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    CIM(Common Information Model) provides a common model for exchanging in different EMS,CIM/XML as a carrier of EMS systems using CIM is based on RDF technology essentially.
    The author think that law economics,an independent new subject in economics under new system,belongs to the field of law in essence and economics under new system belongs to economics.
    Credit Risk Assessment problem belongs essentially to an ordinal classification problem.
    Credit is an Economic Issue in Nature
    Innovatian:Essentially the category of practice
    From Conventional ZnO Nano-Fillers to Polyether-Grafted ZnO Nanoparticles: a Substantial Improvement in Solid Polymer Nanocomposite Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries
    We can elicit from the factor analysis that themacro - interest is not only affected with endogenesis factors, and exogenesis factors aswell, and which rule is among the fa ctors and the macro - interest.
    从宏观利益的因素分析可以得出:宏观利益既受内生性因素的影响,又受外生性因素的影响,通过实证分析,进一步指出了宏观利益与这些因素之间变动的规律。 从宏观利益的博弈分析可以得出:宏观利益及其相关利益关系之间本质上都是一种博弈关系。
    We talk about some basic concepts of Causative Construction (Causative Construction, Causer, Causee, Causing event, Caused event, Proposition Causer, Individual Causer and etc.)
    Thecommon trust doctrine means the environment and resources belong to the common property, which is being held in trust by the trustee, the government or some organization.
    Chapter two the Analysis of Interrelated Theories This chapter analyzes the attribute of the accounting information from the economy side.
    第二章 相关理论分析 本章从经济学的角度分析了会计信息的属性,得出会计信息本质上是一种商品,现阶段又兼有公共产品的特性。
    Nitrogenation mechanism inclosed N2 of Sm-Fe and Sm-Fe-M alloys by HDDR treatment is essentiallyas same as that of those alloys nitrogenated in closed or circulated N2 but not treated by HDDR processes, and nitrogenation is composed of two stages: N reacts with Sm-Fe matrix powders and N diffuses homogeneously in nitrides, but the reaction rate between N and Sm-Fe matrix powders treated by HDDR was slower than that not treated by HDDR.
    The ion barrier film at the input of the microchannel plate (MCP), which is essentially a thin continuous amorphous Al_2O_3 film, and its effect on the resolution of the third generation image tube are investigated in the present dissertation with the aim of improving the lifetime and resolution characteristics of the third generation image tube.
    In this paper, we study the electronic structures of NiO bulk, surfaces and some of its important adsorption reactions with DFT method by combining the cluster model and slab model, and we have studied the properties of these electronic structures in nature of orbital interaction.
    本文采用平板模型和簇模型相结合的密度泛函方法研究了NiO 体相、表面相以及一些重要的吸附反应的电子结构,并着重在轨道相互作用本质上研究了这些反应体系的电子结构性质。
    4. The mechanism of oxidative coupling of methane on NiO(001) surface was studied in this paper, the activation energies for the dehydrogenation of methane and the migration of methyl on NiO(001) surface are both obtained, the interaction mechanism between methyl and NiO (001) surface was also interpreted in the nature of orbitals.
    3) We point out that the contents of two papers in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory are essentially the same.
    3) 指出IEEE Transactions on Information Theory上1998年和2004年的两篇论文的结果本质上是一样的。
    The main conclusions in the paper are as follows:(1) Deflation is a monetary phenomenon.
    The process of applying Survey Feedback is essentially an action research.
    调查反馈方法的应用过程本质上是行动研究(Action Research)。
    In essence, efficiency and fairness, the value of the existence of socialism and that of its pursuit, are the two basic goals of socialism.
    Essentially, the process of reactive plasma spraying TiN coating is combination of the plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PACVD), and combustion synthesis of Ti in nitrogen gas.
    In Marx's opinion, people's free actions are the base of country and its laws.


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