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    Fuzzy Risk Analysis for Marginal Oilfield Development Based on Factor Sensitivity Levels
    In field uses at Wenliu oil fields introducing HZX2 at use levels 60-100 mg/L 2 times a month in average leads to lowering average CIR of produced water from 0.408 to 0.075 mm/a and scaling rate from 3-7 to 0.121 mm/a.
    Developing Core Techniques,Intensifying Detailed Management and Continuously Improving the Development Levels of Daqing Oil Field
    发展核心技术 强化精细管理 不断提高大庆油田开发水平
    Improving the Technical Levels for Exploration and Development Depending on Informationlization
    grade levels that the success possibility of drilling is 100 percent. And the accordance ratio of the capability of injection ? production of single well and operation indexes of gas store all are 100 percent.
    大张蛇地下储气库设计方案经现场实施后,取得了钻井成功率 100%,单井注采能力符合率 100 %,气库运行指标符合率 100%的优质水平
    Because our country go through long planned economy of period in the past, enterprise produce necessary goods and materials at all supply according to plan the country, the management role of goods and materials is simpler, compared with foreign countries, the goods and materials management levels of enterprises of our country are generally relatively low.
    Based on the theory about rock forming in sedimentology and some knowledge in reservoirphysics,permeability test of 5 factors and 5 levels for clean sands is carried out using orthogonaltest and the influence order on permeability of sand content of different grain sizes andcementing material content is obtained.
    Through practice validation, it can determine integrity levels of the pipelines instead of other assessment techniques (In-Line-Inspection techniques or Hydrostatic testing), or as a complimentary tool for them.
    The digitalpanoramic borehole camera system (DPBCS), describes the fine structure in borehole wall,achieves the international levels both on image & depth resolution and measurementprecision.
    Through an investigation on the current state of the cementing units, as well as the auxiliary equipment for wall cementing applications on land in China, this paper brings forward the gap between the cementing equipment in use at home and that on advanced world levels and offers some suggestions for improvement on onshore cementing equipment in China.
    At the same time the enterprises should strengthen the scientificrcsearch abilities and raise the levels of management and adminitration for forming and expanding their own dominarit position of construction teams in the market competition.
    In analyzing the present situation of tank farms in China, the paper lists some unsafe factors. It makes suggestions in selection of tank types, layout of tank farms, enhancing the levels of design and construction management, capability of anti-lightning and fire protection, strengthening the research of fire extinguishing technology and the revision of existing codes and regulations.
    Stainless steel strips with different stress levels were thoroughly inspected by modern methods.
    This article intro- duces the preinciple,technology process flow,characteristics of equipment,main design parameters,on- the-spot test resalt and the techeology levels at home and abroad.
    Some important progresses in studying systematically density and contour current deposits are made by the Chinese scholares, catching up with the world'S advanced levels.
    In addition, it was also esti-mated that, energy consumption would be cut down to the levels of 1.9GJ/t for gas oil FCCU and resi-due FCCU respectively by utilizing a part of the low-level heat.
    在目前条件下利用一部分低温热可以使蜡油及重油催化裂化装置的能耗分别降到1.9 GJ/t和2.7 MJ/t的水平
    Various physical and chemical index of the catalyst were basically recovered to the same levels as fresh ones and the activity recovery percent reached up to more than 95% .
    According to the fuzziness of the intensity of hydraulic impact on the triplex pump,the equation and the computer implementation for the simulation of the fuzzy dynamic response are presented,and the fuzzy response characteristics of the fluid end of the Model NBH250/60 triplex pump excited by various levels ofhydraulic impct are discussed.
    The realization of integration of production management and operation control by DCS microcomputer system raised the management and operation levels, and obvious economic benefit was obtained.
    This paper reviews the development of HEGF in our institute in the past ten years,and introduces the achievements and the present technical levels in the study of fracturing mechanism,gas generator with solid propellant and liquid propellant fracturing,the testing of spike pressure and p t curve,the method of fracturing design,the fracturing construction technology for cased wells,safety regulations in the process of fracturing,and the laboratory construction. Some problems to be study thoroughly here after are also put forward.


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