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document database
    Research on Some Key Techniques of Document Database
    A Method to Query Document Database by Content and Structure
    Design and realization of document database of Three Gorges Project sediment information system
    The Technology of Full-Text Index Based on the Exchange Document Database
    XBASE:a Semantic Document Database System
    Research on the Technology for Integrating Document Database and Relational Database in Office Information System
    Lotus Domino/Notes is the chief choice of OAS developing and running platform with its powerful and flexible compound document database, abundant application development environment, complete email system, the integration without gap of Internet/Intranet and other trait.
    Lotus Domino/Notes以其强大而灵活的复合文档数据库、丰富的应用开发环境、完备的电子邮件系统和Internet/Intranet的无缝集成等诸多特性,成为目前OAS开发、运行平台的首选。
    XBASE is a prototype system of document database system based on semantic information.
    XBASE语义文档数据库系统是一种基于语义信息的文档数据库原型系统 .
    constructs software system including complete locomotive wheel-set graphics base, diagnosis document database, checkout result database and smart analysis module by investigation, summarization, test, theory analysis etc.
    Beginning with the analysis to the values and present status of the research of OSI (Office Information System) that requires supporting both from document database and relational database, the authors introduce the features of document database and relational database, and points out the similarities and differences between the two.
    Subsequently, we compare the data exchange interfaces between the document database and relational database, and choose the LS:DO as the interface.
    Firstly Workflow technology and GIS technology are completely analyzed and described on this paper, along with the brief introduction of Notes document database technique and COM/DCOM component software developing technique which are used in the development of electronic governmental affairs system.
    It also carries on research in key technology including dispeling the different mode of data, interchanging data between document database and relation database, the concurrency control, data distribution and data simultaneity in distributed database.
    At present, the database design of native XML document is becoming the focus of the field of Database research, most of which are stored in the manner of plane document database, that is, XML documents are mostly expressed by text, parsed the level structure of text through tool software, and then operated.
    目前,原生XML文档数据库设计正成为数据库界关注的热点研究课题,这其中对XML文档的存储多以平面文件数据库方式存储。 即XML文档多以文本方式表达,然后借助于工具软件解析文档的层次结构,并对其进行操作。
    IBM Lotus Domino/Notes provided an excellent solution for enterprise OA. Since Domino/ Notes, which is an advanced document database and E-mail system with standard Web services and application development environment for OA, is based on workflow, it is an ideal platform to realize enterprise information system integration and knowledge management.
    IBM Lotus Domino/Notes为办公自动化系统的实现提供了优秀的解决方案,Domino/Notes平台是一种基于工作流技术、单一结构文档数据库和电子邮件系统的开发工具,同时也是实现企业级信息集成和知识管理的理想平台。
    The user can access and manage the electric document database running on UNIX server through the multi-document-interface.
    Mainly discussed in this paper aboutthe mechanism of tree catalog, the mechanism of document database's cooperation and link,andthe models of main data structtire,are discusssed is detail.
    This paper introduces how to make a networks curricula with the help of Lotus Notes/Domino, Relation Database, and Document Database, etc. .
    以院校排课管理系统的开发为例 ,介绍了基于Lotus Domino群件系统的网上排课管理系统的方案设计与具体实现 ,以及如何利用文档数据库和关系数据库相结合来实现系统的方法
    In this article, it is narrated in details about the design and actualization of document database's relational model in Three Gorges Sediment Information System. During the process of application program development, we realize the joint between the core objects ado2.6 in Visual Basic and oracle8i. The final test in multiusers C/S system shows the data integrity,data security,data concurrency and system stability can basically meet the requirement brought forward by users.
    The substrate support of the system is founded on the shareware document database and mails transfer technique, so the system has a interoperate ability to the distributed heterostructure environment.


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