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    First, the finite element method based on the Mindlin equations is employed to analyze piezoelectric sensors consisted of the AT-cut quartz crystal resonator with complex structures.
    Comparing with the familiar methods used frequently nowadays, such as the Lachance-Traill, the Claisse-Quintin and the Rasberry-Heinrich calibration equations in four sample systems: Pe-Ni, Fe-Cr, Fe-Ni-Cr and PbO-ZrO_2-TiO_2-La_2O_3, we find that the accuracy obtained from our new approach appears to be best over a wide concentration ranges of these samples.
    For systems of ZSM-5-C8H6 and ZSM-5-H2O, adsorption equilibrium equations in which values n are 1.3 and 0.9 respectively were presented. Adsorption isotherms calculated over a wide range of temperature and filling and the pore volume of zeolite thus determined are in good agreement with the experimental data.
    The kinetics of oxidative dehydrogenation of butene-2 to butadiene and deep oxidation of butene-2 and butadiene were described by equations of L-H mechanism.
    Experimental data were treated with three copolymer composition equations seperately, e. g. the Mayo-Lewis, and Lowry's case Ⅰand Ⅱ. The Mayo-Lewis equation was found to be quite adequate in describing the copolymerization results.
    实验数据分别用Mayo-Lewis,Lowry Case Ⅰ和Lowry Case Ⅱ等三个方程处理,结果表明,Mayo-Lewis方程最适于描述共聚过程。
    The kinetic equations derived by considering autocatalytic process for DMSO system and consecutive reactions for DMF(THF)systems, could describe the experimental results satisfactorily.
    Simultaneously the Mark-Houwink-Sakurada equations of polyoxymethylene in mcresol and in p-Cl-phenol have been evaluated. [η]=3.87×10~(-2)M_η~(0.705) (m-cresol, 100℃)[η]=2.00×10~(-2)M_η~(0.79) (p-Cl-phenol, 60℃)
    还订定了聚甲醛在两种不同溶剂体系中的MHS方程为[η]=3.87×10~(-2)M_η~(0.705) (间甲酚,100℃) [η]=2.00×10~(-2)M_η~(0.79) (对氯苯酚,60℃)
    The kinetic equations obey the L-H mechanism of triangular reaction of isomerization of butene.
    The present paper establishes two equations on gelation reaction of type ∑Aa1-B2, containing two unknown numbers of functional group and weight average functionality.
    Applicaton of Mureinik and Spiro equations to the racemizatlon of (+)D-Co(Phen)33+ in aqueous solution through the outersphere electron transfer reaetion is reported in this paper.
    Both intrinsic rate equations of two steps can be expressed as power model or/and Langmuir-Hinshelwood model.
    In the present paper,reaction kinetics of SO_2 oxidation on S_(101) commercial catalyst was studied and the macrokinetic equations for the S_(101) catalyst on the basis of the simplified flat pellet model was obtained as T_(br)=479.8- 1.534/(0.7811-α) (℃).
    本文对 SO_2在钒催化剂上氧化的动力学进行了研究,由简化的平板模型提出了 S_(101)催化剂的宏观动力学方程,并以在不同预转化条件下测得的宏观动力学数据代入绘图.
    The correlation between the two equations,Ink'=a+blnφ+cφ and Ink'=Aφ2+Bφ+C, hasbeen discussed in detail using the data from 29 explosives.
    The possibility of using solvent polarity parameter P' instead of φ in the equations has also been discussed.
    The applicabilities of Tait and Murnaghan equations of state and Bridgman polynomial to isothermal compressions of 10 polymer solids have been examined up to 3 GPa at room temperature.
    The rate equations arederived for sensitized luminescence process and solved to obtain some expression ofpopulation decay of excited Ce~(3+)ions when phosphorus contains Tb~(3+) or not and theenergy immigration efficiency between Ce and Tb ions.
    The unperturbed dimensions of masticated 1,2 -polybutadiene with different contents of 1,2-units were estimated by using the average molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity data obtained and by extrapolating the Stockmayer-Fixman-Burchard, Stockmayer-Kurata-Roiog and. Inagaki-Suzuki-Kurata equations to zero concentration.
    利用测得(?) 和[η]数据,由Stockmayer-Fixman-Burchard、Stockmayer-Kurata-Roig和Inagaki-Suzuki-Kurata方程外推,估算了塑炼过程中不同1,2-链节含量的1,2-聚丁二烯(1,2-PB)的无扰尺寸变化规律。
    In the paper calculate formula of metal ions elcctronegativity are corrected as x1,= (2i+1)x0+n. This electroncgativity is better linear with hydrolytic capacity and coordination compounds stability of metal ions with linear equations as pKh = a- x't and 1gKf= bx'1+c, respcctivity.
    The Nernst-Planck equations were applied to the study of the ion exchange reaction kinetics for the transition metal ions(Co2+, Cu2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+) with H+-ions on stannic antimonylpy-rophosphate(SSbPP).
    Activity and kinetics for oxidation of CO on Pt/HM, Pd/HM catalysts have been studied, and the kinetic equations have been obtained.


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