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effective technical
    Effective Technical Access of Coal Slurry Comprehensive Utilization Slurry Coal Water Mixture Combustion for Power Generation
    Improving the Level of Environmental Monitoring inFujian Province to Offer Effective Technical Support forEnvironmental Superintendent Management
    提高我省环境监测水平 为环境监督管理提供有效技术支持
    The firing technology of double cyclic systems and variable firing rate is an effective technical method to enhance the hit probability of rifles.
    The technology of message service and the message oriented middleware is a effective technical means to resolve the information change and the data change between the different department based on the network conditions.
    After analysis on the process of technical innovation diffusion, it introduces the diffusion pattern of technical innovation, points out that different pattern is lies in the different choice of research angle, the different type enterprise has its own effective technical diffusion pattern that most suits it;
    In recent years, the anti-stealth radar technology has been to the research key point and has received attention from the various countries, and due to the merit, meter-wave radar becomes the effective technical way with recognition and good prospects in each kind of anti-stealth technology.
    Along with the deep innovation on electric power system and pushing the project that one meter per door in using power through the town, making the workload of charging the Meter Reading manually increased rapidly, AMRS(Automatic Meter Reading System) is a kind of effective technical methods to figure out the issue which existed in the manually meter reading system.
    On the basis of GT (group technology), expounded are. automatic computer part-group cooling, part assorting, computer-aided-design of parts, process disign and production management, by using sprinkling equipment parts, it is further confirmed that computer-aided-GT is the effective technical approach to the increase of economic benefit for diversified, medium and small lot enterprises.
    阐述了以成组技术(GT)为基础,使用计算机自动编制零件成组代码和分类归组,辅助产品零件设计、工艺过程设计,生产管理等. 通过在喷灌机制造中的应用,论证了计算机辅助GT是提高多品种、中小批生产企业经济效益的有效技术途径。
    Vibration milling is a means of effective technical measure for non-metal mineral fine processing and dcvclopment.
    It focuses on some effective technical measures taken to ensure a good ignition, stable combustion and thorough burn off, a stable combustion without relying on oil support even at low loads and complete combustion of low volatile coal as well as a slag free operation and a reduction in NOx emissions.
    This paper,in combination with practice,also puts forward the effective technical measures of reselecting seed orchard building materials and selectively thinning the present seed orchard for raising the cone yield in the seed orchard and overcoming the few male cone phenomenon.
    它们二者在无性系间、无性系与年份互作间遗传相关关系不显著 ,而在无性系内分株间、年份间相关达到极显著和显著水平。 并结合实践 ,提出建园材料再选择 ,以及对现有种子园采用选择性疏伐等提高种子园球花产量 ,克服雄球花显少有效技术措施
    The study on groundwater environmental vulnerability is an effective technical measure for preventing groundwater from pollution, protecting groundwater resources and realizing the sustainable development of groundwater resources.
    地下水环境脆弱性研究是防止地下水污染 ,保护地下水资源 ,实现地下水资源可持续开发利用的有效技术措施 .
    Numerical simulation technology can depict the complicated hydro-geological conditions of aquifer system authentically, and can describe temporal and spatial variation laws of groundwater correctly. It is a precise and effective technical method for groundwater resources evaluation.
    数值模拟技术能够真实地刻划含水层系统复杂的水文地质条件 ,正确描述地下水的时空变化规律 ,是地下水资源评价高精度的有效技术方法
    The effective technical measures related to data acquisition include:ground geologic survey and mapping, small aperture drilling with diamond bits, excavating exploratory shafts and adits, large aperture drilling, borehole color television system, quick geologic compiling and recording system for geotechnical investigation in excavation, developing a spatial information system for engineering geology investigation, etc.
    与数据资料采集有关的有效技术手段有 :地面地质测绘、金刚石小口径钻探、山地勘探、竖井与大口径钻探、钻孔彩色电视系统、岩土工程开挖面的快速地质编录系统、建立空间工程地质信息系统等。
    Based on the features of Dalian road tunnel through river,authors analyse shield construction's influence on the surrounding rocks inner force of the tunnel and stratum deformation by using the elastic plastic finite element method,so the effective technical measures are taken to decrease influence on the environment around the tunnel, and to ensure safety during the tunnel construction.
    针对大连路越江隧道工程特点 ,采用弹塑性有限元法分析预测盾构施工对隧道围岩内力和地层变形的影响 ; 以便施工时采取有效技术措施 ,减少对周围环境的影响 ,确保隧道施工安全
    In this paper, analysis is mad to expound the effect of converting to burning low-quality residual fue1 oils on theoperating characteristic of G6300ZC marine diesel engine, and effective technical measures taken for the engine and itsassociated systems to suit converted burning of residual fuels, as proceeding from application, are presented.
    本文分析阐述G6300ZC船用柴油机改烧重质燃料油对发动机性能的影响; 介绍为适应改烧燃料油需要而对柴油机及相关系统所采取的有效技术措施。
    The relationship between working frequency and characteristics of propagating attenuation offshore and atmospheric radio noise at some typical distances are discussed. A declaration is made that pseudo random spread spectrum technique is one of the effective technical measures to improve the widely used LoranC navigation system . 
    探讨了几个典型距离上的工作频率与海上电波传播衰减特性以及与大气噪声特性的关系,明确了应用伪随机码扩频技术是提高目前广泛使用的Loran C无线电导航系统性能的有效技术途径之一.
    Practice showed that the business management could be improved greatly and the synthetic economic benefit could be enhanced considerably by adopting effective technical measures.
    通过大量的生产实践说明 ,采用有效技术措施 ,可以明显改善选厂经营状况 ,提高综合经济效益
    In this article, the author introduces some effective technical methods in many aspects in the construction of manual - excavation & grouting pile of Guang Dong Development Mansion such as passing through the soft soil layers, draining off water over construction, confirming of bearing stratum and embedding rock, quality control of concrete of pile core. The technical methods are adopted to ensure the construction quality of the pile foundation.
    广东发展大厦人工挖孔灌注桩施工中 ,在穿越软弱土层、施工排水、持力层、入岩的确认以及桩芯混凝土质量控制等方面 ,为确保桩基础施工质量所采取的有效技术措施。


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