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    (4)The regenerated plantlets treated with PP333 grew robustly and had their developped root systems and green leaves and high transplant survival rate.
    Puna Chicory is with high adaptability, with rich root ,with high production, with rich nourishment that the raw protein is about from 16.44% to 27.35%.
    The results also show that the rice variety which could obtain higher yield at a low N rate had a greater potential of absorbing and utilizing N from the soil with following characteristics: 1) a well developed and vital root system with a greater root volume and distribution density, and a higher affinity to NH~+_4, i. e. with a smaller K_m value;
    No-tilled paddy improved the status pf water, heat, air and nutrients of soil and created the environment condition for crops growth and development.
    The former have characters of fast growth,quick canopy density,fine crown,developed roots,fine benefit of soil and water conservation,and bigger fruit (diameter of fruit reach 0.8-0.9 cm,weight per 100 fruit is 20-31 g),yield of fruit of one planted is 2-3 kg,higher Vc and oil content,its properties of ecology and economy is better than native wild seabuckthorn.
    The roots of the forage crop developed well, the growing period was around 134 days, and the plant height reached 350 cm in general, with mature green stems and leaves, strong tillers, and full regeneration vigour. Each year,it could be cut 3 times during the growing season, and the fresh yield and seed yield averaged 132000 kg/hm~2 and 5600 kg/hm~2 respectively.
    The vigor and rooting of plantlets derived from microspore culture of maize could be obviously improved by adding 1.0mg/L IBA, 0.05mg/L NAA, 1mg/l MET to rooting medium.
    The rice varieties with strong root system, large active absorption root surface and total root surface area had strong tolerance to copper poison.
    The total growth duration is 130 days in early cropping season and 118 days in late one, respectively. The combination characterized by vigorous root system, big panicle with more grains, strong tillering ability, high seed setting rate and lodging resistance. Culture of the combination in center and southern Guangxi yielded, on the average, 8175.5kg /hm 2 in early cropping and 6881.5kg/hm 2 in late cropping, respectively.
    (4)The plantlets transferred in MS+banana puree 20%+S 2% to help the production of vigorous plant,could be about 5 cm high in 60 d.
    On the contrary,it inhibited the root growth and promoted mature adventitious roots formation.
    The cold type wheat (CTW) is idea germplasm resource because its leaf has a longer function period,higher chlorophyll content,higher transpiration rate and higher net photosynthesis rate,its root prospers,and meanwhile it has the good physiology characteristics under rainy and drought weather.
    The new variety and the other five alfalfa varieties(strains) were compaired on their ability of drought resistance in seedling stage.
    In the same time, alfalfa's root system is strong, and have strong soil preservation ability and high ecological efficiency.
    Coix tends to be a wild plant, which has many advantages, such as cold tolerance, disease resistance, and vigorous root systems etc.
    Organic fertilizer can promotes seedling strength and root system in prophase, stem and leaf growth in metaphase and forms heavy strain and big spike in anaphase for prolonged functional period of leaf and high LAI, which set up a base of high yield.
    Leafy maize material is a new-type of germplasm derived from U.S.A, leafy maize had 8-25 leaves above the ear, and better stalk strength much taller than non-leafy maize and more flourishing root, their stem stalk was stalwart, their resistance was strong synthetically.
    3.Developed root system, vigorous roots, middle plant height and growth duration and leaf area of rice variety have stronger drought resistance under upland cultivation.
    Caragana Microphylla Lam livings the defoliation bush for many years, a department prospers, ising a good tree to defends the breeze sand and keeps Water and soil to grow.
    柠条(Caragana Microphylla Lam)为多年生落叶灌木,根系发达,抗逆性强,是防风固沙、保持水土的优良树种。
    From the whole ages, it is clear to know that triticale is full of powerful tillering, flourishing roots, more green leaves, high plant, and the processof ears is early and fast.


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