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the equation
    In the cosmic model of viscous, the equation of state w_g will cross the boundary w_g = -1 because of viscosity. Furthermore, we show that bulk viscosity coefficients should satisfy inequalities fromthe point of view of dynamics.
    Using the method developed by Guo et al [52], we reconstruct the potential of the tachyon from the equation of state of the dark energy ω_φ(z).
    The evolution law of the galactic density waves is given from the equation of stellar dynamics, and compared with the results obtained from the theory of fluid mechanics by the author in ref. [4], showing that the results at the unstable stage of these two theories are close to each other.
    In both cases we discuss how the stability of equation varies with α and show that every solution of the equation, into which the integral is introduced, is a quasi-periodic function of new time variable s with two frequencies.
    For neutron matter with M-S interaction, the critical density of the ferromagnetic transition, the equation of state and the neutron star models are calculated.
    We have solved the vector equation of the procession in a circular orbit round a shwarchild blackhole, and a exact solution of the equation has been obtained.
    The variation and the vertical motion of the filament current in the two solar active regions McMath 10662 and McMath 10607 have been studied by using the equation of forcebalance in the vertical direction under the Kuperu-Raadu Model. The relation between the filament and the flare has been probed as well.
    Interplanetary scintillation is distinguishable from ionsphere scintillation becaue of the characteristic frequency range of the powerepectra of the former. The two types of scintillation are distinguishable. The equations of the relation between the radio frequency and minimum heliocentric distance and the equation about scintillation index versus elongation are deduced.
    We investigate the equation of Einstein self-consistent field (SCF) and the equation ofPlural scalar field of open-type Friedmann model with the presence of" dust" matter by using thetheory of plural scalar field, and get the cosmographic solution. We also find that C-invariancespontaneous breaking occurs in fundamental state (vacuum) which resulted in non-zero macroscopicvalue of vacuum electric charge density and vacuum fluctuation.
    Taking account of δr≠0 through the equation of conservation of orbital angular momentum, orbital parameters equations on the mass change are re-deduced.
    Based on the relativistic superluminal model of the apparent superluminal motion, under the condition that the center of mass of a superluminal radio source remains motion relative to the observer the equation of apparent velocity between nucleus and subsources is derived.
    在源的质心固定的视超光速模型的基础上 ,进一步推导出在质心运动情况下的视超光速运动的视速度方程 .
    The equation of the location of the event horizon is also obtained,which is in accord with the result from the equation of null surface.
    所得结果与用零曲面方程得到的结果一致 .
    The quantum thermal effect of Weyl neutrinos in a rectilinearly nonuniformly accelerating Kinnersley black hole is investigated by using a method of generalized tortoise coordinate transformation. The equation that determines the location,the Hawking temperature of the event horizon and the thermal radiation spectrum of neutrinos are derived.
    利用推广的乌龟坐标变换法研究了作变加速直线运动的Kinnersley黑洞中Weyl中微子的量子热效应 ,导出了局部的事件视界面方程和Hawking温度以及中微子的热辐射谱 .
    Dirac equation near horizons of Vaidya-Bonner-de Sitter black hole is discussed. Its Hawking temperature and radiation spectrum are calculated accurately. At the same time, the equation of event horizon is given, which is consistent with the result calculated by zero-curve equation.
    分析讨论了Vaidya Bonner deSitter黑洞视界附近的狄拉克方程 ,准确地定出了Vaidya Bonner deSitter黑洞的Hawking温度和辐射谱 ,同时计算出事件视界方程 ,所得结果与用零曲面方程得到的结果一致 .
    They are then used to investigate the equation of state (EOS) and particle ratios on the inner shell layer of neutron stars. The results show that the magnetic energy of strong field will increase the pressure on the inner shell layer neutron star, but the matter remains to be a neutron-rich matter. It is found that the AMM has evident effects on the proton polarization.
    Hawking radiation of charged Dirac particles near the event horizons of the non-static and spherically symmetric black hole was studied. The authors obtained the equation determining the location of event horizon, the radiation temperature function and the Hawking thermal spectrum formula.
    In dynamic space-time,the incident eyeshot of the collapsar should be fixed on from the equation of zero super curve-surface because it is still a zero super curve surface that keeps intrinsical symmetry.
    Using coordinate transformation,we study the event horizon of accelerating non-stationary black holes,the equation of event horizon surface is calculated out.
    By taking account of δr≠0,and considering the square and higher power terms of orbital eccentricity e,through the equation of conservation of orbital angular momentum,orbital parameters equations on the mass change are re-deduced. The equations of the orbital parameters are used to calculate the evolution of the orbital parameters and amount of accreted matter to the Ba stars. Our model are applied to the system ζCap.
    These two transformations are finished within the frame of relativity theory, so that the equation of XNAV can be used in engineering.


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