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numeric model
    Numeric Model for Saturated Curve Caculation of Carbon Dioxide
    3. to analog simulate meso-numeric model in piping formation and development and optimize numeric model so as to solve the problem resulted from the long-time computing;
    3、管涌的形成与发展过程中的细观数值模型的仿真模拟。 如何优化数值模型,以解决目前软件计算时间过长而不能满足模拟要求的问题;
    The paper connected with the key MOC project-Oil Spill Emergency Responding Expert System on the Sea , researched the tide-current numeric model and oil parcel model of oil spill emergency responding.
    By way of abstraction and generalization, the network of waterresources allocation system is conformed based on the water resources system characteristic and theposition of the hydraulic projects. On the basis of the network, simulation model of water balancebetween demand and supply is designed by means of long series hydrological simulation, and theReasonable Water Resources Allocation Model (RWRAM) is founded by nesting simulation modeland groundwater numeric model each other.
    In this paper, based on a three dimensional nonlinear numeric model of the coupled finite element—infinite element—interface element, a program written by MATLAB is used to analyze the bearing and deformation mechanism of pile-raft foundation under different pile length, the number of piles and so on.
    Bringing a simulated but suitable pressure to bear on the membrane, when the certain horizontal displacement of membrane change to 1.1mm, the numeric model of expansion of the membrane has been constructed.
    In order to analyze vertical bearing behavior of belled pier foundation, three groups of project examples of belled pier in different engineering geological conditions are chosen. Three-dimensional non-linear finite-element numeric model are established, it finds that calculated and measured results approach well.
    The time-variation of its uplift was recalculated by using new geomagnetic polarity data on basis of numeric model of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau rising.
    根据青藏高原隆升的数值模型 ,利用最新地磁极性资料重新计算了高原隆升随时间的变化。
    The test results of numeric model showed that the imaging method has high resolution,good image quality and excellent application prospect.
    数值模型试验结果表明 ,该成像方法分辨率很高 ,图像质量非常好 ,具有很好的应用前景。
    It is only on the basis of groundwater-simulated model that GIS can be applied to groundwater resource evaluation and management effectively. There are three different approaches to integrate groundwater numeric model and Geographical Information System (GIS), embedded integration, loose coupling and tight coupling.
    In this paper, the analysis of components of the settlement of high-speed railway subgrade after construction is given. In the optimization numeric model, the economic utility is adopted as object function, and the double controlling indicators which comprise the settlement after construction and the rate of settlement are employed as the constraint conditions.
    The numeric model on turning point monitoring based on the optimization of the strategy of changing witness chips is analysed elaborately, and the deposition simulation on different extreme overshoot has been successfully demonstrated.
    分析了在反射式极值法光学监控中监控片更换策略的数值模型。 根据大量的实验得到的工艺参数,在不同过正控制量下首次进行了监控片更换策略优化的沉积仿真模拟。
    First , the numeric model of seismic wave in layered medium was built up according to Kennett reflection method, then the affects of Biot slow wave on seismic properties in layered saturated porous medium were studied by using the model.
    In this paper,using the large-scale finite element program ANSYS,a three-dimensional nonlinear numeric model of the finite element and the contact interface element with pile-soil interaction is established. The mechanisms of pile groups-soil interaction under vertical loads are analyzed and probed.
    To friable rock mass in the goaf,numeric model using the 3-D finite difference method is established to analyze it.
    Based on the analysis of the balance of heat generating and dispersing after the friction stir welding (FSW) procedure being steady, the numeric model of welding temperature is established.
    Based on Hudson fractural medium model, the paper creates numeric model of boundary element method that the P-wave propagates in fractural medium, simulates the influence of fractural density, aspect and infill on propagation velocity and attenuation factor,and probes the relationship between the wavelength and characteristic fractural scale.
    In this paper,a three dimensional nonlinear numeric model of the coupled finite element-infinite element-contact interface element is established to analyze the interaction between pile cap and soil under different pile length,number of piles and so on. In the end,several pieces of advice on the design of pile foundation are proposed.


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