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    2 We could not calculate the urine concentration of RANTES in patients with LN from its OD and the formula of standard curve.
    2. 根据标准曲线公式及所检测到尿液RANTES的吸光度值无法计算得出其浓度值,提示尿液RANTES 浓度极低;
    The study shows that the C-C algorithm of delay time is strong robustness, and the Fraser et al’s mutual information algorithm and auto-correlation function algorithm are affected by presence of noise and variations of time series length and the Liebert et al’s mutual information algorithm can not calculate the delay time.
    The results show that this author's correlation yields the overall averagerelative deviation and the population standard deviation of the 133 non-hydrocarbons Zc better than that of the group additive method of Lydersen(1955)and the homograph method of Garcia-Barcena (1958)(values of which Zc can not be calculated by the Lydersen's technique)by 0.51% and 4.92% respectively.
    LC 100 was 100 mg·kg -1 for phenanthrene and 350 mg·kg -1 for 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene,and non-calculatable for pyrene due to its low water solubility and low toxicity.
    LC10 0 分别为菲 10 0mg·kg-1,1,2 ,4-三氯苯 3 5 0mg·kg-1。 由于芘的低水溶性和低毒性 ,无法计算LC10 0 。
    With increasing sedation there was a progressive decrease in BIS and 95 % SEF values in group P and M but no significant changes in BIS and 95 % SEF values were seen in group K.
    The traditional method for analysis of structural evolution is"thickness method"that is only suitable in the area with gentle strata and simple structures.
    Cancer group,unmeasured.
    Stochastic Bounbary Element Analysis of Stress Intensity Factor
    In China and abroad, almost all of the dynamic load simulation software cannot calculate the hourly cooling load of the building, under random weather and building conditions.
    T and its gradients' forward theoreticalexpressions.
    At present, conventional analytic methods of RSRW are based on theory of limit equilibrium, which can not take account of the strength and deformation of structure uniformly, and calculate the displacement of panel, settlement of fill and so on.
    It is pointed that the phenomena is not in a position to explain with formula of sediment-holding flow, so the bed scouring is incapable to calculate by theory formula. The Math model based on the formula of sediment-holding flow is also incapable the relation between water discharge and water level.
    If we analyzed the intensity and toughness or dynamics with the classical mechanics, we must do some simplifications and hypothesis, resulting in lengthy operation and even impossible calculation.
    By its original functions, creep of concrete could not be solved.
    The character length theory can calculatethe phase size near the phase inversion and can investigate the self-similarity ofpatterns during melt mixing.
    We can develop the legal technology, despite the difficulty of counting and proving the non-pecuniary.
    The drum wall temperature can not be calculated in APROS software, so the model was deduced by analysis the mechanism.
    Many authors believe that the loss of energy induced by the impact in channel with nonuniform dischage is an unknown value, therefore, equation based on the conservation of energy is unsuitable to this case, but the principle of conservation of momentum is applicable.
    This paper introduces the way to solve the bending problem of Kirchhoff plate with spline boundary element method.
    Although by ray theory the angular distribution of sound field can be calculated for given receiving point, but the effect of the frequency on the angular distribution function and the sound field in shadow zone can not be calculated.


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