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    Practice shows that through the method ofread-write combination, we can intrinsically combine the texts with the compositions, life andlearning in class with that after class and even the compositions with how for them to behavein society, which may improve the efficiency of reading and writing and better integrate thesources of courses and most importantly may inspire students being interest in learningChinese and improve their Chinese attainments all round.
    With the development of deepening of quality education in our country, teachers of maths follow with interest the problem of teaching students ways of learning maths , and strategies of learning by means of improving teaching quality of maths , and lightening the learning burden of students.
    Networking classroom instruction, on the one hand, improves the classroominstruction; on the other hand, contributes to the transition of learning approaches of studentsand the establishment of the student-centered instructional model.
    Therefore, the teachers should combine their teachingwith this teaching resource naturally to the practical teaching, which will make the studentsmaster the lively basic knowledge and experience their probe mode learning, also let thehistory teaching of junior middle school make a further breakthrough.
    Among all of the above, the ability of cooperation and competition is one of the basic abilitiesto survive and develop in the world for the youth. However, in the future society, to have theability of cooperation is of more importance than to have the ability of competition.
    The aim of Education for International Understanding is not only to make the students learn the knowledge of international understanding, to develop the students’ability of international understanding, but also to make the students learn to understand the international society, to respect and tolerant foreign culture, in other words, to develop the students’attitude of international understanding.
    The progress of education brings not only the renewal of our times, but also opportunities and challenges.
    It's more distinguished that the thesis makes a definition for mathematics language abilities which is still uncertain at present. This definition puts forward the components of mathematics language abilities consist of memory ability, identification ability, understanding ability, conversion ability, manipulation ability, organization ability, expression ability and structure ability.
    Not only can the vocational school students get the knowledge of language and culture in the study of Chinese, but also they can get moral education, beauty education and psychology education.
    Correlative analysis revealed that portfolio assessment is an effective method for the EFL writing classroom and it can enhance the students' participation, reflective thinking, self-directed learning, and above all it can leave the students a sense of success, which can hardly be found in traditional types of assessment.
    It is a common view that cultural education should be introduced into English teaching and the purpose of English teaching is to foster the students' ability to communicate in English as well as to teach them certain linguistic knowledge.
    文化教育引入英语教学已成为外语界的共识。 英语教学不仅是传授语言知识,更重要的是培养学生用英语进行跨文化交际的能力。
    more important, it paid close attention to students' overall development, and it considered not only whether students had grasped the knowledge and skills, but also how to apply what they had learned to the cooperative circumstances.
    Said to education more importantly, how should the classroom instruction suppose to the classroom many Yuan values conflict?
    The vocational school on the one hand must do well own educational reform, more importantly through provides a educational reform higher quality and the synthesis practice ability worker for the society.
    More importantly,they are useful in developing students' learning and creativity capacity.
    "It is more important to put up questions than to solve them", said Einstein.
    With the deepening of the reform of English teaching in high school, more and more teachers have recognized that the aim of English teaching is not only to help the students pass every test, but to enable them to communicate in daily life.
    The experiment shows that during the process of cultivating the students’language sense, imparting the basic language knowledge is important.
    Synthetic Chinese learning as a new method of language education in the process of educational reform nowadays represents not only an advanced educational idea but also a practical teaching approach.
    The task of the modern school not merely teaches students knowledge definitely, the more important thing is to improve their ability to adapt to the society and make them obtain the lifelong benefited discipline thought .


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