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database oracle
    the database of backstage supporter of system adopts the large scale database Oracle8i of powerful function and the database ASA of desktop computer of high property.
    Present study investigated particularly dynamic data replication technique and its realization between analogous database and heterogeneous database mainly based on the most popular large commercial database Oracle and SQL Server.
    本文以目前最流行的大型商业数据库Oracle和SQL Server为主,详细研究了同种数据库以及异类数据库之间的动态数据复制技术以及它的各种实现方法;
    The second chapter analyses the storage method of map data, particularly, it analyses the map data storage method with object-relation database oracle 9i and with MIF files and makes a efficiency comparison between them.
    第二章分析了地图数据的存储方式,并对对象关系型数据库Oracle 9i存储和MIF文件存储地图数据进行分析以及效能比较。
    Methods: The software is written with the current database software Powerbuilder9.0 as structure tool and the large scale relational-like database Oracle8.1.7 as background construction tool.
    This paper introduces the conception and characteristics of three tier C/S and store procedure, and discusses the optimization design technology of improving the quality of large scale database system based on C/S by store procedure with the example of database Oracle.
    介绍了三层C/S结构模式和存储过程的概念和特点 ,并以大型数据库Oracle系统应用设计为例 ,探讨了用存储过程改进C/S结构的大型数据库系统性能的优化设计技术。
    This article summarize the newest Oracle database oracle 10g's new technology and its contributing at grid compute.
    本文综述了Oracle最新版数据库Oracle 10g的最新技术及其在网格计算方面所做出的贡献。
    NET is used in front-end development, the advanced distributive relation-based database ORACLE8.17 is selected for data storage, and structured idea is used for system design and development.
    On the other hand, with the growth of the data in fault diagnosis, it proposes the application of database, ORACLE, to make the system with good management by database.
    NET to visit large-scale database Oracle as an example.
    NET 对大型数据库Oracle 的访问为例详细介绍了其实现思路。
    The paper is for adapting the development of the informationservices and adopt the advanced extensible J2EE framework of theinformation industry which is powerful and for enterpriseapplication. The paper adopt J2EE development platform and advancedlarge-scale relation database Oracle 9i and design and complete the B/Sstructure online data services system which base on Struts pattern. Andthe system profoundly research and discuss the developmentenvironment and software technology.
    Second based on the well drilling design content, with face the management information system design thought, selects the hiberarchy software development method, on the basis of ComGIS software SuperMap Objects, relations Database Oracle and OOD programming tool Visual Studio.
    其次根据凿井设计内容,结合面向管理信息系统设计思想,采用分层软件开发方式,以组件式GIS软件SuperMap Objects、关系型数据库Oracle和面向对象的编程工具Visual Studio.
    Combined with the theory of B/S, the system is researched deeply and is applied in a real engineering project using ASP program language and large-scale commercial database Oracle.
    In this paper, the design method of a commonly used query program based on database Oracle and development tool PowerBuilder is studied, and the program codes of some important functions are introduced.
    讨论了一种基于大型数据库Oracle和前台开发系统PowerBuilder程序设计中通用查询功能的设计思路与实现方法 ,并给出了几个关键函数的原代码
    In this paper, according to the properties of finical system, the design method of import data program based on database Oracle and development tool PowerBuilder to browse data on network is studied.
    针对各部门财务系统报表的特点 ,讨论了在局域网上基于数据库Oracle和前台开发工具Power Builder的财务报表动态浏览的程序的设计方法。
    Ajialysis is given in the paper on the limitation of relational DBMS or object-oriented DBMS to Spatial storage data to be stored. It describes some advantages fund in case of using special component Oracle Spatial of object-related database Oracle 81 to make spatial data storage and management. Analysis is also made in thepaper on the geometry of spatial data in Oracle Spatial and oti object storing model
    文中分析了使用关系型、面向对象型数据库存储空间数据的局限性,阐述了使用对象关系型数据库 Oracle8i专用组件Oracle Spatial进行空间数据存储与管理时的优越性,并对Oracle Spatial中空间数据的几何学、对象存储模型进行了分析。
    In order to implement the mold rapid design, the development module CAA and VC++ 6.0 are used in the Secondary Development based on CATIA V5R8, and the database Oracle 8.06 is also linked to the system. According to the characteristics of St amping Mold, an rapid design and manage system has been developped for Stamping Mold. KBE is combined with Stamping Mold design and the quality and efficiency o f mold design are improved.
    为了实现模具快速设计 ,以CATIAV5R8为平台进行二次开发 ,利用CATIA的开发模块CAA与VC ++6.0 ,并结合数据库Oracle 8.0 6,针对冲压模具的结构特点 ,采用基于实例推理 ,开发了冷冲模具快速设计与管理系统 ,实现了知识工程在冷冲模具设计中的应用 ,提高了模具设计的质量和效率
    Combined with the theory of B/S,the system was researched deeply and applied in a real engineering project using ASP program language and large-scale commercial database Oracle. In view of analysis and modeling,the realization of three-tier architecture and its connection with distribution evaluation system was expatiated in every aspect.
    The system uses the relevant database Oracle for backstage support and utilizes Oracle Developer2000 as the developing tool of the front desk. Important aspects of an EAM system are presented,such as design issues,key technology,and module functions.
    文章通过具体案例对大型铝冶炼企业———广西某铝业公司设计并成功实施了EAM系统,该系统以关系型数据库Oracle为后台数据库,以Oracle/Developer2000为前台开发工具,提出了基于企业资产管理EAM(enterpriseasset management)的理念,并从系统设计、关键技术、模块功能等方面给予阐述.


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