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    PSO being iterations random algorithm does better in fast constringency and finding the optimization solution with biggish probability.
    In fact,the world competition of the 21st country is the competition of talents and the talents competition is the competition of higher education。
    The adjustment and control of the real estate policy is the adjustment of interests essentially.
    The comparative results of R6D,R5D and four degree of freedom model (4D) under identical conditions indicate that R5D is a good compromise mode[ between R6D and 4D. The mathematical fundamentals for the formation of R5D are briefly discussed.
    Our investigation indicates that both GRF and GHRP can stimulate pituitary GH secretion, but there is a essential distinction in mechanism between them.
    There is essentially no difference in the FCV values obtained with HTO or with ~(125)I~-.
    Essentially, the two thresholds are consistent.
    Frame structure belongs essentially to the discrete system.
    The mathematical definition for the fuzziness in TFA is given. Some necessary survey rules and indexes are defined. For the application, we propose the concept of fuzzy point on time-frequency surface, and use the concept to reprocess the Wigner distribution to make the WD pictures clearer and more audio-visual for the interpretatoin.
    From one side this reflects a difference between the properties of the marginal sea crust and ocean crust.
    The optimization methods by simulated evolution are a kind of optimization algorithmsbased upon the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics.
    Reliability apportionment, in nature, is a problem of engineering decision-making andinvolves many factors.
    Pulsed Doppler system and autocorrelation method are essentially the same narrowband estimators with the presumption of narrowband signals.
    Methods:Pure titanium (TA2),Ti 6Al 4V alloy (TC4) and T 75 (T75) made in China alloy were bonded to enamel and dentin with composite resins EB and EM respectively. The bond strength was recorded with shearing test. The fractured surfaces created by shearing test were observed and classified to analyze the forms of interface failure.
    A nonlinear and continuous strength degradation model is presented from the view point that fatigue damage process is the process during which material static strength degrades constantly.
    As the economy grows the industrial structure changes, which in turn promotes the economic growth.
    As linear time delay systems are infinite dimensional in natural, some new sufficient conditions in Riccati equation form are offered, which extends current related results.
    受限于线性时滞系统本质上的无限维性,现已取得的有关线性时滞系统的H∞控制的结果较之不含时滞的线性系统,还是较少的。 对上述两类时滞系统,我们得到若干Riccati方程形式的充分条件,推广了现有成果。
    Examination of fusion ranges with R. D. S.
    The mechanism of getting rid of risk is the one of transferring risk.
    风险退出本质上就是风险转嫁 ,风险退出机制就是风险转嫁机制。
    SI3 and SI4 are all affected by MU,and the effect is essential.
    SI3和 SI4都受测量单位的影响 ,且有本质上的影响 ,不是很合适的形状指数。


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