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    Realization of the Fusion of the Numerical and Linguistic Information Using a Fuzzy Neural Network
    Pattern search method is one of the direct search methods which can be used to solve the optimization problem.
    Aiming at the limitation in search direction of integer gradient method and the drawbacks in direction divergence occuring at times in integer treatment, this paper has proposed a discrete method with rather good search direction or DDSM, which takes the advantage of the objective function information at coordinate adjacent points in discrete design space and through proper stretches, and constructs a rather good discrete search direction.
    本文针对整数梯度搜索方向的局部性以及有时因取整而方向发散的缺点,提出了在离散设计空间中,利用离散坐标邻域点的目标函数值信息和适当的延伸探索直接构造离散搜索方向,并进行离散一维搜索的寻优方法,对此称之为离散直接搜索法(A Discrete Direct Search Method),简称DDSM法。
    The problem on the fusion of the numerical information and the linguistic information is discussed.
    提出一种数值信息与语言信息融合的实现方法 ,融合是通过一个模糊神经网络完成的。
    The test data of probability density distribution (PDD) and class frequency distribution (CFD) of electrical parameters in GMAW are further processed, and their statistical values of mean, variance and standard deviation are used to set up a 12-dimensional vector S12 for describing GMAW processes under different welding conditions.
    Secondly, it would avoid losing much necessary information of real numbers by adopting interval computation when the computer storage real numbers;
    Traditional quasi-Newton equation only uses the gradientinformation of the objection function.
    Evolutionary Algorithm is a kind of self-organizational and adaptive stochastic search algorithm which is advanced based on natural selection and Darwin's main principle: survival of the fittest.
    In the light of colorimery and technology of computer image processing, a colorRGB recognition system was built, and realize numerization of product's color.
    The visualization of the simulation results not only make the simulation personnel acquaint with change of simulation object more quickly, but also can discover the phenomena which is very difficult to find according numerical information, obtain unanticipated inspiration, so it can shorten the period of simulation experiment, improve efficiency of simulation, get a better result.
    New factorized quasi-Newton equation not only uses the gradient information of the objection function ,but also uses the function information .
    It was proved by construction 3-D geometry of rotary tiller blade and plow surface that this principle can be used to structure complex objects and its surface, provide graphs and processing numerical informations with characteristics of adjusting form nimbly and smoothing treatment easily.
    Information of area includes the information of space and the literal and numeric information, which are related by ID, i. e. identifier or area.
    The characteristics in this paper is to use mathematical formula to describe "the distribution of arrange-lineup of regional earthquakes", which is reflecting the mathematical feature of "the natural rhythm of regional earthquakes", and this provides a mathematical information for regional seismic trend. It is expected that all this may bring the light to the internal raltions of dynamic changes in regional seismic activities.
    Processing of nonnumerical information for design of catalysts by ES approach is of practical significance.
    In this study,a prototype of expert system,IACES-1 ,has been developed for optimal selection of preparation parameters of a given supported catalyst containing multi-additives.
    The existing CAD techniques mainly rely on the numberical calculation incorporated with computer drawing. They are only applicable to dealing with numerical information and solving the problems described by mathematical model.
    This new method can use the information of the objective function to search for the optimum objectively. This new method is a global optimization method,which can be used for general inequality constraint nonlinear optimization problems efficiently and effectively.
    提出了群体复合形进化算法 ,能充分利用目标函数值的信息 ,优化搜索过程具有较强的方向性和目标性 ,收敛速度较快 ,且是全局优化算法 ,能有效地求解不等式约束非线性优化问题 .


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