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    What is more , the improvement of the students' communicating ability in Chinese teaching is effective .
    Most importantly, visual-audio-oral course makes full use of audio-visual media to vividly present various culture phenomena to learners so as to promote learners’intercultural communicative competence.
    Chinese Integrative study, which emerged in course of the reformation in education, and then acted in accordance with the development of contemporary society, is not only a new theory of education but also a teaching practice.
    Web can not only greatly change our education and study ways but what is more important is it will influence profoundly our education ideas, education patterns, education contents and education methods.
    So we should pay close attention not only to the result but also to the course.
    But in any case, the most important purpose of this system is to promote the teachers to develop themselves.
    We believe, it is not only a mere guidance to solve of mathematical problems, but also an important thinking method to enhance the mathematical ability in thinking and analyzing problem. It will definitely improve the students' general ability in solving all problems and thus improve their comprehensive ability and provide a sound base for their further development.
    To make it more important, by organizing and educating the students to make use of modern information technology, in order to learn to cooperative exchange, to make discoveries, to grasp the learning methods and to lay a foundation of their future study.
    3. Evaluating the inquiry-based teaching not only pay attention to the evaluating result, but also demand to evaluate the course of the inquiry-based teaching, in this way ,it is beneficial to develop the individuation;
    6. The inquiry-based teaching can cultivate the inquiry consciousness, the scientific inquiry spirit and the preciseness attitude of science , it is beneficial to heighten the quality in all-round way and bring up all kinds of ability, it is more important to bring up the ability of the lifetime learning of students.
    Therefore, the author holds the opinion that the failure of students' questioning in class is due to not only students and teachers, but more importantly, to the nonexistence of advanced managing ideals and corresponding managing behavior of schools.
    Realize the student is much more than only to study the foundationknowledge and control the basic technical ability, more important academic association thinking, the angle of view observation of the terminology text, consider the society, shape to appreciate beauty the thoughts and feelings, improve own language proficiency, stir up the potential and develop the character.
    The dialogue no longer is regarded as merely the teaching art; the dialogue is importantly regarded as the principle, which the new times teaching pursues.
    The students' oral language competence can't keep the closest pace with the rapid development of our modern society, and can't meet the requirement and objectives in the National English Syllabus . We feel sad about our time-consuming and inefficient English teaching. The purpose of English teaching is not to teach students for exams but to enable students to communicate effectively.
    Our education must not only teach students certain concrete knowledge, but also teach students to obtain the methods to obtain knowledge, namely wants students to "learn how to learn ".
    Thus it enables students to form a good learning attitude, a perfect personal characteristics and a system of the attitude.
    The information technology already comprehensively entered humanity' s life, and was changing people' s thinking mode, the work way and the study way, the people gradually realized to grasped the study the ability far grasps knowledge itself is more important than.
    It not only enriches and enlarges the knowledge bases of Chinese teachingtheory but also will cause a series of reforming from teaching concepts to teachingprocedures in Chinese teaching practice.
    For carry through the new education principle better, perfectchorus teaching and absorb the advanced teaching method, for a series important problemsuch as promote the virtue education develop forward new target to say ,the advance of theseviews have important academic value.
    As a result, researching into the students' status quo ofstatistical reasoning not only provides materials for assessing curriculum and pedagogies, butalso finds out about their prior reasoning skills, through which we can practice more effectiveteaching.


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