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    Finally, the motion equations and the boundary conditions are discretized by using the finite difference methods, and solved numerically by Gear method.
    The response of tropical ocean to atmospheric thermal forcing at intraseasonal time scales is numerically studied in this paper. Rossby waves and Kelvin waves are generated in the model ocean.
    Based on the model IAP9-AGCMⅡ,the effects of the sea surface temperature anomaly (SSTA) in Tropical Southwest Pacific Ocean on precipitation are numerically studied.
    本文应用IAP9 AGCMⅡ九层大气环流数值模式 ,通过数值试验 ,研究了降水对热带西南太平洋SSTA(海温异常 )的响应。
    The 8 main tidal constituents M2、S2、N2、K2、K1、O1、P1 and Q1 in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea were numerically simulated using the numerical ECOM model in the sphere coordinate system. The higher resolution grids were designed in the model, the calculated domain includes the East China Sea.
    As a result of it, we can obtain the macroscopic fluid movement through calculating the particle distribution numerically.
    (2)With FEM, a model of seabed dynamic response under waves, which solves Biot equations numerically to simulate pore water pressure’s variation in the seabed, is established.
    The wind-driven circulation and its dynamical mechanisms in the SouthChina Sea(SCS) were studied numerically using ECOM-si model with 10'X 10' horizontal resolution and 20 sigma levels. The present workfocuses on the barotropic circulation in winter and summer.
    Under the theory of classic KdV equation and the multi-factor KdV equation, the evolution process of internal solitary waves is numerically simulated over the flat terrain and the slope-shelf topography. The particle feature of the KdV-type equation is tested during the solitons’ interaction, and the physical variables are investigated in this process.
    根据经典 KdV 方程和多因子作用下 KdV 方程理论,数值模拟了孤立子内波在无底地形变化和斜坡底地形下的传播过程,验证了经典意义下孤立子相互作用中的粒子性,考察了传播过程中各种物理量的变化特点,为后续数值模式的研究提供了参考依据。
    The study in the paper is based on a 3-D estuarine, coastal and ocean model ECOM-si, which is widely used in the world. By use of this model, three storm surges are numerically simulated.
    In addition, the water level courses and the flow fields under the coupled action of three factors are numerically simulated.
    同时,对上述三个因子耦合作用下风暴潮水位和流场也进行了数值模拟。 模拟过程中分别采用公式Ⅰ和Ⅱ下的气压场和风场,对风暴潮过程进行数值模拟。
    Dynamic analysis of the undersea pipeline is studied theoretically and numerically. The damage types of the pipeline are summarized and various damage detection methods are studied. And magnetic flux leakage of the pipelines is simulated by using finite element method.
    Also, detection of magnetic flux leakage is analyzed numerically.
    A simple coupled ocean-atmosphere model is integrated numerically for long-range, in which we consider the turbulent heating, radiative cooling, regulation of radiative balance by clouds, condensation heating, evaporation from the sea and upwelling of ocean water.
    Based on the two-dimensional nonlinear hydrodynamic equations the tides and tidal currents in the Hangzhou Bay are numerically sover using finite difference method. The tidal flats, which appear and are submerged when the water level falls and rises, are also simulated. The diural [(K_1+O_1)/2], semidiurnal (M_2) and shallow-water (M_4, M_6,……) constituents of tide and current are obtained.
    The three-dimensional tidal waves in the Tonkin Gulf are investigated numerically.
    Contrast with traditional method of calculating wave refraction along wave rays,the refracted wave direction θ and ray separation β were in this paper numerically computed directly on grids in studied sea areas based on the differential equations of wave ray and ray separation.
    For numerically simulating the multi-directional random waves,the double summation model which is frequently used has been improved and a single direction per frequeacy model is proposed in this paper.
    The fKdV model equation is employed in this paper to simulate numerically the surfacewater waves in a single-layer now under the condition of 2-D.
    In order to explain the effect of the westerly anomalies over the tropical western Pacific on the occurrence of ENSO events in the equatorial central and eastern Pacific, the IAP Pacific General Oceanic Circulation Model (IAP-POGCM) is used to simulate numerically the effect of the westerly anomalies on the occurrence of ENSO event.


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