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    Infrared Transmission and Collection of Analog Signals
    MC33993 is a new programmable low-power multichannel detection interface chip developed by America Motorola Company, which mainly applied in automobile electronic product. lt can not only detect automobile multichannel-switch state-variables, but also supply power for many automobile sensors, input analog signal and drive MOSFET/LED and so on.
    System Structure of Telegraph Recorder OL-100 and Re-adjustment of Its Parameters and Analog Signals
    Prevention of Sudden Change False Protection of Analog Signal
    When this resistor is turned on, the steadied-wave board works on exaggerated current state, then measure and test whether conform with the design requirements. The MCU system mainly tests 10 pieces of analog signals, including 15V,24V and 48V voltages form the Z157, and 5V,±15V,±24V voltages form the Z33. In general, it is more suitable to select ADC0816 for use.
    The man-machine interface software(MMISP) is designed to configure the console software of PLS-60MeV LINAC control system. The control system is of distributed type which includes the main computerantel 310),four local stations and two sets of industrial level console computers.
    The communicate controller was made up of ATMEGA128L and RTL8019AS, realized of technique based on embedded Internet. The communicate controller could achieve bi-directional conversion between RS232, digital signal, analog signal and Internet, and also realized remote monitoring of NC machine tool based on Web.
    通信控制器由ATMEGA12 8L和RTL80 19AS构成 ,采用嵌入式Internet技术实现 ,可以完成数控机床RS2 3 2接口数据、开关量和模拟量信号到Internet的双向转换并能实现基于Web方式的数控机床远程控制。
    In order to automatically test multi-channel analog signals and switching signals,an intelligent testing instrument based on MSP430F149 MCU is designed.
    The execution layer uses ET200M distribution I/O system to realize the gather and control the digital value and analog value.
    During the design of the system, the system is required not only to deal with numerous analog signals which include multi-channel 400 Hz AC signals with high real-time request, but also to realize the manage and control of more than 200 channels data signals.
    On the basis of a detail introduction for modules of S7-300, this paper analyzed control requirements of every technical process, listed input and output signals, including digital signals and analogy signals, required to complete all control tasks.
    In the system, the sampling circuit is equipped with the 8051 SCM to gather the switch and simulate single, and the system straightly manipulate each register of UTRT (8250) with interrupted way to control the serial communication of the SCM sampling module. In this way we can solve the problem of hard control of the multi serial communication in Windows system.
    For the nodes of CAN bus and the input channels of A/D card can be configed optionally, modular design can be realized easily. And then, the data acquisition of high voltage side modules use V/F converter, which can make the systen more stable because of the data processing in the low voltage side of testing car, and the data can transmit by fiber more easily.
    The realization scheme of this project is also discussed in the paper, a data pick-up/control board using PCI bus protocol is designed, this board together with some softwares can finish many functions such as AD conversion of DC system generatrix and every DC spur track, sine wave generation which frequency is between 0-50Hz , and some control functions in fault analysis system.
    To in this measured in the warm plan the extremely vital role temperature converter (transforms temperature simulation quantity signal into corresponding discrete magnitude) the principle, the hardware electric circuit; Dispatches the temperature return to original state formula which the master station end uses and so on to carry on the multianalysis.
    In the hardware structure, the data acquisition of signals use V/F converter, which can make the data transmit by fiber more easily and simplify the design of transmit channel;
    Meanwhile, this software system passes theanalog quantity signal outputted to the controller , in order to adjust correspondingparameter value and make it reach settlement value that we required,Finally, calculatemodule provide corresponding thing parameter value and in the pipeline along loss andother calculating amount ,in order to offer the data of analyzing to operator in thesuitable experiments platform conveniently.
    同时输出模拟量信号给控制器,来调整相应的参数值,使它达到要求的设定值; 最后,计算模块还给出了相应物性参数值和管路中沿程损失等计算量,为实验平台的操作者提供了方便。
    Summarily, they include various analog signals, digital signals, signals defined in IEC 61162 series, pulse signals, audio signals and video signals.
    Therefore, this device must design analog signals generator, digital signals generator, series signals generator, pulse signals generator, audio signals generator, and video signals generator.


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