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paddy field
    Compared with standard(0.20 mg/kg),20%,18.75%,11.11% and 9.09% in mid-yield paddy field,low-yield paddy field,garden land and vegetable land soil samples,exceeded the standard limit.
    与土壤标准值(0.20 mg/kg)相比,中产水稻田有20%样点超标,低产水稻田、园地、菜地分别有18.75%、11.11%、9.09%样点超标,而高产水稻田和荒地没有超标样点。
    Field experiment result showed that N3O flux from the GCRPS paddy field (0.96 mg-m-2.h-1) was significantly higher than that of the normal waterlog paddy field (0.052 mg. m-2.h-1).
    Dynamic Characteristics of Phosphorus in Surface Water of Paddy Field and Its Potential Environmental Impact
    The dynamic characteristics and modeling of nitrogen in paddy field surface water and nitrogen loss from field drainage
    The arthropod community stabilities and diversities in the Bt rice paddy field with different patch designs
    Variations of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Surface Water Body of a Paddy Field
    The results indicated that amounts of CO 2 released from soil in a year were 5.799 kg5m -2 in maize field, 4.176 kg5m -2 in citrus garden, 3.388 kg5m -2 in paddy field and 3.119 kg5m -2 in Chinese fir forest respectively.
    4种土地利用方式下CO2 年排放总量从高到低依次为玉米地 5 799kg·m- 2 、柑桔园 4 1 76kg·m- 2 、水稻田 3 388kg·m- 2 、杉木林3 1 1 9kg·m- 2 。
    the contents of Al-P and Fe-P were increased when 1/2OM+NPK was applied to paddy field. It was beneficial for rice absorption of Al-P and Fe-P when the NPK was applied to paddy field.
    Phosphorus behavior in soil-water system of paddy field and its environmental impact.
    Paddy field quality and precision agriculture at moderate scale.
    Application of A New Slow-release Urea Inhibitor in Paddy Field
    Advance on Nitrogen-fixing Green Blue algae of Rice Paddy Field
    So, understanding the spatial and temporal variability of soil nutrients in paddy field is the foundation of precision agriculture management.
    While many studies have been carried out at a small scale, relatively few have been done at large scale, especially on paddy field. Geostatistics and GIS were used in this study to analysize the spatial and temporal variability of soil nutrients in paddy field and their mechanism under three different scales of HJH Plain (1:250000), Pinghu county (1:50000) and Tongxin test plot area (1:2000), meanwhile, the regionalized management was brought forward in this study.
    本研究应用地统计学和GIS技术相结合的方法,以南方水稻田为研究对象,选择1:250000杭嘉湖平原、1:50000平湖市、1:2000同心村试验小区三个不同尺度研究区域,分析了水稻田土壤养分的时空变异及其机理,并进行不同尺度管理分区模式探讨。 主要研究结果如下:
    The main results obtained are summarized as follows:1. Spatio-temporal variability of soil nutrients in paddy field in HJH PlainThe contents of soil organic matter (SOM), total nitrogen (TN) and available phosphorus (AP) in HJH Plain increased from 1982 to 2001, whereas, that of AK decreased dramatically.
    1.杭嘉湖平原水稻田土壤养分时空变异 2001年杭嘉湖平原水稻田土壤有机质、全氮、有效磷含量均比1982年第二次土壤普查时有所提高,而速效钾含量有大幅下降。
    This paper studied the storage and dynamics of soil nutrients at the Shenyang Experimental Station of Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (41°31′N, 123°22′E), aimed to explore the nutrients distribution in soil profile under four land use patterns over 14 years. The four land use patterns are paddy field (PF), maize field (MF), fallow field (FF) and woodland (WL).
    为探索土地利用方式变更对土壤营养元素剖面分布的影响,本文对中国科学院沈阳生态实验站(41°31′N, 123°22′E)的水稻田、玉米地、撂荒地和人工林地0~150 cm土体10 个土层中土壤营养元素含量的剖面分布、储量等进行了比较研究。
    Because there is standing water in the paddy field and irrigation return flow or other runoff enter other water bodies via channel, it is thought that irrigation water is wasted. However, at a larger scale, most discharged water has been reused.
    An attempt has been made to characaterize spatial distribution and genetic diversity of microorganism resource, paritcularly nitrogen fixing organisms in paddy fields in Fujian Province in order to develop and utilize the biological nitrogen fixing resources in paddy field in Fujian Province and to reduce the input of chemical fertilizer and energy.
    Comparing with the species of spider in rice field it was shown that most species could be found in the paddy field, and only few species didnot inhabitat in the paddy field.


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