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    The key step in SAC gradation design is validation of the verification of SAC gradation's skeleton and dense structure status.
    For those conditions that the UIO(S) and the IO(S,K) lose their usefulness in the IUT, a testing method is given.
    At the same time, there are many problems with current BAN-like logics. Based on analyzing these BAN-like logics, a new formal verification method of security protocols is presented. The new logic can realize verification function of current BAN-like logics, and makes the verification process implement conveniently.
    形式化方法能有效检验安全协议的安全性 ,BAN类逻辑的发展极大地促进了这一领域的研究 ,但是现有的BAN类逻辑仍然存在许多问题 在分析现有BAN类逻辑的基础上 ,提出一种新的安全协议形式化验证方法 ,实现现有BAN类逻辑的验证功能 ,并使安全协议验证工作简单可行 ,便于实现机器自动验证 为安全协议形式化验证提供了一种新的途径
    This method realizes the separation of the plant model and controller on two computers through OPC technology, which provides an effective test platform for theory research on NCS.
    Applying singlechip control technique and designing this decoy system can create the vivid conditions of infrared jamming backgrounds for infrared guidance missile firing training to verify the missiles' battle effectiveness.
    In order to test the effects of international technology diffusion on eastern-,mid-and western-China technology progress more effectively,the paper makes a regressive analysis of the panel data of China's 29 provinces from 1985 to 2003.According to the results,the paper also puts forward suggestions on China's regional economic growth and its policy making.
    For the empiric research, we adopted twosuitable methods and annuity reports data, which issued by the list companies in 2000.The conclusion is that both Shanghai and Shezhen security market are Weak-FormEfficiency Markets but not Semi-Strong-Form Efficiency Market.
    In the research of bird-impact to aircraft windshield, the experiment is always the ultimate and the most effective method.
    Four measuring models of credit risk are compared in the fourth chapter,which can help us find more rational method to measure credit risk.
    第四章通过比较几种常见的信用风险量化模型,试图找到量化信用风险比较合理的方法。 由于信用等级变化以及违约发生的频率比较少,风险期的跨度又比较长,从而导致很难对模型进行有效的检验,模型输出结果的准确度也就大大降低。
    According to the classic taxonomy of information sets, efficient market is classified as weak-form, semistrong-form and strong-form.
    serotype of isolates were proved, and examined techniques were constructed also. Sensitive antimicrobial agents were selected by susceptibility tests of isolates, the results were the references in the selection of drugs to prevent these infections, and some informations and methods were provided so as to effectively examine and control these bacterial septicaemia.
    An ambiguous EPS structure with low inner consistency created trouble in explaining entrepreneurship activities and events, building competition models, and developing entrepreneurship constructs.
    For computer courses, especially some practical courses, the traditional test method can merely test students' logical reasoning ability and calculating ability, while can not check the students' practical ability effectively. But the non-paper test method not only overcomes the disadvantage of the traditional test method, but also makes the test process more automatic and scientific.
    In addition,the Box Beam static loading test,which is one of the effective means of inspecting quality of box beam,is also described in the paper for the purpose of reference.
    压浆、封端、桥面防水层和保护层施工的一些规定和注意事项等都是对箱梁制造行之有效的施工技术和施工方法,并可为以后类似施工作借鉴。 箱梁静载试验是有效检验箱梁制造质量的手段之一,文中的介绍可作为箱梁质量检验方法的参考。


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