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    The Nernst—Planck equations have been applied to study the ion exchange reaction kinetics for the transition metal ions [Mn(Ⅱ), Co(Ⅱ), Ni(Ⅱ), Cu(Ⅱ), Zn(Ⅱ), and Cd (Ⅱ)] on stannic tungstopyrophosphate.
    Experimental data was computerized and a series of equations describing the resolution were proposed.
    The results indicate that the kinetic equations of multiple reactions are applicable in the range of experimental pressures and reaction rate constants are independent of pressures.
    Mark-Houwink equations of ring-shaped and linear polystyrene in ethyl acetatewere obtained as: [η]_r=1.91×10~(-2)·M~(0.607) and [η]_1=4.06×10~(-2)·M~(0.572).
    In comparison withMckay-Perring method,the osmotic and activity coefficients for Li_2SO_4-MgSO_4 mixturesare fairly reliably represented by both Pitzer's equations and Scatchard's neutralelectrolyte equations.
    用上述两种方程及由热力学关系式直接推导出的Mckay-Perring 方程计算并比较了Li_2SO_4和MgSO_4在混合溶液中的平均活度系数,三者在实验误差范围内一致.
    With hydrodynamical model and equations of state,calculate the results of final state distributions of ~(197)Au—~(197)Au collisions at 100+100 GeV per pair of nucleons.
    应用流体动力学模型,分别采用包含相变的状态方程和不含相变的状态方程,计算了每对核子能量为100GeV~(197)Au—~(197)Au 碰撞的末态碎裂时空分布、末态快度分布,并分析讨论了影响末态分布的因素.
    'For both equal and unequal concentration reactions, using isochronal differences can obtain the new equations with which do not need to determine L0 and L∞.
    This paper presents studyes on the reaction kinetics of the thermo-decomposition of MBM at temperatures 100~150℃ and the esterification between MBM and butanol at a temperature range of 110~150℃ and a mole ratio 1.3~2.0 of butanol to MBM in a batch reactor. The kinetic equations of both studies have been obtained.
    Theoretical basis and assumptions for the three most widely used equations of state for polymer liquids,named Flory,SL and SS EOSs,and the three new equations of state proposed by the author,named SHT,SHTF and OCM EOSs were introduced in this paper. The comparisions were made using the P-V-T experimental data of 15 polymer liquids,17 large molecular weight hydrocarbons and 6 organic solvehts.
    The equations similar to the Ozawa equation can be derived by extending the Avrami equation, the Avrami rate equation or the Avrami basic theory.
    Second and third harmonic radiation with femtosecond laser pulses is computed by numerically solving the improved coupled wave equations. The effects of the lowest oder GVD and second order GVD on fundamental and harmonic pulses are analyzed. The compensation of group velocity mismatch for third harmonic generationis considered.
    A dynamic model has been used for resolving rate equations.
    The authors combined the material balance equations and the summation equations to solve the equilibrium temperature,and then corrected the compositions of liquid phase calculated by Gauss-Seidel method by the material balance equations.
    Comparisons are made between accuracies of activity coefficent for carbon dioxiden-butane and carbon dioxide-i-butane binary systems at 250-280 k calculated from Margules,van Laar and Wilson equations.
    Results from 141 data points show that Margules equation is much better than both van Laar and Wilson equations.
    The gas phase model includes the full Navier-Stokes equations concerning density and pressure variations and six-flux model was used to calculate radiation heat transfer.
    Interference equations of Cl ̄-、NO and Cr(Ⅵ) in the determination of acid permanganate method (COD_(Mn))are established.
    The Brillouin scattering tensers and the stiffening Christoffel equations in (100), (010), and (001) planes of C2v point group crystals are obtained at arbitery wave vector directions.
    The expressions calculating the concentration distribution of aluminium species in the coagulation process of Al base water clarifying agents are deduced based on the dissociation equilibrium equations, and the final calculating results are presented at the initial Al 3+ concentration of 10 -3 mol/L, 10 -4 mol/L and 10 -5 mol/L respectively.
    With the condition of cleaning solution were 2 5mM benzene dicarbonic acid and 2 4mM 3 methylol ammonia buffer solution and pH=4 0,current velocity was 1 5ml/min,the limits of detections of these negative ions,linear regression equations and correlation coefficients,the precision and accuracy of this method were detected.


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