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the time
    It was discussed that the effects of extracting pressure, temperature and time on the extraction efficiencies of the camellia oil by supercritical CO2.The optimal extracting conditions are determined: extracting pressure 25MPa, the temperature 40℃ and the time 2.5 hours. The extraction efficiencies of camellia oils was up to 97.5%.
    The optimal conditions for the transesterification are A1B3C2D3,ether as solvent,ratio of solvent to material 5:1, The consumption of the catalyst is 1.1% the,temperature 60℃,and the time 120min.
    超声波萃取得率27.75%; 酯交换反应的最佳工艺条件是A1B3C2D3,即甲醇:油=5∶1(物质的量之比)、催化剂的用量是1.1%、反应温度为60℃、反应时间100min,且三种提取方法获得的光皮树果实油的酯交换转化率分别为:超临界CO_2萃取95.6%;
    The results show that the optimal fat-producing col1ditions are as fOllow: theconcentration of glucose: 7%, C / N = 50: 1, the amount of inocuIation: 5%, the temperature:28 ~ 30'C, PH 6.5, the time of culture: 4 days.
    compared with control and low concentration group, high concentration group could significantly increase swallow coefficient (PO.05); high concentration group could significantly prolong the time of swimming;
    The optimum cultivation time of several funguses fermented on the substrate of straw, lees, pachyrhizus and under the condition of pH7 and 28C was determined by mensurating the content of saccharide, the cellulose activity and the FP activity with the change of the time.
    The oil absorption cannot be influenced when the time was between 11s and 21s.
    The temperature and the time of sterilization were 135 C and 16s.
    杀菌温度:135℃; 杀菌时间:16s。
    When UV light was 20W, the irradiated distant was 30cm, and the time was 2min, the lethal ration of h-l's protoplasts was 100%.
    The mutation conditions : the distance is 28 cm, the time of irradiation is 60s with 30W ultraviolet lamp, the concentration of lithium chloide solution was 8%.
    确定诱变条件为:紫外线照射用30W 紫外灯,距离为28cm,照射时间为60s,LiCl浓度为0.8%。
    The experiment first filtered all kinds of carriers, selected alkalescence anion exchange resin D301-G as the carrier immobilizing lipase, and optimized the immobilizing condition of D301-G: absorption 8h in 13 ℃ shake bed. the absorption time is 8h, enzyme activity is 127IU/g, the concentration of Glutaraldehyde solution is 1%, the time of crosslinking is 10min. The enzyme activity of immobilized lipase is 28.0 IU/g(average).
    本课题首先筛选了各种载体,选择弱碱性阴离子交换树脂D301-G树脂作为固定化猪胰脂肪酶的载体,并且确定了D301-G作为固定化载体的优化条件:在13℃的摇床中,吸附时间为8h,给酶量为127IU/g,戊二醛浓度1%,交联时间10min,得到固定化酶活为28.0 IU/g(平均值)。
    the time range: 8 hours;
    结晶时间:8 小时;
    After studying the conditions of mutagenesis, the relations among the radiation does, death rate and positive mutation rate of two mutagens were obtained. The optimized mutation conditions: the irradiation distance was 30cm, the time of irradiation was 4 min, with 18W ultraviolet lamp, and the dose of ~60Co γ-ray was 500 Gy.
    The best conditions of acid hydrolysis were as follows: the time was 11 hours, the ratio of raw material mass to acid volume was 1:7, and the concentration of hydrochloric acid was 6 mol·L-1. An ordinal rank of influence was time, the ratio of raw material mass to acid volume and the concentration of hydrochloric acid.
    Extraction of vanillin from fermented broth was studied. Firstly, the fermented broth was decolorized at 50℃、 pH of 5.0 and the time of 40 min with 1% amount of activated carbon.
    And meantime the time is studied for steeping rapeseed cakes with the mixed solvent of benzene-petroleum ether (l:1v/v).
    并研究了苯—石油醚(1:1 V/V)混合溶剂浸泡菜籽饼粕的时间.
    The optimum parameters are as follows: acid concentration is 4.8 mol/L, acid volume added is fifty times as the weight of the wheat germ, temperature of hydrolysis is 60 to 70℃, and the time of hydrolysis is 6 hours.
    In this paper, the author searches into the method for changing the properties of tung oil with the materials of tung oil and methanol, and the catalyst of KOH, obtaining the best reactive condition:the temperature should be 60℃, the time 1 75 hours, the mixed materials ratio 0 250(mole ratio), the concentration of KOH 1 0% of the tung.
    研究了以桐油、甲醇为原料 ,用 KOH作催化剂 ,对桐油进行改性的方法 ,得出最佳反应条件 :温度 6 0℃ ,时间 1.75小时 ,原料配比 0 .2 5 0 (摩尔比 ) ,KOH浓度为桐油的 1.0 % .
    The results show that extraction rate,3.01%,is the highest when gas(CO 2) is filled up to expel oxygen,the ratio of material to water is 1∶2,the time is 60 minuites and temperature is 100℃.
    结果表明 ,在冲气隔氧、提取温度为 1 0 0℃、时间为60 min、料水比为 1 :2条件下 ,脂质的水提取率最高 ,为 3 .0 1 %。
    The fermentation parameters were obtained: pH5.0 in the beginning, filling 45 mL medium in 250mL flask or 75mL in 500mL flask, seeding 7%~8%,fermentation temperature 32℃, the time 80 hours. The color value reached above 127U in the liquid.
    The time all exceeded 12 hours in which the temperature maintained over 60℃ in the high area of the central portion of the pile after each turning in the first 3 to 9 days of the fermentation.
    在发酵后 3~9d期间 ,在每次翻堆后 ,堆心高温区温度稳定在 6 0℃以上的时间均超过 12h ;


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