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    The reson that free electrons are unable to pass Stern-Gerlach experiment Polarization is that electrons in S z=/2 and S z=-/2 can not be separated because of Laurenz Force on electrons in magnetic field and undeterminable theorem.
    自由电子不能通过Stern_Gerlach实验极化的原因是 ,电子在磁场中受到的洛伦兹力 (对中性原子 ,此力不出现 )及测不准原理使得Sz=/2与Sz=-/2的电子无法分离 .
    When the substituent was amino, gem-dinitroacetylguanidine (9a) could be synthesized by hydrolytic cleavage of nitrated product. 9a reacted with KOH to form potassium gem-dinitroacetylguanidine (10a) and 11. When there was no substituent at position 2, 7c with its structure being postulated was obtained.
    Single gas permeation was adopted to test the MFI type membrane, the results showedthat the membrane made by the template-free secondary growth method could notdistinguish between n-butane and i-butane even after the calcination at 450℃.
    38 of them denied the operation. 69cases were approached laparoscopically. 63 were completed laparoscopically, and 6 patients, including: 1 ileal tumor, 3 intestinal perforation, 2 convoluted mass of adherent bowel, were converted to open surgery.
    In this program, the writer was in charge of the establishment of the program team, took part in the whole work of the system's requirement analysis, design, deployment and plan realization.
    Through the analysis of fair model solution, a applied method for analyzing the repressuring data affected by phase redistribution in well bore is presented in this paper and the multi-solution problem presented due to the parameters not being separated in past snalysis is solved, making the well test analysis method considering phase redistribution in well bore step into a applied stage.
    Resection of lobe or segments was favored for the patients undergone multiple operations with serious adhesion at the hilium of the liver. Retained stone rate was 48%.
    Fibre-reinforced soil (Texsol) is a kind of three dimensional composite, the interface between soil and fibre is difficult to be determined Consequently, the current approach which considers soil, reinforcement and interface separately, can not be used here.
    Collective Bargaining" is an international term used in the negotiation between two sides of collective contracts. Collective Bargaining is an integral part of system of collective contracts. We should not use such terms as "collective negotiation" or "equal negotiation" to indicate collective bargaining.
    “集体谈判”一词是表示集体合同双方的商谈过程的国际通用术语。 集体谈判是集体合同制度的有机组成部分 ,与集体合同制度无法分离
    Results:8 cases were difficult in pneumoperitoneum, 7 cases were difficult in separating adhesion of abdominal cavity, 4 cases were difficult in separating adhesion of perigallbladder including Calot triangle. All of them were transferred to open laparotomies.
    结果 :气腹建立困难 8例 ,腹腔严重粘连无法分离 7例 ,胆囊周围粘连包括Calot三角粘连分离困难 4例均行中转开腹手术。
    The homemade YSA8 type anion separating column can't separate F- ,Cl- ,NO3- and SO42- after loosing capability. The treated reagent such as potassium tartrate or NaOH that the producer recommended has been used to these two types of columns, but failed. It is found that the column can separate F-、Cl-、NO3- and SO42- after being treated with HCI and the suitable e-lution concentration is chosen.
    Various geophysical phenomena have great intersecting effects on X direction, thus the principal periods cannot be separated.
    But there are many factors that render a power system network unbalanced, so that sequence network cannot be decoupled and technique of sequence network connection is failed.
    A local iteration algorithm was proposed, which solves the non-separation problem of applying Collage Theorem for finding the appropriate fractal parameters and can gradually converge to final optimization.
    Ethics and education cannot be separated on account of the collateral relation of the original sources.
    (2) The grafted skin was fused to the burn wound on the 7th day after autoskin grafting in rats. The dermal papillae and reticular layer could be discernible under LM.
    2 cases were conversed to open cholecystectomy(OC) because of difficulty in dissection around Calot's triangle and obscure anatomy.
    因术中发现胆囊三角处瘢痕性粘连 ,无法分离而中转开腹 2例 ;
    Results A conversion to open surgery was required in 3 patients, in 2 of whom the tumors had enroded into the hilum and the posterior wall of the heart, and in 1 of whom the azygous vein was ruptured.
    Results:In group A,the operations of 31 patients were successful and 3 cases failed,then conversed to open surgery,Firstly,one case were not decented the prerenal fascia and the other two cases occurred complications,one case was due to injurying genital gland vein, with blood loss of 500ml,another fatty renal capsula was too thick to explose the renal pedicle.


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