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    The output of process planning sheet based on ActiveX Automation tech nology
    利用ActiveX Automation技术实现工艺文件的输出
    The Output of AutoCAD Image File
    The Development of Output Management Database about Processing Documents
    The preprocessed mesh is exported by mesh file and imported into FLUENT.
    This paper recommends a technology that changes the default for inputting and outputting of APPLE-II CP/M for disk files by means of incoding extracommand and patching method.
    The technique of design printed circuits board through Protel DXP which include schematic diagram design,PCB layout design and export of the CAM are described in this paper.
    论述利用Protel DXP软件设计印刷电路板的技术,其中包括电路原理图设计、印刷电路板PCB的生成以及CAM文件输出
    The main content include free-form surface reconstruction,profile error with random distribution, CAD model? showing and exportation instandard form.
    The charging system is a very important part of TMN. FTAM protocol of Q3 interface is the most popular protocol used in the charging file output of all the exchanges.
    This paper solves the bottle neck problem of file output in EWSD exchange. It provides a solution to fulfil hot billing, improve the accuracy of service in statistics and backup the system software.
    The system can do some operations including alternant planning the railway in the 3D terrain landscape,3D modeling,budgeting the count of evolution,querying the information of the railway,outputting of AVI.
    Then, this discourse detailedly discusses system's developing method and process with Object ARX -developing tool of AutoCAD and Microsoft Visual C++, and discusses how to extract the geometrical information and how to calculate the coordinate value of screw thread holes' axes, and discusses the calculation of rotated angles and output of cut location file, also discusses how to make use of present research result about optimization of the machining process to program.
    接着详细论述了运用AutoCAD的二次开发工具Object ARX和微软公司的Visual C++进行系统开发的方法和过程,讨论了如何提取图形信息和螺纹孔轴线坐标轴的计算,再到旋转角度的计算和刀位文件的输出,以及如何利用已有的加工工艺优化的研究结果进行编程等问题。
    The software not only provides CLI file interface applied in the current RP systems, but also provides a initiatively-defined CLA file interface consisting of lines and arcs in order to lay a solid foundation for the forthcoming realization of monitoring and controlling modules and for the integration of CAD, CAPP and RP.
    (5) 根据RP数据处理系统的功能需求,对整个软件进行系统设计,并对各个功能模块进行集成。 该系统不但提供了目前RP系统普遍采用的CLI文件输出接口,而且还自定义了一种新的由直线和圆弧组成的CLA文件接口,从而为后续监控加工模块的实现和整个CAD/CAPP/RP系统的集成奠定了基础。
    A software module for data storage, namely, ZIF file format, is developed.
    Based on deeply studying on the method of digital picture process of computer,the author designs several typys of the technique of digital picture process — the point process, the geometry transform, the brae process, the print of gray-degree picture, the exporting of CAD document and so on.
    Secondly, according to the similarity of NC system command code and the output standard of CLF(cutter location file) , author have proved that it is feasibile to design the universal and standardize post process system in CAM.
    It constructs the model with the three-dimension design software such as 3DSMAX and AutoCAD first, then, converts the output to the style of VRML, edit it by the VrmlPad at last.
    The main research work is as follows:(1) The graphics data exchange standard is the American standard— Initial Graphics Exchange Specification(IGES). Most of CMM and CAD software support the IGES files' import and export operation.
    The data gathered by the equipment is saved by CCS’s function of file output ,then the data is showed by the MATLAB’s function of drawing. The design of the equipment’s correctness is proved in contrast with the real wave,and the equipment’s functions of data Acquisition、store and transmission are proved.
    The article, contering around the large graphic package NCAR, explains how to connect various types of graphic equipment to a UNISYS B 6935 large computer system to implement GKS file output of OA level.
    This paper elaborates the matter of developing the edit system of microcomputer graphic interface,expounds it’s technological realization approach from several aspects:system structure,realization step,graphic file output,etc.


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