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analog signals
    Infrared Transmission and Collection of Analog Signals
    System Structure of Telegraph Recorder OL-100 and Re-adjustment of Its Parameters and Analog Signals
    When this resistor is turned on, the steadied-wave board works on exaggerated current state, then measure and test whether conform with the design requirements. The MCU system mainly tests 10 pieces of analog signals, including 15V,24V and 48V voltages form the Z157, and 5V,±15V,±24V voltages form the Z33. In general, it is more suitable to select ADC0816 for use.
    In order to automatically test multi-channel analog signals and switching signals,an intelligent testing instrument based on MSP430F149 MCU is designed.
    During the design of the system, the system is required not only to deal with numerous analog signals which include multi-channel 400 Hz AC signals with high real-time request, but also to realize the manage and control of more than 200 channels data signals.
    Summarily, they include various analog signals, digital signals, signals defined in IEC 61162 series, pulse signals, audio signals and video signals.
    Therefore, this device must design analog signals generator, digital signals generator, series signals generator, pulse signals generator, audio signals generator, and video signals generator.
    In the inferior hardware system, it is used PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) to collect and manage the numeral signals, analog signals, pulse signals and to communicate with the level indicator based on RS485 and also to control the pumps and valves.
    With the fast and powerful data processing ability of the DSP controller and the abundant and configurable programing I/O resources and the programmable capability of the FPGA, the system can accomplish all the tasks beter, such as conditioning multiple analog signals and the control and management of multiple digital signals. Software development of the system grounds on the μC/OS-II.
    As paper presents an intacted spstem,including data acqchition circuits and signal output amplification circuits for duplicating load cyCles of ordinary agricultural implements. The system could measure 8 analog signals,2 phase shift signals,4 digital signals. It could output 2 simulated load cycles simutaneously and carry out feedback control on the 2 cycles.
    The system can collect digital and analog signals and control parameters at multiple collecting points based on pre set logic relations and limit their changes within pre determined range.
    By this method, the laser source used as the optical position input signal of, PSD and the output analog signals of the PSD are related to the positions of the four corners of the carriage. After A/D conversion and operation by microcomputer the result of horizontal deviation is obtained.
    This paper expatriated on link of telegraph recorder OL-100 and outer transmitters and the inner hardware models, and introduced the re-adjustment of parameters and analog signals after repairing of the recorder. There is value of consulting and practical for marine electrical management staff.
    Hence, a technical retrofit has been carried out, having revised the transmitting mode and the cycle time of original switching and analog signals, averaging the load of various subsystem for DCS, converting partial onsite PLC control into DCS control, enhancing the automatic level and operation reliability of the unit.
    对原有开关量及模拟量信号的发送方式及周期进行修改 ,均衡DCS各子系统负荷 ,把部分就地PLC控制改为DCS控制 ,提高了机组的自动化水平和运行可靠性
    The sampling and filtering methods with PLC for digital and analog signals are described in the article.
    A solution to the automatic control system of delaying arc charge circuit based on RTOS and PLC is introduced in this paper. In addition, several special analog signals and the modulation method of the signals are analyzed.
    介绍了基于实时操作系统(RTOS)和可编程控制器 (PLC)的延弧充电回路自动控制系统的解决方案,并对方案中几处特殊模拟量信号以及对它们调理转换的实现方法进行了数学分析。
    PLC is used to decide the status of parts' movement by using the switch signals,control or adjust the parameters of temperature and hydraulic system by using the analog signals.


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