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results of simulation
    The results of simulation calculation and the analysis of operation sensitivity showed that the primary influence factors on separation accuracy of the tower were the top product output,and the next was the plate efficiency and reflux ratio.
    Rationality of method of parameter design is validated on the flat roof of ADVISOR2002 by an example of QR-HEV. The results of simulation calculation indicate that QR-HEV has the same dynamic performances as conventional vehicle, and fuel consumption of UDDS and HWFET driving cycle is decreased by 27.2% and 6.9% compared with conventional vehicle.
    以QR-HEV动力传动系参数的设计为例,在仿真软件ADVISOR2002平台上验证了参数设计方法的合理性。 模拟计算结果表明,本文设计的QR-HEV汽车具有与常规汽车相近的动力性能,但对应于UDDS和HWFET循环工况的百公里油耗比常规汽车分别降低了27. 2%和6. 9%。
    According to the results of simulation of the new cycle using R12 and the alternatives R152a, R134a, R22/R152a as refrigerants, a significant profit in COP and volumetric refrigeration capacity relative to the simple vapor-compression cycle is obtained.
    Results of simulation on forward scattering imaging for large-scale object
    4. The design and manufacture of furnace has been done based on the results of simulation and calculation.
    4. 根据模拟计算结果,进行了实际的设计和生产制造。
    Then considering the results of simulation and the experience, the two damping values of two-modes variable damper are obtained.
    The results of simulation indicate that the flow field of preheating cyclone with pentagonal inlet and three core volute structure presents obvious nonaxisymmetrical structure. This result in the deviation of centerline of pressure field and velocity field from axial line of preheating cyclone, and the centerline is screw swinging distribution.
    This paper presents an analysis and study of the PVT data of the hydro- carbon fluid obtained from the discovered oil and gas reservoir in Banqiao field,and the results of simulation and calculation of the phase balance by means of a simulation software are presented.
    本文结合板桥油气田已发现的油气藏类型中的烃类流体 PVT 分析资料,运用相平衡模拟软件的模拟计算结果,进行分析研究。
    The results of simulation show that class Ⅰ and class Ⅱbehavior are both related with the uniformity of rock samples,and if rock sample produces seriouslynon-uniform deformation or local failure,the complete stress-strain curve will be class Ⅱ.
    Based on the theoretical analyses, the test and the results of simulation, the gas absorption process of oil products is faster than the absorption process of dissolved gas in water, though the gasification process of oil products at the negative pressure is much faster than the opposite process.
    理论分析、试验和模拟计算结果表明 ,虽然油品的负压气化过程较快 ,逆向过程较慢 ,但较之于水中溶解气的吸收过程 ,油品的吸收过程还是较快的。
    A prototype of combined thermodynamic cycle which can provide both cooling and heating is presented The thermodynamic analysis and simulation of the cycle have been made The results of simulation calculation show that the new thermodynamic cycle is feasible in theory
    从提高单位质量吸附剂制冷功率及回收吸附热和吸附床显热的角度出发 ,提出了一种新型太阳能制冷与供热的联合循环方式 ,并对其进行了热力分析与模拟。 模拟计算结果表明 ,采用该联合循环方式 ,在太阳辐射强度大于 1 6MJ/(m2 ·d)的条件下 ,即可有效地实现制冷与供热的双重功能。
    Comparing the results from numerical simulation and related model tests, it is found that the results of simulation calculation are satisfactory.
    Results of simulation show that a total increment of about 5% to 10% of the output lumens is available with this improved fly eye system.
    In which the trend that the frequency of current oscillation changes with bias voltage agrees basically with experimental data now available; other results of simulation computation remain to be tested and verified by further experiment.
    Based on the results of simulation,a new folding pattern for enhancing the effectiveness of occupant protection is designed.
    The results showed that the system was an asymptotic stable and positive circulating one. The output energy tended to a constant. The results of simulation calculation approached the actual value and error was less than 0.65%,and it could directly be used to forecast and study the rules of energy flow of this kind of system.
    The results of simulation calculation indicate that the amplitude of vibration is reduced.
    The characteristics of several different crystal growth stages have been analyzed and compared with Czochralski method,temperature gradient technique and bridgman technique etc. Base on the results of simulation and techniques of different crystal growth stages,the system and control techniques of crystal growth were improved;
    The results of simulation indicate: the short-spacing influences the detector count and the density compensation,longer short-spacing leads to larger statistic fluctuation of detector count,too small short-spacing does harm to the density compensation,therefor the choice of short-spacing must consider both of them;
    Based on the results of simulation, some conclusions can be induced that increasing either percentage of urban area or impervious area proportion, the peak and volume of city flood will rise up and the time of peak will be ahead as well.


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