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    There are two radiative peaks in the DSC curves of NR and PALF/NR composite. The main weight loss in TG pictures are in 300 400.
    In addition, allyl-functionalbenzoxazine has two different kinds of curing mechanisms: the additionpolymerization of double bond and curing reaction of benzoxazine ring.
    DSC analysis shows that exothermal reaction in 180℃ is superposition of ZDMA's polymerization and NR's vulcanization.
    when l%(by weight) of catalysts was added,ns-CuO,ns-PbO and ns-CuOPbO made the peak temperature of the thermal decomposition of RDX decrease by 3.3℃、 4.9℃ and 3.6℃ respectively,which indicating that ns-PbO had the best catalytic effect.
    R_3 is a metal chelate, which would mainly complex with metal bromide resultedfrom hydrogen bromide and other trace metals in Sb_20_3. By adding composite thermal stabilizer, the exothermic peak of PP/Dacron blend chips was raised from 240℃ to 260℃, could meet the demand of processing.
    R_3是一种金属螯合物,主要与Sb_2O_3中存在的其他微量金属与溴化氢生成的金属溴化物起络合作用。 添加复合热稳定剂使丙涤共混切片的放热峰由240℃提高到260℃,满足了加工要求。
    ②the first curing exothermal peak was at 150~240 ℃;
    The title compound was synthesized by the reaction of 2,2,4trinitro4aza1pentol with acetyl chloride. Its structure was identified and some of its properties were determined as below: m. p.
    there were two Peaks on the DSC curves of the products- one was endothendc, another was exothedric.
    The characterization of the intermediate compound by XRD showed that the exothermic peak was attributed to the reduction of MoO 3 to MoO 2, and the endothermic peak could be assigned to the nitridation of MoO 2 to Mo 2N.
    用XRD对合成的中间产物进行表征 ,结果表明 ,DTA曲线中的放热峰可归属为由MoO3 转化为MoO2 的还原峰 ,吸热峰可归属为由MoO2 转化为γ Mo2 N的氮化峰。
    Curing behaviors and kinetic analysis of modified BMI resin were examined by means of IR and DSC. Apparent activation energy of modified BMI resin is 100.62KJ/mol. Curing reaction is near first order reaction.
    采用DSC、IR分析研究了烯丙基酚氧树脂改性BMI树脂的固化反应过程 ,其结果表明 ,固化反应过程中的吸热和放热的共同作用使得固化反应仅有一个平缓的放热峰 ,固化反应接近于 1级反应 ,反应活化能为 10 0 .6Kj/mol。
    Initial temperature( T i=100℃),curing temperature( T p=181 5℃)and terminal temperature( T f=225 7℃)were calculated by extrapolating T β .
    动态DSC曲线上出现宽的固化放热峰 ,用T β外推法确定其凝胶温度Ti=10 0 0℃、固化温度Tp=181 5℃、后固化温度Tf=2 2 5 7℃ .
    For the same IA content in the feed AN/IA ratio,the high molecular weight P(AN- co -IA)copolymers have the lower start exothermal reaction temperature and wider DSC exothermal peak as compared to the convertional low molecular weight P(AN- co -IA) copolymers,and these phenomena are consistent with the result of IR studies.
    对于喂料AN IA配比中IA含量相同的P(AN co IA)共聚物 ,高分子量P(AN co IA)共聚物比常规低分子量的放热峰起始温度低 ,放热峰
    The DSC results showed that the exothermic peak of ADDP surfactant was observed at about 360℃, which indicated that ADDP was better than LAS/PE surfactant system in thermal stability.
    DSC analysis showed that the initial exothermic peak temperture of PUF resin was lower than that of PF resin.
    It was found that for benzoyl peroxide(BPO)initiation at room temperature,MHPT was efficient than the common DMA,for example,the gel time was to 1/4~1/7 of that of DMA and cure times was decreased to 1/2~1/4 of that of DMA and when the concentration of the accelerants was the same peak exotherm and the Barcol hardness of cured syetem were higher than DMA syetem.
    The kinetic comparison initiated by TX 141 and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) with the same half life period showed that the kinetics was the same when the concentration of TX 141 was half of that of BPO.
    由TX 141引发的聚合物低转化率时DSC曲线出现放热峰, 而高转化率以及 BPO引发的聚合物则没有.
    There is a violent exothermic reaction peak in the finishing period, the instantaneous reaction heat reaches to 65 W.
    The results showed that DAAT is thermally stable up to 283℃ and appears an exotherm maxima at 320℃ with △H of 1974.33J/g, which is higher than that of HMX.
    the cooling crystallization peak of PETG could be observed at the temperature of 185-120℃when the molar fraction of CHDM was not more than 13. 6% ,and only at the cooling rate of 2℃/min could the crystallizing exothermic peak be observed.
    The curing temperature of A80/three kinds of Novolac resins is about 150℃ when 2-MZ(0.1phr)is used as accelerant. However,the scope of A80/ BPFN system's curing temperature is about 55℃,it is boarder than the other two systems'.


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