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the equation
    Gas compressibility and liquid density of pure components such as CH_4 to C_(16) H_(34) and N_2, CO_2,as well as compressibibility of hydrocarbon mixtures, for instance, the gas sample of wen-72 well in Central China Oilfield, are calculated by this new equation. It is shown that the equation can be used to predict volumetric properties of a system more accurately than the others with awider range of temperature and pressure.
    An equation for a radial symmetric flow in a plane is derived from the equation for fluid flow.
    The degree of treatment is denoted by λ2. Based on laboratory test, using RV-Ⅱ viscometer, five rheological parameter and four thixotropic parameter for the equation were obtained.
    另一方面,蜡晶本身在剪切场中的定向作用,这种作用的结果使原油的稠度发生变化,作用程度可用λ_2来表示。 通过RV-Ⅱ粘度计实验,得到流变方程中的五个流变参数和四个触变参数。
    When it was oil-soluble n-butanol,the equation was:ln〔S~*+0.0481(C_s- 3.15)〕=0.212(ACN)+f'(A)+0.019(t-28)-2.37.With crude oil taken as oil phase,satis- factory formulations were obtained through above equations.
    基醇为油溶性醇时,ln〔S~*+0.0481(C_s—3.15)〕=0.212(ACN)+f′(A)+0.019(t-28)-2.37。 以原油为油相时,用上述方程能得到满意的配方。
    The equation giving the pressure drop, the expressions of the stability parameter K, characterizing the transition from laminar to turbulent flow, and its maximum value K_(max) were established.
    The results show that both the equation calculated values and graphic solutions of this formula are consistent with experimental results.
    Based on the flowing coefficient and the calculated front and bottomhole temperatures in heating zone using viscosi ty temperature curve equation of crude oil, the equation for calculating the heating radius is etablished. By relating the heating radius to flowing coefficient, it is suggested heating radius changes with time.
    W S model could be used to calculate the oil saturation of argillaceous sand stone reservoir. The equation is as follows: C o=1F′(C w+BQ v);
    W -S模型是计算泥质砂岩储层含油饱和度的有效方法 ,具体表述为饱含水泥质砂岩和含油泥质砂岩电导率方程为 :Co=1F′(Cw+BQv) ,Ct=Swn′F′ (Cw+B QvSw)。
    When β 1≤β<β 2,the equation has a peoriodic solution,which is related to the sinusoidal buckling state.
    当β1 ≤β≤β2时 ,微分方程有周期解 ,对应于管柱的正弦屈曲状态 ;
    A correlative equation between Frass brittle point and penetration at 5 ℃ was set up,with the equation and penetration at 5 ℃ Frass brittle point can be forecasted.
    利用所建立的Frass脆点和 5℃针入度的关联方程 ,用 5℃针入度可以预测Frass脆点
    The equation,COD Cr =4.391 2 X + 0.617 1 ,can express the oil content contribution to COD Cr .
    油对CODCr的贡献可采用方程CODCr=4 .3912X +0 .6 171(X为油含量 ,mg/L)来定量表征 ;
    So the equation is improved, then the material balance equation in the gas injection development for the condensate gas reservoir is obtained.
    针对这种情况 ,将气藏物质平衡方程进行了改进 ,得到凝析气藏在注气开发方式下的物质平衡方程
    Analysis shows that the equation theoretically explains the deflection and the maximum oil production point, and that it can be used to predict inflow behavior of oil well under different flowing pressures.
    这种新型的IPR方程可用于不同流动压力下油井流入动态计算 ,从理论上解释了矿场系统试井中流入动态曲线向压力轴偏转并出现最大产量点等实际问题
    This paper provides various space distribution of fracture face to check the correctness of the equation.
    文中设计了多种形式的裂缝面空间分布情况 ,用以检验修正后的裂缝分布方程是否正确。
    At the same time,extraction balance lines and extraction-desulfurization dynamics are studied in a model system for diesel oil and with the equation r_(Apparent)=0.19 c_A-60.6 is obtained.
    建立了在模拟体系中二苯并噻吩的萃取动力学方程:r表观=0.19 cA-60.6以及不同温度和不同稀释剂含量下的萃取平衡线。
    On the basis ofmagnetostriction equation set of ferromagnetic material, the equation set of magnetic memory isdeducted, and the magnetic memory phenomenon is explained. Effects of stress and geomagneticfield on the magnetic memory are discussed.
    The productivity evaluation of perforated oil well becomes very complicated in the presence of natural fracture in reservoirs, the mathematical model has been established in this paper based upon the given three-dimensional physical model describing the characteristics of seepage flow in the naturally fractured reservoir and continuity equation. The equation of variation for the finite element derivation has been deduced for obtaining the solution of the elliptical boundary value problem.
    The VLE thermodynamic model of volatility weak electrolyte solution was described carefully and the equation of state桸akamura equation was used to solve polarity gaseous mixture's fugacity coefficient which maintained ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide.
    The laboratory and field case verify that the equation and its applied method established in this paper is precise and reliable, and can satisfy the need of engineering application.


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