom, creative thinking and target at project value increasing in construction project management theory, we abandon the traditional thinking method of cost control, which controls cost only by saving money.
    Normal coordinate analysis of the coorninate framework of Cp_2TiCl_2 (Cpcyclopentadienyl) has been carried out using currently reported molecular parameters with C_(2V) symmetry, instead of tetrahedral structure in ref. [3].
    Results show that this method prohibits the poisonous heavy liquid and improves the gain rate of the fossil.
    This paper abandoned the theoretical hypothesis of energy even dissipation and linear accumulative damage and adopted the techniques of neural network to describe accurately the complicated non-linear mapping of its relationship with material properties and loading stress, thus really depicted the fatigue damage process of materials.
    摒弃了能量均匀耗散及线性累积损伤理论假设 ,采用神经网络技术准确描述其与材料性能、载荷应力间复杂的非线性映射关系 ,真实描述了材料疲劳损伤过程 ;
    They have thrown away the reasonable factors in the ancient democracy and blindly thought it unreasonable.
    这一结论 ,使得很多人摒弃了古代民主中的合理因素而盲目地视古代自由为不合理。
    Methods:46 Patients with brain hemorrhage who break into ventrides of brain conformed by CT were treated with CSM from beginning of hemorrhage for 14 days to 42 days,20 mL/day.
    方法 :选择 46例经头颅 CT证实的破入脑室脑出血患者 ,摒弃传统止血或中性治疗方法 ,于发病当天开始静脉点滴复方丹参 (CSM) 2 0 m L/ d,持续 14d~ 42 d,并于第 14天、2 8天、42天复查头颅 CT。
    This paper expounds that,in order to realize the change of traditional university's library into modernized university's library,ones must abandon old conception at first,fully recognize the significance of function change of modernized university's library,establish new system of library service in modernized library which takes the information service as the core,do well in providing service of modernized library.
    要实现传统高校图书馆向现代化高校图书馆的转变 ,首先要摒弃旧的思想观念 ,充分认识现代化图书馆职能转移的重要性 ,建立起以信息服务工作为核心的图书馆服务工作新体制 ,搞好现代化的图书馆服务工作


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